Do Guys Like Receiving Flowers? (What Do Guys Think?)

Do Guys Like Receiving Flowers?

A man giving a woman flowers on special occasions or when saying they are sorry is a pretty widely known tradition.

But what if we flipped that tradition on its head?

What if– and hear me out– women started giving men flowers?

There are plenty of reasons why men should receive flowers, but the bottom line is, men love it when you show them just how much they are appreciated and loved, just like you do!

Let’s be honest, it’s probably not something he is willing to brag about to his fellow manly man friends, but he will likely show you just how grateful he is for the lovely (and certainly unexpected) surprise.

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Masculinity and the Bouquet

The concept of masculinity and femininity is deeply seated in American culture.

We are taught to assume that masculinity is directly associated with being male and femininity is directly related to being female. Men are taught to be the strong providers for the family and women are taught to be dainty, submissive and nurturing.

These concepts trickle down to gifts we give each other.

Flowers are often associated with the gentle, soft nature of women and are rarely ever given to men.

But did you know that some flowers and plants are scientifically considered to be male?

Many flowers have male reproductive systems.

Simply put, the male reproductive systems in flowers are what produce pollen. While there are many flowers that are both male and female, like roses and tulips, some plants are solely male, like the maidenhair tree or cannabis.

A Modern Dating Trend

As a woman of color, I let go of traditional gender norms, such as how do I ask my boyfriend to buy me flowers, a long time ago.

I invite you to do the same, even if it is just for the few minutes it takes you to read this article.

I’m in a new relationship with a man and we spent this past Valentine’s Day together.

When I asked him what he had on his wish list, he, like many of my brothers and guy friends, fully expected the holiday to be all about the woman in the relationship.

He told me that he was used to giving gifts to his partner, but rarely ever received gifts in return, especially not on Valentine’s Day. I was genuinely surprised!

Who wouldn’t want to spoil someone like you? I thought. I explained to him that Valentine’s Day, or any day in a relationship really, should be more of an equal exchange.

I believe that women should put just as much effort into making their partner feel special as their man does. After all, successful relationships are about the give and take– not just taking.

The proverbial light bulb in my head turned on.

For the first time in my dating life, I was going to get my man some flowers.

Admittedly, I was a bit anxious about my decision when the delivery came.

What if he hates it? What if it just confuses him? Or worse– what if he thinks I’m weird and just breaks up with me? Did I just single-handedly ruin Valentine’s Day for the both of us?

Thankfully, my racing thoughts were met with genuine surprise and gratitude.

“Wow! Thanks, my love! They’re beautiful!” he said.

Now I’m not sure he would have reacted the same way if say, his brother and father were in the room, but since it was just the two of us, he certainly was not shy about his excitement.

He was not used to receiving gifts, much less a non-traditional gift like a bouquet of flowers.

Being the first woman to gift him with flowers was enough for me to feel good about my decision.

Plus, it was a subtle way of handing him the contact information for my favorite flower shop. He later put two and two together and bought me some flowers in return, just because I was having a not-so-great day.

What does it mean when a woman gives a man flowers

The reasoning behind gifting a man with flowers is quite simple: you want to show him that you love and appreciate him.

Whether it’s a platonic love you have for your father or a romantic love you have for your new beau, expressing it in a tangible way can really elevate your relationship with them.

 According to the Society of American Florists, 60% of men would like to receive flowers. 

While they might not be as obsessed with the flowers themselves the same way you would be, the surprise of the delivery and the kind gesture alone would make him feel valued in the relationship.

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your connection with your man, then giving him flowers is the way to go.

According to a study conducted by Rutgers University Holly Hale and psychology professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones, receiving flowers can increase a man’s engagement in the conversation and the relationship as a whole.

The men who received flowers in the experiment exhibited more eye contact and even positioned themselves physically closer to the person who gave them the flowers.

4 Flower Types for Even the Manliest Man

Despite the fact that women get dolled up for themselves (or even to impress other women), men appreciate the effort and are naturally attracted to our flowery perfumes and the rosy pink blush hues on our cheeks.

So why wouldn’t they like those scents and hues on actual flowers? Here are just a few popular options to pick for your special guy:

Birds of Paradise The strong angular structure of this flower lends to a more masculine feel. The structure paired with the bold colors makes this a perfect choice for your man.

Red Anthuriums This heart-shaped flower can help bring tropical vibes into your boyfriend’s home. The deep red color calls attention to the receiver’s masculinity.

Ginger Flowers This tropical flower, like your special guy, is a symbol of strength. Give your man something that says, “I see your strength and I value you.”

Blue Irises Perfect for the new love in your life. The vibrant blue hue represents positive hopes for the future.

Calla Lilies This rare find can help bring back that spark into your relationship. The deep purple hue of these beautiful flowers gives a really intimate, sexy feel to the arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It does not have to be! Just read the room: what is the nature of your relationship with this man? Would it be weird if you got him a gift at all? If not, then why not go with a fresh bouquet of flowers from

There are many occasions on which receiving flowers would be totally normal, like congratulating him on a new business venture, or congratulating him on a new baby, or even showing your support in a time of major loss.

It’s more about the gesture than it is about the actual flower.

Short answer: absolutely!

So many of my brothers, friends, and even coworkers complain about not receiving gifts from their partners and that holidays like Valentine’s Day can feel one-sided.

Experiencing a flower delivery alone can make your guy feel special in a way he probably wouldn’t want to admit to his boys, but will gladly show you just how grateful he is later.

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When considering what kind of flowers to give to the special man in your life, you should first think about who he is as a person.

What are some personality traits of his that stand out to you most? What is his favorite color?

Bold colors and angular structures work best for bouquets for men.

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