10 Types of 30 Year Old Single Woman: Which One Is You?

10 Types of 30 Year Old Single Woman

You’re at brunch with your friends, sipping too much from your bottomless mimosa and listening to your friends jabber about their husbands and their daily tasks of being a house mom: picking the kids up from soccer and ballet classes, shopping only organic at Whole Foods, and something about food prep?

You might feel a teeny bit overwhelmed as you do a quick rerun of your own life.

 Are you in your 30s, single and depressed, not a kid in sight and wondering, “where the fuck did I go wrong?”  

Maybe I’m pushing your button. You are really a 35 years old woman and not married?

Girl, don’t sweat a thing. It is a good thing to be taking life at your own pace, not your grandmother’s.

She may be expecting cute little versions of you to play with and give you an earful at every family gathering… but is that what YOU want?

You have all the time in the world to figure out who you are.

Perhaps you will find yourself or aspects of these common types of singles!

⦁ Boss Bitch

The Boss Bitch is all about her career. It’s about time the glass ceiling is shattered and she is the one leading the charge.

She has found something that she truly enjoys and is getting paid for it, as she should!

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If you’re a Boss Bitch, you may find yourself turning down guys that just aren’t matching your energy, and that’s completely okay!

A Boss Bitch knows what she wants, how she wants it, and when she needs it.

She is completely in charge of her own life and won’t let any scrappy man tell her otherwise.

She is feisty yet composed and absolutely rocks business casual. Deep inside, we all either are or aspire to be a Boss Bitch.

If you have a hobby that stands out, try making a side hustle out of it! It’s that easy to become a Boss Bitch. As most people do, start small and work your way up.

The most important aspect of a Boss Bitch is that she knows how to have fun!

She truly enjoys what she does and, of course, is brilliant at it.

⦁ Cake Boss/Chef

Umm, let’s just admit we are all addicted to the Food Network.

If you’re the Cake Boss or Chef of the group, you know your way around a kitchen.

You probably have a signature recipe (mine are mochi muffins, an absolutely must try!) that all your friends beg you to make.

You can whip up just about anything delicious without any effort, kind of like a mysterious bonus sense telling you what to pick up and add to your cart at Trader Joes.

BTW, you’ve totally tried everything at Trader Joe’s and can out cook Chef Joe any day. His frozen meals are so overrated to you.

You have so much fun in the kitchen that you really don’t need anyone else!

You think kiddo running around your feet and “accidentally” throwing ingredients everywhere would be an absolute nightmare so you are in no rush to pop one out.

The only thing you’re ready to pop out is a gourmet made from scratch brownie from the oven.

⦁ Party Girl

You are the life of the party and all your friends love you for throwing the best get togethers after time apart.

School, work, and life make it difficult for the girls to hang out as we did back in our 20s, but you make it happen, rain or shine!

You have an amazing attitude on life and know that things will happen as they happen so there’s no reason to force anything.

  • You are simply vibing with life and are always ready to turn it up!

You believe that age is truly just a number and you are as young as you want at heart and show it to everyone around you.

Karaoke bars are always a blast when you are around and although guys are attracted to your energy (duh, who wouldn’t be), you are your own top priority.


⦁ Sporty Spice

Taking inspiration from the Spice Girls themselves, you may be an athlete that always makes time in her schedule to work out.

Whether it be swimming, tennis, bowling, or running marathons, you are a go-getter and set strict goals for yourself and your body.

You treat your body like a temple and it shows!

Hot girl summer is just waiting for you to flaunt your stuff.

You’ve really taken the extra time you have being single and turned that downtime into something you’re not only incredibly good at, but also proud of.

⦁ Ms. Feminist

  • We can all agree that men suck.

Sometimes they suck occasionally and sometimes they suckall the time.

Usually, it’s the latter.

As the Feminist, you are quick to snap back if some street rat cat calls you or worse, has the nerve to follow you around.

