4 Easy Ways: How To Attract A High Quality Man

How to Attract a High Quality Man

Why do I want a boyfriend all of a sudden? Do you want to know how to attract a man and keep him?

Ready to meet a high quality man, but don’t know where to start?

Luckily, you’re not alone! I’ve been there before, and I’m going to teach you four easy tricks to attract the right guy for you.

It might be intimidating, but attraction is simple. It’s not just about beauty and looks – it’s about personality, similarity, and connection.

So keep reading to learn the four simple steps on how to attract the man of your dreams.

Four Secrets to Attract the Right Man:

Know what you want.

Before you can attract your ideal man, you need to know what you want in a guy.

This is a crucial step before you work towards attracting your ideal guy. Think about what you’re looking for in a partner:

 What qualities do you look for in a man? 

  • Do you want someone funny and exciting, someone career-focused, or someone incredibly romantic?

  • What do you want your relationship to look like?

  • What values do you share?

Questions like these, though seemingly simple, are important to think about before you open yourself up to a romantic relationship.

In order to find a high quality guy, you need to know what you consider to be “high quality”. To do so, think about the things you value in life: family, work, beauty, humor, love, or intellect.

Then, identify which of those things you want to see in your potential partner. This will help you weed out the guys that won’t make you happy in the long run.

Maybe you already have the perfect guy in mind! Even so, it’s worthwhile to figure out what you like about him.

That way, you can embody those qualities in yourself too!

Not to mention, men find it incredibly attractive when a woman knows what she wants and is communicative about it (we’ll talk about this more later).

Once you know who you’re looking for, it’ll be easier to spot him and use the other tips to attract him. Otherwise, you might be fending off every guy at the bar

Confidence is key!

I’m sure you’ve heard how confidence is a universally attractive quality.

It makes sense!

If you had a choice between a guy sitting quietly and looking sheepish, or a guy who waltzes right over to you and sparks up a conversation – who would you pick?

Odds are you’d be more interested in the self-assured man. The man who is bold and exciting, and knows he’s a catch.

The same goes for us: men are immensely attracted to confident women.

And if you want to know how to attract a man physically, play into your confidence.

If you’re giving off desperate and needy vibes, you won’t attract the right guy. You might even attract a man who will feed off that energy, and keep you in a sad state!

The perfect guy will be drawn to you if you give off confident energy, even if you have to fake it!

And if you have to fake it, that’s okay!

 The best way to actually become confident is to pretend that you already are. 

I know that might sound ridiculous, but it’s true!

Here’s a fun game my friends and I play a game to practice confidence when we’re in public:

We give ourselves fake names, then dare each other to go start a conversation with an attractive guy.

The best part is if we make fools of ourselves, no harm is done!

The worst thing that can happen is that he’s not interested and we look a little silly. But this trick has given me so much extra confidence.

From now on, whether you’re out at a bar or home in your pajamas, walk around like you own the room. Because the truth is, you do!

Wherever you are, tell yourself you’re the hottest, sexiest, most interesting person in the room. And with all that added confidence, pretty soon you will be.

Be your sexiest self and flaunt what you’ve got.
Listen: whatever you’ve got is hot.

If you don’t feel like that’s true, then give these ideas a shot:

  • Find clothes that make you feel good
  • Try different makeup styles to emphasize your best features
  • Look to the internet for the best style and makeup advice
  • Ask your friends for their opinions

If you want to exercise to feel hot, then do it! And if you don’t feel the need to, then don’t!

But most importantly, try not to make decisions about how to dress and look based on what you think a guy will like.

The best way to attract a man physically is to look like the best version of you, not some imaginary dream girl.

Again, confidence is crucial. And the easiest way to feel confident is by feeling amazing about yourself with styles and makeup that make you feel beautiful and feminine.

So we’ve decided that you know what you want, you know you’re hot, and you’re going to practice confidence.

But how do you flaunt those things to attract him mentally and physically?

First off, sit up straight.

No, really!

Great posture is impossible to ignore. And once he’s looking at you, he’s yours.

Posture is so important because it displays confidence (remember, that’s key), dominance, and grace. All of these qualities are highly attractive to men.

Not only that, but better posture can accentuate your assets – neck, chest, and back.

Start off with good posture (you can practice in your mirror at home!) and go from there…

 Accentuate your most feminine features.  Studies have shown that men are especially attracted to feminine energy and features.

Your hips, your lips, your skin, and your smell are all feminine parts to highlight (and feel confident about).

When a man is intensely attracted to a woman, an extra sense of femininity will drive him wild.


This seems simple – and it is! Communication might be the number one secret for attracting the right man.

One memorable 1997 study found that close relationships can be developed through long conversations where partners share their thoughts, feelings, and histories.

If you can find attitudes and opinions you share with him, the conversation will flow, and it will feel like you’ve known each other forever.

Even more interesting, people are attracted to others who share similarities with them: attitudes, opinions, values, everything.

When you’re pondering how to attract a man mentally, use this trick for first conversations: when something comes up that you agree on, follow that flow!

Ask him more questions about that topic, and share your opinions too. Maybe you both love the same sports team, or you grew up in the same city.

You can find similarities in something as mundane as a favorite bar, or as meaningful as family values.

Whatever you find, follow that conversation and it will lead you to find more similarities and more connections.

Not only will these similarities connect you and your high quality man, but they’ll also help the conversation flow more easily and take some pressure off saying the right thing!

Finding connections with him will support his attraction to you, and it will benefit your relationship and comfort with him.

Remember that during the initial awkward conversations!

Further, communicate with him about what you’re looking for. Don’t overshare, but there’s no reason not to be honest about how you’re feeling, and if you’re enjoying his company.

We all like to know when someone finds us interesting, and so do men!

So share with him about how you’re feeling, and he might even open up about how he feels about you, too.

Try these four secrets on how to get a high quality man, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Always remember to:

  • Know what you want
  • Be confident
  • Flaunt what you’ve got
  • Communicate

Good luck on the journey to find your perfect guy.  He’s out there waiting for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you want to attract a high-value guy, make sure you demonstrate your emotional and mental intelligence.

Tell him about the books you want to read, the music you want to listen to, and, most importantly, the cause you are passionate about.

Men adore passionate women who know exactly what they want out of life.

Men are drawn to women who are genuinely interested in them and are not afraid to express it.

Smile, make eye contact, and laugh at his jokes (if you think they're funny) when conversing with a potential partner.

Both men and women often rank passion as the most critical or attractive personality trait.

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