Does It Feel Good When You Grind on a Guy

Does It Feel Good When You Grind on a Guy

When it comes to erotic and romantic situations, there are more questions about physical interactions that just about any other topic in the dating arena. 

So I want to take some time to demystify grinding, and the effect it can have on your boy toy, and ways to use it to your advantage

Does it feel good when you grind on a guy?  It absolutely feels good when you grind on a guy. In fact when you put a little thought into it, you’ll realize that there are whole industries that have popped up around the act of grinding. 

Such as strip clubs, or just clubs in general.

So when it comes to engaging your partner, and really getting him going, grinding on him is a great way to initiate sex or intimacy.

What Does it Mean to Grind on Someone Sexually

Grinding is considered a dance by many people, although it is sexual in nature.

If you are a young adult who likes to enjoy your new freedom by going to clubs, you are more than likely already familiar with what grinding is.

For the uninitiated, grinding is a type of dance between members of the opposite sex where a guy stands behind a girl and she proceeds to gyrate her hips and rub her bottom all across and up and down the guys front, or crotch region.

This can easily cause the guy to become aroused, and turn him on, getting what we call in the boy’s club a “woody.”

Trust me, she can feel your member.

While by no means a new phenomenon grinding has become the most popular form of dancing between a boy and a girl, especially young adults.

It can be straight forward and aggressive, quickly letting a guy know what you expect from him after the club.

It can also be very erotic and teasing in nature, making it perfect for at home play when you are feeling frisky.

How do Guys Feel When You Grind on Them

Simply put, he is turned on.

It has the same effect as playing with the scalp of a person, or behind the ears.

It has sort of a tingly sensation to it, and definitely causes my body temperature to rise.

As well as priming other…more select parts of my body in anticipation of what the night may hold.

Lets go over how this works on a physical and psychological basis.

Grinding Hits Many Erogenous Zones

Erogenous zones are areas of a male or female body that have a heightened degree of sensuality and nervous system stimulation that often results in sexual feelings and stimulation.

The reason why grinding is so pleasurable for males is that the act of grinding stimulates many of a guy’s erogenous zones.

For instance, besides the main erogenous zone commonly referred to as…a penis, the area between the belly button and pubic bone is the next in line as far as being sensitive. 

Both men and women find this area to be highly stimulating, the reason being is both physical and psychological, much in the same way the inside of the thighs can be. Due to this area’s proximity to the sexual organs, and shared nerves, this area ignites physical sensations in the localized area.

Also, being touched deliberately in this area creates psychological anticipation of what can happen next, and in sexual feelings, anticipation is just as exciting as the real thing.

If you ever want to test this out for yourself, just begin playing lightly with this area of the body.

Maybe lightly touching or kissing this area. 

If you move closer to the genital area you’ll probably be rewarding by gyrating hips and moans of anticipation.

Another erogenous zone that grinding can stimulate is the stomach.

Believe it or not, the stomach can be one of the best erogenous zones to play with on your partner.

I once dated this wildcat of a girl who absolutely loved having her stomach played with, including the belly button.

Not only can it stimulate strong sexual feelings but it also causes feelings of comfort and safety when not being teased to instigate sensual anticipation.

While grinding mostly deals with gyrating hips and pressing against your partner with your booty, it can go further than just the hips, crotch, and stomach.

The chest is also another highly stimulating zone for men, if you have ever been out to a club or a frat house dance floor and gotten into grinding. You may have had a guy press his chest against you while he is grinding on you.

So, now that you are armed with the knowledge of how the body works, let’s go over a few different scenarios in the bedroom, or other private places.

Grinding at the Club or in the Bedroom

My ex-fiance would often intiate sex with me while simply doing chores together.

Working together to keep a house clean, or garden, or hanging clothes, because yes we were that hippy couple.

And there is something to be said about an erotic connection between a couple when doing something so human as just taking care of each others needs in homemaking sense. 

Imagine watching the person you are deeply in love with hang her sundress out on a beautiful morning and just be overwhelmed to hold her, with her long brown curly hair pushed against your face, and the smell of fresh cut grass hanging in the air. 

Then as she would laugh and smile at me, her angular Ukranian features silhouette perfectly by the sun, she would begin to grind herself against me.

Sometimes we would get so excited we would end up leaving the laundry outside and have to rewash them. 

Worth it.

Now take your mind to the city, and you and your lover just spent the night out with friends and had a few drinks to get the blood flowing. Maybe the dirty talk started at the restaurant while your friends chatted amongst themselves over dinner.

Maybe she had let her fingers get too close to your crotch on the way home and found herself pleasantly surprised. And a few minutes later the two of you crash through the bedroom door and get right to making out.

Another great opportunity for a lady to draw out anticipation of desire and sex by using grinding as a way to put off the inevitable and get her boy to rock hard and drooling.

Never underestimate the power of good lingerie, and yes there is a difference between good lingerie and bad lingerie.

When it comes to the romantic and sexual endeavors between a couple,  grinding is a very versatile and effective tool to make the night something else. 

It can even be as simple as waking up to your girlfriend bumping her ass into your crotch in the morning before class or work.

Your imagination is the limit when grinding is involved.

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