These Are The 20 Best Emoji to Send to Crush

20 Best Emoji to Send to Crush

Is sending emojis a way of flirting?

After getting out of my relationship I felt totally out of the dating loop with online dating going way beyond Tinder and flirting being on a whole different level than before.

Emojis have become a whole new language and it has made conversations more interesting.

Chatting or texting with flirting emojis will absolutely work if you are starting a long distance relationship with someone you just met.

Emojis have definitely made flirting more fun but they’ve also made the dating game more complicated than before. And I know we are NOT about to be sitting around playing games longer than we need to before getting ourselves a reward.

Knowing which emoji means what totally amps up your flirting game so you can navigate the dating scene like a boss!

And if you are a guy reading this, these are the best emojis girl use when they like you.

1 😉 Winky Face

Don’t we all know what this emoji means?

The winky face has been the ultimate flirting symbol since before emojis even existed.

You can’t go wrong with a classic, it’s forward but also still kind of…well it leaves stuff to the imagination.

When someone sends you this it’s about to get steamy. When you send it, you’re feeling your fierce self and we’re feeling it too.

2 😊 Smiling Face

They say that a smile really changes the way you see someone.

Out of all the basic smiling face emojis, this is one of the best.

It’s innocent and sweet with a blushing face and relaxed features.

This is the emoji a girl sends you when she likes you, it adds that layer of sweetness and joy that sometimes you can’t find the right word for.

3 😍 Smiling Face with Heart Eyes

Do you remember those cartoons you watched growing up?

One character would see another and their eyes would bug out of their head with these giant hearts in them.

That’s literally this emoji. This emoji is bold, in a good way.

This emoji says I’m interested in you and what you’re talking about.

4 😘 Winking Kiss

When someone you like sends you this, it’s on a whole new level.

The normal winking face is light and flirty, and this is like the next step up.

They’re blowing you a kiss, showing that they are totally into you and winking. It’s a deadly combo of sweet with a little seductive undertone.

5 😏 Smirking Face

I mean, we’ve all been there right?

You’re dating someone who’s laying on some smooth moves and, it’s like, you literally picture this emoji.

It’s that smug satisfied grin that you just love to hate. You wouldn’t think this was a flirting one, but it has that cocky confidence that puts it right next to the winky face.

6 🙈 See-No-Evil Monkey

Have you ever told your crush something awkward or kinda embarrassing?

It’s not always on purpose, and sometimes it’s because you’re trying to get to know each other.

Either way, send this cute little monkey over and it lightens up the topic 100%.

This emoji shows that cute shyness that everyone likes and is more like, batting your eyelashes at them. We all love some coy tempting, am I right?

7 😈 Smiling Face with Horns

This is the ultimate banner of sexy flirting.

This emoji is like the Winky Face and the Smirking Face having a love child.

It’s got cocky confidence all around and it is straight up saying, “Hey I am thinking of doing some bad things with you”.

8 🥰 Smiling Face with Hearts

“I’m meltinggg!”

If you get this emoji then that’s what your heart’s going to say, because this is the most adorable emoji you could ever receive.

The blushing smile with hearts all around, that’s the face of someone who is smitten. Shout your love from the rooftops.

9🍑 Peach

If ya know, ya know.

And if you don’t, this is the reason why Georgia contemplated changing their state logo.

If someone says this to you, they’re saying you’ve got a nice butt. It’s strange to think someone looked at the peach emoji and put those two together, but it’s pretty commonly used to represent that.

10 ❤️ Red Heart

Love, plain and simple.

This can be in response to you saying something they loved or the fact that they love you or something you did.

Either way it’s love, and you can never have too much of that.

11 💗 Growing heart

You know when the Grinch’s heart grows bigger?

This is kind of what this emoji visually represents.

It’s not just a normal heart, the heart is getting bigger and it will continue to grow until it’s full.

This heart means that they were hesitant to love, maybe they were heartbroken before you, and now they are opening up to you. The love is growing, just keep going.

12 🙃 Upside-Down Face

Is this silly?


Will it get your crush to smile? Yes.

This smile is light-hearted and can be used in a quirky flirting way. Use it to lighten up or add some fun to a conversation.

13 😅 Grinning Face with Sweat

For all you quirky or shy flirts, this is one that’ll work for you.

This emoji is the embodiment of excitement and nervousness. The tear isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means you care about whatever is making you smile, to the point that it makes you a little nervous.

So if you were asking someone on a date, this is probably how you’d feel.

14 😂 Face with Tears of Joy

Everyone likes to feel like they’re funny.

Sending this to your crush makes them feel more confident in the fact that they can make you laugh.

And if someone sends that to you, then you know you’re good. Someone who can make you laugh is always something to look for when you’re on the prowl.

15 😇 Smiling Face with Halo

When you send this to someone it’s like you’re saying “I’ve been good”.

Which everyone knows, you wouldn’t have to say if you were actually good.

This is definitely got a little spice behind it and can lead to some steamy flirting. Use with caution, unless you don’t mind being naughty instead of nice.

16 🤩 Star-Struck

Who doesn’t love flattery?

If someone sends this to you, they aren’t necessarily smitten but they’re definitely gassing you up.

Maybe you posted a hot picture, maybe you just wow them with your vibes alone.

Either way, it’s all in the name and you keep doing you. You can use this emoji to put by your crush’s name. Just watch for his reaction.

17 🤗 Hugging Face

This is a cute, innocent way of expressing physical intimacy with someone you like.

Hugging is more personal than just a smile or a wave in person, and the same goes for over text.

This is a good neutral emoji that can work for flirting and help you test the waters to see if your crush is into you too or if it’s just platonic.

18 🙊 Speak-No-Evil Monkey

This emoji is similar to the See-No-Evil Monkey except that emoji is used more to say you’re embarrassed and/or shy about something.

This monkey is coyer, it’s teasing in the way of “Oh did I do/say that?”

It’s that playful “I’m pretending I didn’t do something that I definitely did.”

19 😳 Flushed Face

Flushed face is not quite like Smiling Face in the fact that there’s no smile.

However, there is a lot more blushing going on and it seems a lot less innocent than Smiling Face.

A lot of the times if you use this emoji with a guy you’re texting, then it’s dirty talk and you want to act shy.

20 🥺 Pleading Face

If someone sends you this face they either are really touched by something you’ve said or done, or they’re trying to persuade you into doing something for them.

If you like to play the shy/quirky flirting, this will play into that quite well with its indirect flirting style.

These are the 20 best emojis to send to a guy.

With dating these days, I’ve personally experienced that men like a woman who’s forward and knows what she wants.

If they don’t flirt first with you, you initiate it.

A lot of men love that women are engaging just as much as them, and it totally throws them off since they’re used to reaching out to you.

Have fun and confidence in yourself, ladies!

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