This Is How To Flirt With A Guy At Work: 6 Steps

How To Flirt With A Guy At Work

Have you ever tried flirting with anyone at work? It’s one of the most awkward places to do it.

You have to be careful about co-workers gossiping about you. Even worse, you could get in trouble with the bosses, especially if your work falls behind.

Sometimes, the guy you are flirting with could already be in a relationship outside of work or flirting with people at work, yet he’s married. Despite this, it’s very common for people to catch feelings for other people at work and you are not the first one to fall for someone at work.

If you like a guy at work, it’s very likely that he is also thinking about you. You might also wonder if a guy asks you to lunch is it a date?

Keep in mind that real chemistry can happen anywhere, even at work. If you resist it, the stronger it will become.

Well, here are a few tips to help you flirt with guys at work without making it awkward or risking anything.

5 Subtle Signs A Male Coworker Likes You

The most unsubtle sign is when this happens: my boss stares at my chest. No one wants that in the workplace!

Are you wondering whether or not a male coworker likes you? Here are 5 signs to look out for.

  • He talks to you about things often unrelated to work and often goes out of his way to talk to you.
  • He talks to you more than other coworkers
  • You catch him looking in your direction from time to time
  • His eyes light up when you start a conversation with him
  • There is always something he wants to say to you

These signs apply to any male coworker, whether or not he’s married or in a relationship. If you spot any of these signs, it means he already likes you but is definitely hiding it.

Keep in mind that you can always make a guy more interested by flirting with him but you need to do it the right way.

How To Get A Male Coworker To Like You?

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 Yes, office relationships are nice but you have to be very careful about them.   If you make the wrong move, your job will be at stake.

You have to manage your bosses and consider how other coworkers might embarrass both of you.

You need to be very subtle and smart with the situation.

Luckily, we have this covered for you.

You have to force the guy to make a move outside work. However, you need to build the attraction at work with a few subtle techniques.

Next, you can create numerous opportunities for him to make a move or invite you over.

Here are a few ways to flirt with a male coworker at work the smart way.

#1 – Keep Him Hooked

When flirting with a guy at work, it will start off just like normal flirting. Things will start small and improve gradually.

To do it successfully, you have to remember the golden rule to keep things casual and playful at all times.

It will bring out a few things.

First, the casual and fun vibe will break the awkwardness of the co-worker relationship. It will bring out positive emotions for both of you bringing you closer.

Even better, it will make things less suspicious. Rather, than flirting and instantly falling in love with each other, your coworkers will assume you are being friendly and simply having fun.

Well, you might be wondering how to actually pull this off. Here are some ideas to consider when trying to subtly flirt with a guy at work.

 You can flirt with a guy at work by making eye contact. Whenever you find yourself talking to him, you should hold eye contact and smile.

He will know that you are happy to talk to him.

He will feel good about it and get the encouragement to chat with you more. 

  • Joke And Rant About Work Topics

Yes, work can be quite boring at times. He definitely feels the same.

You can always joke about work from time to time. If someone takes something seriously, you can always crack a joke to lighten the mood.

When he notices that you are happy enough and ready to make fun of work, he will be drawn to you.

That’s because you are offering him positive energy and a way to escape the boring workplace. With time, you will become a ray of sunshine in a boring place.

  • Talk About Topics Outside Of Work

At work, everybody is looking forward to the weekend. Talk to him about things you are looking forward to outside of work. Immediately, he will start looking forward to talking to you.

It’s also a great way for both of you to feel good. By sharing more pleasant moments, you will become closer.

#2 – Get To Know Him Personally
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Now, he is getting used to chatting with you and enjoying it. Yes, this is an amazing improvement but you must make sure he doesn’t see you like another girl at work.

You need to make things more personal.

That way, he will respect you as an individual and start treating you as someone special. It’s time to make your conversations into deeper topics.

You can do this in the following ways.

  • Create Inside Jokes With Him

Find a way to team up with him and make your relationship a bit personal. Simply put, you need to plant the idea that you can be a good couple in his head. Rather than being coworkers, he will start seeing you two as teammates or partners.

Start by creating inside jokes. They can be puns, nicknames or recurring themes unique to both of you.

When you can share these special experiences without anyone else, the relationship will become greater than just coworkers.

He will also become more comfortable being with you and opening up to you.

  • Talk About Life Outside Of Work

Another way to make him stop seeing you as just a coworker is to talk about your lives outside of work.

Start by putting yourself in his shoes. Work is just one part of his life.

