This Is How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Spiritually

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Spiritually Using the Law of Attraction

There’s nothing more painful than when someone you love doesn’t want to be with you anymore. 

Trust me, I know how it is…. 

  • You can’t stop thinking about them
  • Your heart literally hurts 
  • You stalk their social media 

All you can think about is getting him back…

What if I told you your thoughts could be keeping your ex away spiritually? 

 Using the law of attraction, you can become a magnet and pull anything you want into your life.  

You can also accidentally attract things you don’t want into your life. 

How You Might be Keeping Your Ex Away Spiritually

I understand what it’s like to want your ex back so badly it hurts. However, blowing up his phone is not the answer. 

Energetically, the energy of missing him actually repels your ex. 

When you are focused on missing your ex, you attract more of that energy. So, you will keep missing him more and more and never bring him back to your life. 

The good news is…

You can take control and reverse this pattern. 

  • I have successfully manifested exes back into my life on more than one occasion….

You can manifest your ex back too. 

The secret is in understanding the law of attraction. 

Below, I’m going to explain everything I did. I’ll give you all the tricks, affirmations, and things not to do.  

So, trade the box of tissues for a pencil and take some notes. 

If you follow these guidelines carefully, you will start manifesting your ex back overnight. 

What is the Law of Attraction?  

The basic concept of the law of attraction is that ‘like energy’ attracts ‘like energy.’

People’s energy is made up of what they are thinking and feeling.

So, we attract people into our lives who have similar thoughts and feelings as us. 

Motivated people are drawn to other motivated people. The same can be said about depressed people, athletic people, passionate people, etc.

Like attracts like. 

At one point in my life, I was heavily focused on my outer appearance. All I thought about was how I could make myself more attractive and desirable. 

As a result, I attracted a string of men who were only interested in my looks and what I could provide for them. They never tried to get to know me on a deeper level. 

You attract what you focus on. 

Whether we like it or not, we are always attracting and repelling things based on our energy. 

So, how do you take control of your energy to draw your ex back to you? 

Here’s the playbook. 

How to Manifest Your Ex Back Using the Law of Attraction

  1. Raise your vibration

When you feel good, you attract other things that make you feel good.

It’s how the universe works—you get back what you put out.

I know you probably want to sit on the couch and cry…

But, that’s not the way to manifest your ex back.

Here are some of the easiest ways to raise your vibe:

  • Move your body (walking, yoga, swimming, dance)
  • Breathe deeply
  • Get outside
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Spend time with loving people
  • Be creative (write, cook, paint, draw)
  • Watch a funny video
  • Eat more fresh, organic foods
  • Drink water

I truly believe our energy is the sexiest asset we have. When we give off positive and happy vibes, we become irresistible.

I have an excellent example of this from last week.

I posted a short video of myself on the beach to my Instagram story.

This video wasn’t meant to be sexy…

  • I had no makeup on
  • I was wearing a swim cover up (not a revealing swimsuit)
  • I hadn’t showered

Yet, I felt amazing. I emanated a sense of gratitude and peace.

I got more DMs (direct messages) from guys on that story than I ever have.

I honestly didn’t expect it.

But, later on…I realized why:

They could feel my high vibration.

Your vibe is your biggest attraction tool. Don’t forget it.

 If you want to use social media to make your ex want you back… 

Make sure you feel amazing internally in every photo you post. 

Focus less on how your hair looks and more on the energy of your thoughts when you snap the picture. 

  1. Visualize being happy with your ex

Visualization is one of the most powerful manifestation techniques. 

When you connect an image with an emotion, your minds starts to believe that image is reality. 

So, visualization creates thoughts, feelings and beliefs. These are the foundation of the law of attraction.

Visualizations to manifest your ex back: 

  • Your happiest memories with your ex 
  • Future activities you’d like to do together 
  • Qualities you love about your ex 
  • Laughing, smiling and touching your ex

It’s essential that you come from a place of joy and gratitude while you visualize. 

