This Is How Can You Tell If A Guy Is Checking You Out

How Can You Tell if a Guy Is Checking You Out

When a guy looks at you from top to bottom, he could obviously be checking you out. However, eye contact alone cannot tell if he is interested. That’s why there is a lot more to look for.

Men are yet to master the art of checking out women without getting notices. Their hormones pretty much dictate them to ogle at women all the time, something they can’t control so easily.

If you catch a guy staring at you, then he holds your stare and smiles; you can be sure he is waiting for your response – your response will trigger him to make the first move.

Have you just entered a dimly lit bar and instantly drawn to a guy but can’t tell how he feels for you? You need empirical evidence to tell that he is interested in you. After all, women are equally good at acting around men and deciphering body language.

Although every guy is different, they all behave pretty the same around a lady they are into.

So, if you’re not good at decrypting signs, here are signs that will undoubtedly prove a guy is indeed interested in you.

Remember, when it comes to checking out women, there are simple guys and professionals who have mastered how to do it unnoticeably.

The guy staring at you

Men don’t overcomplicate things. If a guy finds you attractive, whether he is attracted by how your dress hugs your body or your stunning face, he will gawk at you. Men are profoundly visual and will stare at anything that gets their attention. Surprisingly, one of those things is YOU, or simply a female body.

Most guys stare at women subconsciously. That said, catching a man looking at you doesn’t guarantee he is checking you out – staring differs from looking, particularly when it comes to intimacy-related scenarios.

He looks in your eye at smiles

If you catch a guy staring at you in awe, then he blatantly looks into your eyes and smiles; he likes you. This trick is commonly used by guys who have mastered the art of checking out women.

A guy looking you in the eyes and smiling is a sign of confidence, and his smile reflects his personality. Because a confident guy will always want you to know, it becomes pretty easy to notice when such guys are checking you out. After all, a friendly smile is one of the most sought-after physical traits by women.

The guy nudges his friend, or they talk and smile at you

If a guy finds you attractive, he will likely let his friends know how he feels about you. It is indeed something men are notorious for – they are compelled to let their buddies know you – yes, you – are attractive.

A guy checking you out will nudge his friend and discreetly whisper something to him. If they glance at you and smile with a suggesting smile, it clearly tells that he is interested.

He looks impressed and wants to impress you

If you catch a guy staring at you, look away, and turn back quickly to see if he is impressed. A guy who is checking you out will be impressed with you, and as usual, he will show.

Guys generally don’t make life difficult. Although that handsome guy may struggle to keep his faculties, his face will show he is impressed with you. Immediately you look at him., he will snap out of his trance.

He looks away when you look in his direction

Another tale-tell sign of whether or not a guy is interested in you is inspecting his behavior when you look at him.

Whether you are in the gym, a cool bar, or out there in the street and notice a guy averts his glance when you at him, consider responding. It is not that guy is daydreaming or in awe; he is checking you out, but consciously. Because he likes you, he stares at you intentionally.

The guy will keenly follow all your moves and look away so that you catch him in the act.

He walks past you multiple times

If you are in a bar or restaurant and a good-looking guy keeps walking past you, do not hesitate to ask yourself why it is happening. Probably the guy is afraid of making a move, fearing that he will be rejected publicly.

Your simple smile could be what is holding him from making a move.

Although this doesn’t render him fearful, a shy guy may also brush when walking past you.

He will serve you an eyebrow flash

If a guy cocks his eyebrows at you, he is communicating. Raising eyebrows is a classic body language sign used by men to show they are attracted to something. If you know how to act around men, you will never miss seeing this.

Although it is easy to miss this sign, it is very powerful. If you catch a man staring at you, you can extend your glance, and you will likely notice that he is serving an eyebrow flash.

He fixes his hair or messes it up

Does he play with his air while staring in your direction? It doesn’t mean he didn’t smooth his hair before leaving home; he is looking for a way to make it look more flattering.

To be certain the guy is checking you out, look away and turn back quickly. If the guy is into you, I bet his hand will be on the way to touch his air. However, this will immensely depend on the hairstyle.

Guy Obviously Checks You Out

Well, you know to act around men, but can you decode all their body language signs showing that they are checking you out? Every man is different, and a confident guy will want you to know he is checking you out, so he will send a strong message.

Master the above clues, and you will easily know when a guy is interested in you.

Now you know the good, the bad and the ugly of why do guys make it obvious when they check you out.

After all, men don’t fake it and will always show they are interested.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The main reasons a guy stares at a woman without approaching are nervousness, lack of words, or fear of being rejected or humiliated publicly.

He is also afraid of anything that would destroy his confidence.

A shy guy will stare at you simply because he likes you but can’t approach you.

You are attractive, which makes him enjoy staring at you.

Another reason would be because you resemble a person he knows, and he is trying to remember where he met you before. Your outfit or hairstyle could also be catching his attention.

The guy will stare at you and hold it.

Because it feels awkward and disturbing to maintain eye contact, both of you will likely break the gaze and look away.

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