This Is How Small Is Too Small for a Woman?

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman

For guys, the size of their penis is often a source of worry and anxiety, particularly regarding sexual compatibility with their partners.

If you have ever looked at your penis and wondered how small is too small for a woman, you are not alone.

Most of the men across the world have, at some point, also asked themselves this question.

More so, why not?

 The ability to satisfy your partner sexually is a crucial part of your relationship with them. 

But you will be surprised to learn that size does not matter to most women, and most are perfectly happy with the size of their guy’s penis.

Here is an exclusive look at a range of information to help you answer this question.

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What Is the Average Penis Size?

A lot of studies have tried to quantify the average penis size.

Penises are categorized into five categories; mini small- 4.2 inches, Small -4.2 to 5.2 inches, Average-5.2 to 6.2 inches, Large-6.2 to 7.2 inches and very large-7.2 to 8.2 inches.

A study conducted in 2014 involving recording measurements of more than 20,000 flaccid and erect penis showed the results of the size of an average penis.

The results showed that the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.57 inches, and the girth is 3.67 inches.

When erect, the average penis length was 5.17 inches, and the girth was 4.58 inches.

So, if you are wondering if 5 inches is small, it’s not!

How Small Is Too Small for A Woman in Cm

According to studies conducted, the vagina is, on average, about 3.78 inches in depth.

More so, the clitoris, which is the part of the vagina with most nerve endings, is less than an inch in size and conveniently situated at the mouth of the vagina.

 Scientific research indicates that if a man can achieve an erect penis size of 3.5 -4 inches, he may be well capable of offering a satisfying sexual experience to a woman. 

Is 3.5 inches small?

3.5 inches is not super small as sex to women is much more than the size of the dick.

This makes sense, given the average depth size of the vagina.

So, is 4 inches small?

Absolutely not.

A 4-inches penis can satisfy your partner.

According to statistics, only 1% of all men have a micropenis.

This is a penis less than 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) when erect or less than 2 inches (5.09 cm) when flaccid, which can be considered too small for a woman.

This means that about 99% of all men worldwide are in the category of normal penis length, which can’t be called ‘too small.’

Therefore, there is a higher chance that you are in the normal category.

Do Females Prefer Length or Width?

Many studies have been conducted advocating that it’s the penis girth and not the length that makes a huge difference.

In a study conducted, women preferred a wider girth while the length preference did not change.

The study also indicates that women can accurately identify their girth preference over a length, showing that they pay more subconscious attention to girth.

Most females prefer width over length as a larger width is linked with bringing the clitoris closest to the vagina, making it easier for women to reach orgasm.

An average vagina is only a few inches deep, with most nerve endings located on the clitoral tissue. Hence, the wider the penis, the more stimulation the clitoral erectile tissues receive.

How To Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package

Most women are curious to know the size of a guy’s package without undressing him.

If you really want to tell when a guy has a small package, there are some signs you can look out for.

If he never discusses his penis, that is a sign of a small package as most men don’t like discussing things that bother them.

More so, if he begins a fuss over the topic that size does not matter, you should be on the look of what is coming out of the pants.

When it comes to slim versus overweight men, slim guys are often said to have a bigger package as they have fewer muscles which allow them to have more meat between their legs.

The sitting positions might also give you a clue about the size of the private parts.

You will hardly cross your legs comfortably if you have something bigbetween your legs.

Some claim that the bigger the nose or shoes, the bigger the package, but you should not consider it a fact as it has not been scientifically proven.

If you are still confused, I guess the best thing to do is sliding your hand down over the pants or run it up to his thigh when making out to feel the size of the make-out stick.

What To Do with A Smaller Than Average Penis?

Is 3 inches erect a good size?

Although it’s on the shorter side, you can still use it to satisfy your woman in bed.

A smaller than average penis can still work perfectly for most women.

While most men obsess about the size of their equipment, studies indicate that women care less.

You may also have probably heard the popular saying, ‘size does not matter; it’s how you use it.’

Just know how to use what you have and ensure she is always satisfied when you have sex.

 Most women require more than just vaginal penetration to reach orgasm, and hence a small penis is not much of a detriment to a healthy sex life between couples. 

Sex Positions

If you feel like your penis size is on the shorter side, you should opt for doggy style, as it gives you a slightly extra advantage.

You can also try to elevate the woman’s hips by placing her pelvis on a cushion or pillow and then get her to pull her legs to her chest.

This enables deeper penetration which will feel great for both partners.

Girl on top is another great position for men with a smaller than average penis.

Does it feel good when you grind on a guy?

These sex positions allow the penis to come into contact more easily with the clitoris, which is a vital part of any sex position with women.

Up your game

If you are highly concerned that your penis size shortcomings result in a less than pleasant sexual experience for your partners, you can try using products that can change the sexual experience in a flash.

You can opt for a strap-on which is a dildo strapped on underwear to give deeper penetration.

You can learn how to be more aggressive in bed with your man.

You can also get massagers and silicone vibrators to help the woman achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

You can also consider incorporating oral sex as part of the foreplay or during sex to offer more pleasurable stimulation.


If you are a guy, there are higher chances that your penis is just fine.

Keep in mind that women don’t worry much about the size, meaning you should not either.

So, there is no need to worry or have low self-esteem about how small is too small because women don’t care that much.

The essential thing is to ask your woman what she likes in bed and then set to deliver the type of sex that leaves you both satisfied and sated.

 Most women are perfectly happy with the size of their guy’s penis, and a large penis is not a priority for most women.  

However, if you feel your penis is too small or too large, undermining your sexual satisfaction, you can consult with a medical professional.

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