Why Should You Be Dating Someone With No College Education

Dating Someone With No College Education

Would you date someone who didn’t have a college education?

Why or why not?

When you think of what you want in a man, you might consider education as part of the equation.

Does it matter to you just how educated your man is?

Would you ever consider dating a man with less education than you?

When you think of a man dating an educated woman and he’s not at the same level, is that a turnoff?

This is a situation that plays out, and ultimately it comes down to understanding what is important to you with the men that you date.

Do you need your potential suitor to be well educated?

Does it matter if he has a college education or is it really not that important?

Better yet, if he has a good job and motivation, does a college education really matter all that much?

These are the types of questions that you may wish to ask yourself when you consider the importance of education in the dating pool.

 There is no right or wrong here, but you want to consider the importance of education when you look at a potential love interest. 

It’s Part of Getting To Know Him Better

When you are out there on the dating scene, it may feel as if education is the last thing that comes up.

Realistically speaking you may not necessarily ask for proof of education ahead of a first date—as this may make you stand out from the crowd in the wrong way!

But if you are searching for your future love on a dating site, you may be able to check into the prospect’s educational status.

You may also find that if things progress, you can ask the questions and learn more about the individual that you are interested in.

It worked for me, as I dated a man that didn’t have a college education, and I will tell you why it was a positive experience.

Ask Yourself About The Role of Education In Your Dating Pool

I say go for it, but just be in tune to the type of person that you are dealing with overall.

As with anything, you want a good man that is going to treat you right and there are some things that are beyond a compromise—but education may be something that is a non-factor.

I asked myself what really mattered to me in an ideal man, and I really thought long and hard if I cared if I was in a situation where my boyfriend is less educated than me.

Here’s what I thought through and answered internally when it came to dating a man without a college education.
Does he have a good job?

  • Is he lacking a college education because he lacks drive and motivation?
  • Are there enough positive qualities about him that the degree doesn’t matter?
  • Is there a viable reason that he doesn’t have a college education?
  • Evaluate the big picture, what he brings to the table, and his overall appeal as you determine if that degree matters or not.

This is like an internal dialogue to have with yourself, and this can help you too.

I had to really ask myself why this matters so much, or if it really did honestly.

I found that the man I dated without a college degree had good reasons for lacking one, and he was a hard worker and self-starter.

That mattered way more to me than a piece of paper, and it ended up being a really good relationship.

So it can help you to consider if his college education is really that important, or if there are other things that can help him to stand out as a guy worth dating!

A Checklist Can Always Help

Have you ever considered a checklist?

That’s right, a dating checklist is something that we should all invest in throughout this fun and crazy dating process.

I myself put together a list of priorities and checklist that I reflected on before I considered going on that all-important first date.

This checklist can cover all of the things that you really want in a man, as well as some of the things that you are unwilling to compromise on.

There is no right or wrong approach to this, and the things that appear on a checklist are going to be completely personalized.

I highly recommend that you come up with your own checklist, as I have found it to be insanely helpful.

Though it is a very individual thing, here are a couple of things that you can consider putting on the checklist, particularly related to a college education.

Sure some of these may seem like a necessity, but I promise you that writing it down will help.

You may very well find that dating a guy with lower education simply isn’t that big of a deal if he matches up to other areas of your checklist.

I go through and try to cross-reference the checklist before every first date, and trust me when I tell you that it helps me to narrow the playing field!

  • Good solid job with longevity or potential for advancement
  • College degree or real life experience in key focus area
  • Motivation and drive to succeed in long term plans
  • Personality match and characteristics of an ideal mate
  • Wants the same things in life (marriage, kids, long term relationship)

Do You Expect Too Much?

Do you ever wonder if too high of standards are the reason that you’re still single?

Are you one of the 10 types of 30 year old single woman?

Now listen to me when I say this—you should have standards and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the things that make up the ideal man for you.

I’m not telling you not to have standards when it comes to who you want to date, but I am however telling you that maybe dating someone with higher education may not be as big of a deal as you may think.

You may start off the process thinking that you need to be dating someone with higher education than me—that’s how I was!

Sure you won’t really get to know somebody until you’re in a relationship for a while, but it’s up to you to consider what your most important criteria really is.

I personally got to a point where I accepted that my boyfriend is less educated than me, mostly because in the big picture it just didn’t matter.

You may not think the same way as me, and yes every relationship is quite different for sure!

All I’m saying is that you may want to look at other criteria first and foremost, and you just might find out that dating a man with less of education with you isn’t a big deal.

 There is no one right answer here, but it’s crucial to decide just how important of a role education plays in a potential match. 

Really Think About What Matters

Perhaps it’s up to you to dig deep and think of what a higher education represents?

If you’ve found a man that is driven, motivated, and eager to take care of things then education may become secondary.

Again this is a very personal decision, as is every step of the dating process.

You don’t want to be pressured by friends or family to pick a mate based on education alone.

If it matters to you that your man has less of an education than you, then own that and make no apologies.

If however, you have never really stopped to think about it or put much of an emphasis on education as a criterion in selecting a mate, that’s okay too.

Your own situation, your tastes and likes, and the emphasis that you yourself have put on education can really help to define what matters to you.

If you’re unsure then try asking yourself the questions and using the checklist above.

Dating is an exciting, crazy, and sometimes overwhelming process—and you have to decide what’s best for you as an individual.

Education is just one of many factors to consider, but decide how important it is and then own it as you narrow down the playing field.

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