This Is How to Answer What Are You Looking for in a Relationship

How to Answer What Are You Looking for in a Relationship

How to Answer What Are You Looking for in a Relationship

Have you finally found the perfect guy for yourself? You do know how to attract a high quality man, right?

You know, that handsome, intelligent, all-around dreamy guy.

It feels amazing, right?

It feels amazing knowing you may not have to search anymore or even wait for your knight in shining armor to find you.

I have to go through this process myself, and now, I want to share what I believe can help you move forward with your relationship.

It is the best feeling in the world but now he is asking questions and you don’t want to mess your chance up.

He is asking questions like “what are you looking for?” or “what do you like in a guy?

These questions can seem as if they are so easy to answer but are they really!

 When a guy asks “what are you looking for in a relationship”, he may be asking if you are looking for financial assets. 

The last thing you want is to look like a gold digger.

Do not be that girl.

I’ll explain later. He may be trying to find out if you are financially stable or how independent you are.

He may be trying to find out if you are emotionally stable enough to take on a relationship.

Every answer you give would reveal who you really are.

Keep it simple, yet, keep it interesting when answering this particular question.

Try not to scare him away by being too demanding.

Oftentimes, your answers can make a guy feel uncomfortable. Some of them can make him feel as if he can not satisfy you in life.

One major clue is, him running away before he can give you a chance.

How to answer what are you looking for in a man

1. Be honest with yourself and be honest with him.

If you are looking for someone to be caring, tell him that. If you want someone who is supporting (I’m not talking about financially supporting) and him being there for you, then tell him that too.

Let him know you need or want someone who is there to talk, when you call or text, when you have had a long and emotional day.

Tell him having emotional support is important to you.

It is ok to want someone who will listen to you. Someone who will let you vent so you don’t feel like you are drowning inside, especially if you have bad anxiety!

2. You want a guy to be your confidant.

Tell him you are looking for someone who will eventually become not only your man, but your best friend.

Explain that you want someone you can tell your secrets too, whether it is recent secrets or secrets from a dark past.

No, you are not looking for him to be your therapist, and you shouldn’t, but you want to be able to open up to him more frequently.

You want to know you can eventually come to him with the confidence of knowing he won’t run and tell everyone your business.

3. You want him to touch you without physically touching you.

Describe to him you want someone you connect with mentally.

We all know having a physical connection with someone can be fun and amazing if you let it be.

However, only having a physical connection can get kind of boring over time. Is my boyfriend losing interest in me sexually?

You want someone who can caress your mind with the power of his words. Will he be able to keep up with an intellectual conversation?

Will he be able to joke around with you and make you laugh with tears in your eyes.

Connecting mentally is an important aspect of a future relationship. It is the communication aspect.

This is the key that holds a relationship together.

4. Don’t say you want a sugar daddy.

You can let him know you want someone who is financially stable but tries to avoid bringing his finances up when answering what you are looking for in a guy.

If anything, tell him you have a desire to become an entrepreneur or a desire to own a home one day. Explain to him the importance of saving your money.

Let him know you want someone who is able to save or someone who is planning to save for the future.

Do not make him feel as if you are out to get him for his money. Don’t make yourself look like a gold digger.

This can make a guy turn his head the other way and not look back. The last thing most men want is a woman who only wants him for his money.

Unless he is a sugar daddyof course. HA!

You also have to be careful with guys who are willing to provide you with financial stability, and some can become controlling.

We do not want that.

5. I am a single mom.

If you have children, let him know. What do guys think about dating a single mom?

Let him know you will not pressure him into becoming a stepfather right away.

We all know that bringing a new man in and out of your life is not only mentally and physically draining for you, but for your kids as well.

If you are looking for someone to eventually marry and fill in that stepfather role, then tell him that. Tell him you are looking for someone who wants kids.

This will let him know you want a more serious relationship and not just a play date relationship, if you know what I mean! Wink wink.

