How Do I Ask My Boyfriend To Buy Me Flowers: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

how do i ask my boyfriend to buy me flowers

How Do I Ask My Boyfriend To Buy Me Flowers

Most people, including myself, have at one time asked our friends this question, how do I ask my boyfriend to buy me flowers?

The answer is simple, tell him, “I would like you to buy me flowers.” Be direct. You should let him know that you want them, especially when they are given to you as presents.

You can also inquire from him what he loves and would like to be done to him.

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want Flowers

Even though it may feel weird to ask for things that others deem irrelevant, you can always do it without being fuzzy. Just to tip him that you like flowers, start by;

  • Purchasing flowers for yourself every now and then

As a lady, if you love flowers, you can buy roses or other flowers for yourself as a way of indirectly communicating to your partner that you like flowers.

Therefore if your boyfriend is very keen or observant, he will have an idea of the gift or surprise to buy for you.

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It is one of the simplest ways of letting your boyfriend know you like flowers without it sounding like you are demanding him to.

  • Tell him directly but in a polite way

Telling your boyfriend that you would like them to be buying you flowers is quite challenging because you do not want it to sound a nuisance or send the wrong message, and he ends up judging you.

Therefore as a lady, be keen when doing so but you can be very opportunistic and wait until he asks you what you would like him to buy you and tell him flowers because you generally love flowers.

Doing so will as well send a message that you want flowers.

  • Send gifts to your boyfriend too

Surprising your boyfriend with gifts now and then reminds him that he also needs to surprise you, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Even though their first time receiving flowers can be a bit awkward, you can include a red rose inside the gift before wrapping it, and with time they will get used to them.

It will make him also have an idea of including flowers when buying you a gift because he will treat you the same way you treat him.

  • Send him some videos of people receiving flowers

One of the easiest ways of communicating what you like is using short videos or pictures.

Therefore you can send videos and photos of your fellow friends receiving flowers from their partners, and do not forget to add a positive comment like that was so thoughtful of him; it’s so romantic, I love this, or flowers are such a lovely gift.

It sends a message to your boyfriend even without you telling him directly that you love flowers.

  • Make comments about how flowers brighten your world

For instance, if your boyfriend is coming over by chance, you can buy flowers and put them at a strategic point in your house where they are seen clearly.

Once he arrives, you can inquire him to compliment if they are beautiful as you smell them and smile.

You can also inform him that you wanted to brighten your room, and you bought them because you love flowers.

  • Include flowers when you are buying gifts for friends and family members with him

When you are out buying gifts for his or your family members, always ensure you tell him to include flowers and give him a reason like flowers are attractive and lovely gifts because they cheer up people.

To ensure that you are not feeding him with the idea, you can also ask him what he thinks about them because maybe he does not buy you flowers because he does not think that is cool since they will weather very fast.

Therefore, you can inform him that you love flowers because they are a great gift as you listen to his opinion.

Is Buying Flowers A Waste Of Money

At times standing at the doorstep of your girlfriend holding flowers could be a bad idea, and it is not considered a way of winning a woman’s heart today. Below are some of the reasons why flowers could not be a good idea:

Bad Idea: It is not a thoughtful idea.

Modern ladies know that most men buy flowers because they want to surprise you but did not spend some time to see what you want.

That’s why they purchase flowers because all flowers are lovely and every being will definitely love them. That is why a man buys you flowers, especially if they do not have an idea of what you like

Bad Idea: They wither quickly

Most modern women hate flowers because they wiither fast, and the memory of being gifted lasts for a while because you will forget when the flowers die. Therefore they prefer something that will last for a while, not temporary.

Bad Idea: Flowers are associated with sad events.

For instance, most guys will buy you flowers after an argument because they are their ticket back for negotiations and reconciliations. Therefore when he buys you flowers just because you are not on good terms, this links flowers with sad and bad events.

Bad Idea: They are impersonal

Flowers can be bought for anyone; that’s why most girls hate them.

Maybe the boyfriend could have bought the flowers for their ex-girlfriends, mother or any person and because they did not love them, they decided to give them to you.

If you love or hate being surprised with flowers by your boyfriend, it is essential to let them know in a caring way because they are not angels to know what you like and dislike.

In most cases receiving flowers unexpectedly can be very romantic, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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He can surprise you with flowers on random occasions and not necessarily when you are in an argument.

Therefore to make it romantic, he can give you flowers after a week or two or give them to you during important events like your birthday or on Valentine’s Day.

Doing so gives you the idea that flowers are not only given during tragic occasions or after a quarrel to set the stage for negotiations and reconciliation.

If your boyfriend doesn't love giving and receiving gifts and you go ahead and ask him to buy you something, it would sound wrong and awkward to him.

However, you are supposed to be straightforward, but ensure he does not misconstrue it and judge you.

If your boyfriend loves surprises, he will be okay with it without having the wrong impression of you.

This is the same as asking, do guys like receiving flowers?

Like the ladies, men also love flowers because they can cheer them up and make them delighted.

Therefore if you want to express love and appreciation, you can buy him flowers on any occasion.

Even though it sounds awkward when a man receives a big bouquet back in the days, men accept flowers as gifts and love them as well in the modern dating world.

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