This Is How Long Does It Take a Man to Realize What He Lost

How Long Does It Take a Man to Realize What He Lost

The rough feelings always come late at night after a few glasses of wine.

You start to remember him, the guy who caused you to read this article.

The guy who broke your heart.

  When will he realize what he lost? Will he realize he made a mistake and come back? 

Well, queen, I can’t guarantee he’ll come back, but I can tell you how to be the kind of girl guys regret losing and the signs he regrets losing you.

Read on to find out more!

The Kind of Girl Guys Regret Losing

After having your heart broken, it’s hard to think about personal development especially when you just want him to realize what he lost.

As someone who has not only lost men but then made them regret losing me, I have some advice. 

First, you need to forget him! Yes, it sounds backward, but nothing drives a man crazier than a woman who knows her worth.

You are hot shit and you should flaunt it. 

How Do You Forget Him?

  • Treat yourself. Buy yourself a cute new outfit – something you feel good in and makes you want to sit in the sun drinking margs. 
  • Take yourself out! Nothing screams confidence like sitting mysteriously in the corner of a local restaurant sipping wine and spooning a delicious dessert. 
    • Pro Tip: if you don’t feel like you have the confidence to sit alone in a restaurant, fake it! You deserve to be there! This is your night, goddamnit. 
  • Flirt with everyone. Is the grocery store clerk cute? Tell him! Slip a note to the foxy man who sits next to you at the office. If they aren’t interested? Move on, you don’t have time for men who can’t appreciate your goddess personality (including your ex). 
  • Develop a god-complex. You are the hottest, smartest, most badass person in your life and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

By the time you complete the steps above, you’ll start to see that not only are you too good for your ex but also the type of girl he’ll regret losing.

Now that you’ve got all this new confidence, what do you do next? 

Start Something New

When I was dumped, I didn’t know what to do.

I just sat around wondering, how long does it take a man to realize he messed up? 

But then, I decided to start something new. I began kickboxing classes.

This boosted my confidence and built up my strength, endurance, and gave my personality some punch (quite literally) as I developed the god complex mentioned above. 

Kickboxing helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet other people interested in the same activities as me.

Not only did I learn a new sport, but made some new friends — and met some hot new guys with kickboxing physiques 😉). 

What are some other ideas for you? 

  • Join an intramural sports team. This will get you out of the house, doing something active, and meeting new people!
  • Take a fine arts class. Whether it’s painting or dancing, you’ll not only get in touch with your creative side, but find like minded individuals to share your experience with. 
  • Go on a trip somewhere new. Whether it’s Paris or the Oregon Coast, a getaway can and will heal a broken heart. Not only will you get to have a fun and relaxing vacation, but you will also have envy-inducing new photos for your Instagram and Facebook feeds. A picture is worth a thousand words and these photos will be screaming, look what you lost!
  • Work on your career. Go back to school for a certificate program or graduate degree. Apply to promotions within your company. Ask for a pay raise. Excelling in your career will show off your girlboss energy and make him realize what he’s missing.

So you’ve got some newfound confidence and a new hobby, what else should you be doing? 

Don’t Contact Him

 With your cute new outfit and all your new hobbies, you will want to make sure your ex knows.

 Resist the urge to snap him a selfie or shoot off a text message. 

Nothing drives a man crazier than realizing you forgot about him.

He’ll be seeing you on social media, hearing about you from mutual friends, but nothing will show up on his screen. 

This alone will make him realize he lost a good woman. 

What rules should you follow during your no-contact time?

  • Do not text him. Once you have taken care of any logistics of your break up, for example picking up things you left at his place, do not text him. You do not need to know about his day and he does not need to know about yours. Texts will only annoy him and make you look needy, which you are not.
  • Don’t interact with him on social media. The no contact extends to your social media. Though you may still be friends online, do not like, comment, or share his posts. This will only boost his ego and make it seem like you haven’t moved on.
  • No sharing memes. Memes may seem like an easy, no-pressure way to contact your ex, however they are a reminder that you are still thinking of him. You want him to think you forgot about him and bringing up old inside jokes will not help you realize that goal.
  • If he texts you, respond with one word or short answers. He left you. He doesn’t need anymore of your time, until you are ready to win him back.

Make sure your no contact time lasts for at least a month because this is the minimum amount of time it takes for a man to realize he messed up

Signs He Regrets Losing You

As you complete the steps above, you may notice your ex acting strangely.

He may start reaching out, or showing up at your favorite bar.

Your friends may mention he’s asked about you.

This means that he regrets losing you

How Long Until A Man Realizes He Messed Up?

Men experience breakups differently than women.

While women begin their grieving process with sadness and regret, men end there. 

Men go through the following steps as they process the loss of a good woman: 

  1. Acceptance
  2. Anger
  3. Heartache
  4. Self-blame
  5. Denial 
  6. Shock

Women follow these steps in the opposite direction, starting with shock and ending with acceptance.

Building your confidence and moving on during the early phases of your breakup grieving process will show him the fantastic, beautiful woman he is missing. 

While you are bettering your life, building your confidence, and forgetting him, he will be cycling through stages 1, 2, and eventually 3. 

Beware, he may start texting other girls during stages 1 and 2, but don’t let any jealousy consume you.

He has to lose you to realize how lucky he was to have you in the first place.

Plus, you should be flirting with other guys, remember?

Once he gets to the stages of heartache, self-blame, denial, and shock, your ex will start to show signs he regrets losing you. 

This is when he begins to reach out to your friends or you.

You’ll notice that his name is at the top of the list on your Instagram and Snapchat stories.

He’ll probably be stalking your social media and wishing he was still on it. 

When my ex hit these stages, he became the first to watch my snap stories every day.

I noticed him liking my tweets and eventually, he began texting me memes and videos.

This was how I knew he regretted losing me. 

Eventually, he might ask you to brunch to “catch up”.

This means he is seeing your transformation and misses your relationship. 

Will He Realize What He Missed and Come Back?

This is the million dollar question, and to be honest, he might not.

Unless you believe in the law of attraction, then check out the 8 signs you’re manifesting your ex back.

But if he doesn’t come back, you don’t need him anyway.

If you follow the steps in this article, you will be building yourself up, meeting new people, and creating a new life without your ex. 

I’ve had two exes come back after our break ups.

For the first one, I didn’t follow any of the steps I’ve provided for you.

I texted him every day and spent all my time desperately trying to re-attract him.

We got back together for one week. He then broke my heart again, this time worse than the first. 

The second ex, I followed all of these steps.

I took myself on dates to the movies, invested in a new wardrobe, picked up kickboxing, and started my graduate degree.

I didn’t text him for a few months and went on dates with new men.

I even dated someone long-distance. Starting a long distance relationship with someone you just met allowed me to get my mind off my ex.

However, after three or four months, he asked to reconnect. We’ve been dating for a year now. 

If your ex doesn’t come back, it’s not the end of the world.

It happened for me, but during our time apart, I learned that I didn’t need him, I wanted him. 

As you begin this journey alone, pay attention to how you feel.

Is life better without him?

Do you even want him back? 

Remember, you are an incredible woman and you deserve a man who treats you like a queen.

Don’t settle for someone who can’t see your worth because one day you will find a man who marvels at everything you do. 

That man maybe your ex, but he may not be.

Either way, you will come out of this breakup a stronger person who is ready to be swept off her feet. 

You’ve got this, girl! 

Now go out and take control of your breakup!

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