This Is Why He Took Down His Dating Profile

He Took Down His Dating Profile

When a guy deletes his dating profile, it can only mean two things.

 He either deleted his dating profile because he sees a potential relationship with you and wants to put an end to his search, or he found someone else on the dating site who is his first choice.  

I believe this answered the first question on your mind, which is, “What does it mean when a guy deletes his dating profile.”

According to dating coach James Preece, when a guy deletes his dating profile, he is trying to tell himself and his partner that his search is over.

He has either found you or found someone else.

In most cases, it is because he found you.

Deleting his dating profile could mean that he wants to start a relationship with you. 

Back in college, I went on a date with a guy that I met online.

The whole conversation was perfect, and we were almost starting a family together on the first date.

Yes, it was that perfect, and I saw my future with him. 

After the date, I went back online to delete my dating profile because I thought I had finally found “THE ONE.”

When I opened the app, I realized that he had deletedhis profile too.

It was the best thing I saw, and I went on to tell my friends that I had reached my bus stop relationship-wise. 

I went on another date with the guy, and he started telling me about a girl that he wanted to date.

I was as shocked as you are right now because I thought he deleted his profile because of me. 

He went on to tell me that he felt comfortable talking to me, and he considered me a good friend.

He wanted to know if he should express his feelings to her.

Apparently, he had deleted his dating profile because of this other lady and not me.

I assumed that it was because of me because we had flowed so much, and it was after our date that he acted. 

Let’s assume that you strike up a conversation with a guy on a dating app again, and you guys go on your first date.

You might not even get to go on the first date before you decide that you are meant for each other. 

If, after discovering your compatibility, the guy deletes his dating profile, you should confirm why he deleted it so you don’t raise your hopes like me and so many other ladies do.

I often tell people that assumption kills because it only helps you make the wrong conclusions and go the wrong way.

You cannot know exactly why he deletedhis dating profile until you ask him. 

You may assume that he deletedhis profile because he found someone else, while it might be a different case.

You may also assume that he deleted his dating profile because he is ready to take your relationship to the next level, and this might not be the case too.

Learn to ask questions to clear your doubts in relationships.

Contrary to popular opinions, people can find true love on online dating sites, and a man could delete his hinge or tinder account (the popular dating sites) whenever they find someone.

This someone can either be you or someone else.  

I have seen many occasions where people get married after meeting on these dating sites.

Most guys know right from the conversation that she is the one.

Some guys try out their first dates before they realize that she is the one.

At any of these stages, a man can decide to delete his dating profile. 

It is also important to note that not deleting his dating profile after starting a relationship with you doesn’t mean he is not into you.

Many people forget about the profile once they find the best person for them.

As I said earlier, making assumptions will not help in any way because different strokes work for different folks.

Be sure what works for you and the person you’re building something with. 

When Should a Guy Delete His Dating Profile

Like I always say, there is no benchmark to how these things work.

What works for relationship A might not necessarily work for relationship B.

However, there are basic rules that partners can follow if they want their relationship to work.

Let’s find out the best time guys can delete their dating apps from my personal experiences and relationship experts.

  • When he and his partner decide to become exclusive: Being exclusive has to be a couple’s decision. The lady might already be exclusive while the guy is still seeing other people or vice versa. A good time for a guy to delete his dating profile is when he and his partner decide to be exclusive. Deleting his dating profile at this stage shows his level of commitment to the relationship.
  • When he knows that what he has is real: Guys delete their dating profiles when they become sure that what they have with their partner is real. 
  • When he gets tired of the dating site: Of course, a good point many people might not consider is that the guy might be deleting his dating profile on a particular site just to be on another one. So, yes. A guy can delete his dating profile when he gets tired of a dating site and wants to try another one. This has nothing to do with him finding the right person or wanting to be exclusive with someone. 
  • When the relationship passes the test of time: Guys can delete their dating profiles when they’ve been with someone for over three months. Relationships that have passed the test of time have the tendency of lasting longer, and it would be the best time for guys to get out of the search by deleting their dating profiles. 
  • When he is sure that he is no longer seeing other people: Until they are sure, most guys date many girls for as long as they can. However, when they are sure that they have found the best person for them and are no longer interested in seeing other people, it would be the best time to delete their dating profiles.

It’s possible that you’re asking yourself, “Why did he delete his dating profile?” because of one of the reasons listed above.

One day, you might wonder why does he keep looking at my online dating profile.

Then for some unknown reason, he could end up deleting his dating profile.

The easiest method to find out is to talk to him about it without coming to any conclusions about why he erased it.

When you meet a good person on a dating site and you and he had a great discussion, you decide to go on your first date.

While you may wonder is it a date or just coffee on your first encounter with him, you learned that he had uninstalled his dating app a few hours later.

As a romantic person, I would advise you to blush because it could indicate that he is seriously interested in you and wants to start something good with you.

As a relationship specialist, I would suggest that you inquire as to why he removed the app.

To summarize, guys delete their dating profiles for a variety of reasons, some of which may or may not entail their affections for you.

To be on the safe side and avoid having your heart hurt, don’t make any assumptions.

In relationships, cultivate the practice of asking questions since it is the only way to protect yourself.

In your relationship, I wish you all the best.

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