How to Flirt On Hinge: A Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating

Hinge is the app that was designed to be deleted, but how exactly do you go from single and searching to booed up and in love?

And, should a woman approach a man first, especially on an online dating platform?

Well, when using a dating app, it’s all about the texting convos. 

Luckily, I am here to help you find the man of your dreams using an app from your nightmares. 

I’ve been in your shoes, swimming through a sea of eligible bachelors, and have come out on the other side a little wiser.

After numerous Hinge dates and hundreds of conversations, I’ve begun to learn the art of getting a conversation going so you can eventually meet in person. 

Read on to learn some tips, tricks, and pick-up lines to get the conversations started and flowing.

Who knows, maybe a line from this article could help land your future husband *winky face*. 

How Do You Start Flirting on Hinge?

Finding Your Flirt

Let’s get started! 

First, you have to find a guy you want to flirt with. If you aren’t feeling a connection or instant attraction, the conversation may feel a little jilted.

Being on Hinge isn’t necessarily about casting a wide net into the sea of potential single fish — instead, you have to be choosy. 

Only swipe and match with men who you could see yourself going out with.

Here are some things to look for when considering who you want to flirt with: 

  • Are you physically attracted to his photo?
  • Does his bio interest you?
  • Do you like his answers to Hinge’s prompts?
  • Do his listed values align with yours?

If you don’t answer yes to at least two of the above questions, he may not be the one to flirt with.  Remember, if you are looking for a partner, you need to make sure you are compatible. 

Once you’ve found the right man, you can start flirting!

The Cheesy Pick Up Line

As a Hinge user, I am a big believer in starting the flirting off right with a cheesy pickup line.

Traditionally, pick-up lines are seen as a bit cringey and are often associated with a man desperate to get in a girl’s pants. 

However, switching up that narrative and sending a goofy line as a woman can catch him off guard.

In my experience, I’ve found that most men don’t often have women messaging them first.

I’ve listened to many of my male friends lament that women NEVER message first.

This is where your cheesy line can stand out: not only are you messaging first, but you are showing off your goofy side. 

I guarantee that if you’ve matched with a guy who will ultimately be a fun date, he will respond enthusiastically to your cheesy pickup line!

4 Best Pick Up Lines for Him

Here are a few of my favorite — and tested — Hinge pick up lines: 

  • Are you a pilot? Because you are wright for me.
  • Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.
  • Did your licenses get suspended for driving all these girls crazy?
  • Do you fish? Because you have me hooked.

Bonus points if you can connect a pickup line to the interests posted on his profile!

How to Start Conversation on Hinge With a Guy?

So you’ve got him hooked with your genius pick-up line, how do you get an actual conversation going? 

My personal advice is to hit him with a question that he will want to answer.

This means moving beyond asking what he does, about his family, or what he studied in school — you can find all this out on a date! 

Instead, reel him in with a question that requires a unique answer. 

My favorite Hinge conversation starters are “would you rather” questions.

These can be simple and sweet or can add a kinky flair to the conversation.

The questions you ask can help set you up for what you want from the app whether it is a hookup or long-term love. 

5 Funny Hinge Conversation Starters: Would You Rather Edition

  • Would you rather be a cat or a dog?
  • Would you rather be told where you are going on a date or be surprised?
  • Would you rather perform karaoke or dance on a public bar?
  • Would you rather never have sex again or three eyes?
  • Would you rather be forced to delete all your movie streaming apps or all of your music streaming apps?

These questions not only get the conversation started but also make it fun!

You can also spin off these questions and dig deeper into who the man really is. 

Why would he choose karaoke compared to dancing at a bar?

Would you rather conversation starters get the ball rolling without the pressure.

Plus, they provide a solid foundation for your first-date conversation.

Having something fun to discuss can take away those first-date jitters and keep the conversation from getting awkward. 

What Do You Say to A Guy on Hinge?

If you’ve tried flirty pick-up lines and goofy conversation starters, and they just aren’t working for you, let’s look at a few other options. 

You may consider using best emoji to send to crush.

Guys want to hear compliments too — and honestly, most men don’t hear them often.

Telling a man he looks good, is funny, is suave, or is intelligent not only boosts his confidence in the dating game, but also makes you look good!

It is an unstated rule that women receive compliments from men in the world of dating.

Rarely is that role reversed.

Just like I said above about women not messaging men first, men want to switch up these gender norms! 

Men can be just as insecure about their singledom as women.

Men can also be just as unsure of how they appeal to the opposite sex as women.

Boosting his confidence, even if you don’t make it to a first date, just makes the dating scene a better place. 

6 Compliments for Him

  • Your interests are so varied – you truly are a jack of all trades!
  • You look like the kind of guy who can take care of a woman
  • Wow! I’ve never seen eyes so sexy!
  • Did you just jump out of an REI ad? You look extra manly!
  • You are very impressive
  • You are by far the funniest guy I’ve talked to on Hinge

To wrap it up, come at him with the compliments!

Let’s make sure men are feeling the love just as much as women are — they probably need it the most!

Not Just About Finding Him

Despite this article being about how to flirt on Hinge, you have to remember the most important person in your life: you.

 As you embark on the adventure of online dating, remember to keep your needs and wants at the forefront of your vision.  

Yes, Hinge maybe a buffet of men, but you are looking for the best one for you. 

He may not be the hottest, the most suave, or have the best profile, but he will be the one who finally feels like coming home.

He will make you feel like the most important person in the world – don’t settle for anything else. 

Every person, man or woman, deserves great love, so get out there, start swiping, and meet your soulmate!

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