It’s 2021 and you are armed to the teeth with knuckle rings and mace.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the poor idiot that crosses your path… not!

You might be into writing poetry about the struggles of being a woman or spend spare time trying your hardest to teach a dumb boy on the internet why using slurs are bad.

From all us girlies, thank you for your hard work and willingness to stand up to those that have been abusing their power while women have stayed largely silent.

⦁ The Scholar

Was that Bachelor’s not enough for you?

You are an avid scholar and are forever still in school, probably for your Ph.D.

You are so passionate about what you do and are proud of the research you have put in.

Your nights may be endless with countless assignments and papers keeping you glued to the library, but that’s not a bad thing at all!

Women deserve to be well educated and you are a beautiful example to young women everywhere that women can be addressed as Doctors.

⦁ The Bachelorette

You’re dating around and always with someone new.

That’s not because you enjoy men, quite the opposite actually: you’re still looking for the right one!

Mr. Perfect becomes harder and harder to find as our everyday dating range expands to online possibilities. You’re biding your time while accepting free dinners as you should.

Sometimes you feel lonely and hopeless that you’ll never find love, but think about all those nasty celebrity divorces and marriages you see in the tabloids.

You don’t want to end up miserable with several divorces under your belt!

Your friends may joke about how you’re constantly moving from man to man, but remember the golden rule: if he doesn’t ask to make things official, you’re officially single!

⦁ Dog Mom or Cat Lady

Kids are overrated. I said it, and all my Dog Moms and Cat Ladies out there will agree.

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It could be any animal: reptile, fish, rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, or a combination but your life is centered around your fun (or skin?) babies.

Nothing brings you as much joy as rescuing a baby from getting put down at the shelter and seeing them rely on you.

They give you all the love you could possibly ask for that you hardly have time to think about a man!

⦁ The Stoner

You take your grassvery seriously.

You’ve waited too long for dispensaries to finally be a thing and you are taking glorious advantage of that!

You own the coolest paraphernalia and can out-smoke any dude that has the balls to try to one-up you.

You are simply having the time of your life and who can blame you!

⦁ Single and Ready to Mingle

Okay, so your long term boyfriend turned out to suck and now you’re single with no clue where your life is headed.

We’ve all hit what seemed to be rock bottom, but cheer up girlie!

We are supporting your newly found singleness and cheering you on!

This is a great time to learn who you really are, especially if you and your partner had been together forever, like high school sweethearts.

Think of it this way: when you were with him, he was always holding you back from your true potential.

The soul mate you have yet to find will match your energy and encourage you to be the best version of you that is possible!

If you are trying to get back in the dating game, or just looking for a rebound (we don’t judge!), there are plenty of apps full of men that would adore you.

eHarmony and EliteSingles are just two examples of dating sites where you could find a summer fling or your future husband!

Once you find the guy of your choice, learn how to pull away to make him want you or how to keep your man happy in bed.

You want to keep a relationship alive and hot with the right guy.

BONUS: Lesbian Ex-Fiance New Lease on Life Girl

Some of us are late bloomers, and there is absolutely no shame in that!

You have been in the closet for way too long… maybe you were always telling your friends that you are bisexual but have never been with a woman.

Suddenly, you have a ring in your left hand and you can see your future as a boring heterosexual married woman flash before your eyes.

You didn’t want that for yourself, so now you’re out of the relationship and out of the closet.

Congrats! It’s time to explore your sexuality and you are so ready for it!

Life has a new and shiny appeal to it and you are ready to live in the present as a genuine and authentic version of yourself.

There is no such thing as the perfect woman.

As long as you are happy, healthy, and are being your authentic self, you’re a successful woman in her 30s!

This is a great time in your life to try out new things and find out who you truly are meant to be.

 You know what you want as a 30-year-old woman and you will continue to strive to achieve just that.  

Society will try to force you into size 2 molds of what the media has portrayed as the “ideal woman” but we all know that that’s a load of BS.

Have a glass of wine, you deserve it!

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