6. You seek pleasure only.

Just say, “I am not looking for a serious relationship right now, but I do want someone who can pleasure me in the bedroom.”

Why do I want to sleep with him so badly?

There is nothing wrong with this ladies. It does not make you look like a bad individual. It makes you look like an honest and fun woman.

It is ok to only want a sexual relationship without the commitment.

Just remember, sex is a powerful drug and it can eventually turn things around where you become emotionally connected. There are 15 dirty ways on how to keep your man happy in bed.

So be careful when letting a guy know what you are looking for.

7. You may not want kids.

This is something important to mention.

You don’t want to get so involved with an individual and you two fall in love, you have a deep connection and then you say you don’t want kids, but it turns out he does.

This can ruin a guy.

It can hurt him and also make him feel as if he wasted all this time with you when he could have found someone else to be with who wanted kids too.

Girl, don’t waste his time and money!

When a guy asks, what you like in a guy or what characteristics do you like in a guy?
This is the ultimate question we have all been asked before and, oftentimes, we feel we have already answered this question with the answers we provided for and what we are looking for.

But, we didn’t answer this question at all.

So, what are you looking for in a guy?

Are you looking for someone who is good lookingor maybe someone with the perfect cinematic smile?

Are you looking for someone with a great personality? Someone who can make you laugh every second of the day.

Maybe what you like in a guy is spontaneity. Someone who will go with the flow and surprise you with a date out on the beach or at the park.

Or, could it be what you like in a guy is his caringside.

Someone who will come picks up your car, have it detailed with a full tank of gas waiting for you with some fresh flowers waiting in your passenger seat.

What you like in a guy can vary. You may like:

  • The way he walks

  • The way he talks

  • The way he opens the car door for you.

  • The way he dresses: suit and tie or basketball shorts with a t-shirt.

  • The way he treats his mother and father or maybe his siblings.

  • The way he treats a stranger, maybe he sees a random elder walking and helps them carry their grocery bags to their car.

  • The way he treats his kids. He doesn’t forget about them just because he is in a fresh relationship with someone new.

  • The way a guy buys tampons or pads when your cycle starts. He goes to the store to buy them for you and brings them to you. Along with some chocolate or ice cream of course!

  • The way he likes to cuddle on the couch when watching a movie.

  • The way he pulls over on the side of the road so you can watch the sunset while sitting on the hood of the car.

  • The way he plays music and randomly grabs your hand to dance with him.

  • The way a guy looks at you with care, love, and happiness.

Whatever you like in a guy, point it out! Even if it is him mowing the lawn with no shirt on, with his hot body glistening in the sun.

Don't be afraid to ask yourself these questions (more):

What do you want out of a relationship?
What can he bring to the table?
What do you have to offer together?

Finances: You should both be able to provide financially. Yes, some men like to feel as if they are the support system financially.

They want to be the provider.

There is nothing wrong with this. However, if something goes wrong, you should be financially stable enough to pick up the slack if it is needed.

Great personality: You can’t expect him to be the only one to make a joke.

Can you make him laugh too? Can you be fun and spontaneous too?

Mental stability: Both of you should be able to hold each other up mentally.

Listen to your guy, on his bad days, just as much as he listens to you.

Aspirations: Whatever he aspires to become in life and what you want to become in life, you should help each other to make it happen.

Help each other turns your dreams into a reality.

Whatever he brings to the table, you should bring to the table as well. Think about what you ask of him and make sure you can provide the same if needed.

Do not automatically expect more from him than want you can provide, just because he is a man.

When you are in a relationship, it is an equal partnership and it should be treated as such. It is not one-sided.

When a guy feels it is one-sided, he may eventually feel more pressure from the relationship causing him not to want the relationship at all.

It should be the same on both ways.

When you are finding someone it should closely resemble the male version of yourself.

So be careful when answering the questions he provides and answer truthfully.

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