Outside of work, there are many hobbies and interests he loves. Most of the time, he would rather be doing these things than be at work.

 Therefore, when you show any interest in his passions, he will feel valued and special. 

He will also become curious about you and what you do outside work. Once you can share these deeper topics with each other, he will become more comfortable sharing his feelings with you.

He can relate to you as a human being rather than a colleague at work.

  • Talk About Feelings Instead Of Facts

Here is a great way to flirt with a younger guy at work.

Keep in mind that attraction is based on emotions and not logic.

You can’t force someone to like you. He needs to develop feelings or emotions for you.

That’s why if you want the younger guy at work to like you, it’s important to talk about your feelings and not facts.

When you start talking about a topic, you need to talk about how you feel about it and ask him the same thing.

Doing this will make everything more personal. Once he can relate to you on an emotional level, he will start catching deeper feelings for you.

#3 – Find Some Alone Time With Him
How To Flirt With A Guy At Work

If you want to get closer to your colleague at work, you need to take your interactions off work. Even better, you need to be away from other coworkers.

Yes, there will always be some social pressure from your coworkers. It will limit and restrict your relationship with the guy at work.

Of course, you need to avoid some of the common mistakes that other girls make.

First, when you are trying to get some alone time with him, you need to make it subtle and not obvious.

You don’t really have to ask him out on a date. Rather, you need to keep things casual at this stage.

You can ask him to go for lunch with you and spend lunch break together. Even better, you can team up on a work assignment.

It’s important to make time throughout the day where you can be together away from everyone else at work.

You should not take things too seriously. You need to keep chatting like you have been doing in step 2.

Remove him from the work environment and away from your colleagues. That way, he will feel comfortable opening up to you. With time, he will have feelings for you.

#4 – Suggest Hanging Outside Of Work

By now, you should be close and feel comfortable being around each other.

If you don’t take things to the next level, you will always be friends. You need to allow him to make a move on you.

You can start by mentioning your upcoming plans casually. You can also ask him about his own plans.

For instance, you could mention that you are going for a hike after work. Do this occasionally and spread it over time.

You should frame it in a very casual way like you are simply checking in on him out of interest. If you do this a lot of times, he will definitely see a window of opportunity.

He will definitely suggest going out and doing something together because it makes sense. For instance, if you are talking about a new restaurant you have heard of.

If you mention this properly, he will definitely suggest that you go there together. You need to be patient at this stage but it will happen eventually.

Remember, you are still friends but your relationship has definitely grown.

#5 – Make Him Chase You

Here is the final thing to do if you are flirting with someone at work. You have to make him start chasing you.

 Stay a little bit out of reach from him if you want him to chase you properly. 

Think about this analogy. If you give a cat some yarn, it might play with it for a while but will lose interest very fast. If you pull the yarn from the cat, it will try to grab it but you can pull away again.

The cat will try chasing the yarn but you will pull it away further. Soon, it will become obsessed with the yarn and will try catching it forever.

Well, that’s the same thing that happens to guys. You need him to chase you. Therefore, when he suggests that you should meet outside of work, you need to do a few things.

Start by smiling at the suggestion and showing that you are interested. Next, you should tell him that you are busy at that time.

Now you can suggest another time to meet up outside or work or any other activity.

Simply put, you need to make him change his plans for you. Once you have set up the date, it’s time to have fun.

You can enjoy a more romantic vibe outside work. However, you shouldn’t take things too far just yet.

Last Step – How To Get Him Emotionally Hooked

By now, you understand how to flirt with a guy at work as well as how to move from being casual to serious. However, if you want to make things serious and make him think of you all the time, here are a few things to do.

Always remember that guys have very short attention spans. Therefore, you need to keep him interested as long as possible. Remember, he might lose interest very fast if another girl comes along.

 You need to lock in the feelings and keep him interested in you for longer.  

Yes, it’s incredibly easy to do this. Start by hitting his psychological triggers by using some special techniques and words.

You should know that these techniques can work on any guy, regardless of who you are or who the guy might be. That’s because these techniques are based on the psychology of the male mind.

A lot of girls watch as time passes by and the guys they are interested in start ignoring them.

These men often walk past them and fall in love with other girls. Well, you don’t need to become one of these girls.

You don’t need to get heartbroken as the guy you love falls in love with someone else and completely ignores you. Are you ready to fall in love with your crush and make him fall crazily in love with you?

Well, you need to play the part and use the right psychological tricks to pull him closer.

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