Do not come from a place of loneliness and longing because you will attract more of this.

Deeply visualize, as if you’re actually experiencing these moments. 

You can strengthen your visualization with these techniques:

  • Listen to romantic music
  • Sit outside in a beautiful setting
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply
  • Imagine with all of your senses—touch, taste, smell, etc. 

The other day, I was imagining some happy memories I had with one of my ex flings. 

I didn’t mean to manifest anything….

But, he texted me a couple days later out of the blue. 

 If you control your thoughts, you can bring anything into your life.  

  1. Be grateful for your ex 

Gratitude is the easiest way to shift your emotions about your ex from negative to positive.

You may be feeling: 

  • Angry 
  • Heartbroken 
  • Bitter
  • Distrustful 

However, these emotions will attract more negativity. 

No matter how much pain your ex caused, you can find things to appreciate about him. 

Things to be grateful for about your ex: 

  • Lessons he taught you
  • Affection and compliments he gave you 
  • Enjoyable memories you created together
  • Areas where he helped you grow
  • Moments he was there for you

One of the ways I feel gratitude for my exes is through letter writing. I never send the letter, so I can write without fear. 

I thank them for every little thing I appreciate about them. By the time I’m done, it’s hard to feel negative about them. 

Love attracts love. If you want your ex to want you back, you have to send him love first.

  1. Upgrade your limiting beliefs with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful statements that we repeat to ourselves.

We may not believe the affirmations at first, but over time we start to. 

Often, unconscious beliefs get in the way of attracting what we want.

Here are some limiting beliefs you may be holding onto: 

  • I have to work hard to keep my ex interested 
  • Relationships always disappoint me 
  • I’m not X enough for my ex to want me 
  • The guys I like never like me back 

We may want to get our ex back so badly, but part of us believes we aren’t worthy of him. 

As a result, we:

  • Self sabotage our relationship
  • Engage in negative thinking patterns 
Affirmations can reprogram these subconscious beliefs and shift our thought patterns to positive. 

Here’s how affirmations work: 

Think about compliments and insults you’ve gotten over your life. If you were consistently told something, you probably started to believe this. 

It wasn’t until I graduated college that I really started to feel like I was hot. 


Because I suddenly had dozens of guys calling me attractive…

I hadn’t changed much, but I did join the salsa-dancing scene. 

All of a sudden, I was around men who were comfortable giving compliments. 

In a short time… 

  • Their compliments became my beliefs about myself 
  • My confidence skyrocketed 
  • My thoughts on my appearance shifted from negative to positive

Words are far more powerful than we realize. 

Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back

Truly, the best affirmations are self-created because they are specific to you. 

I recommend thinking about your limiting beliefs and creating affirmations to combat them. 

Here’s an example of one I created: 

Limiting belief: Men only want me for my body

Affirmation: I attract love because of my fun personality, creative mind and loving spirit

If you aren’t up for the task, I’ve got you.

Ten Affirmations to Get Your Ex Back:

  1. I am so grateful to have (name of ex) in my life 
  2. I love how much (name of ex) loves, respects and adores me 
  3. I am incredibly special to (name of ex). No one can compare to me. 
  4. I am magnetic, irresistible and charming 
  5. I am so proud of my relationship with (name of ex)
  6. (Name of ex) and I always feel amazing in each other’s presence 
  7. (Name of ex) and I are deeply connected 
  8. My love with (name of ex) grows stronger every day 
  9. I give (name of ex) a feeling no one else can 
  10. (Name of ex) loves me more than I ever thought possible 

5. Let go of your ex to manifest him back 

This step is definitely the hardest, but also the most necessary. 

To get your ex to want you back badly, you must:

  • Delete his social media 
  • Stop reaching out to him (text, calls, love letters) 
  • Stop asking friends about him 
  • Stop obsessing over what he’s doing

This is my go-to when I want someone to want me back and it always works. 

Literally, it’s never failed me. 

Let’s talk about why: 

Attracting means letting something come to you. 

 Chasing is the opposite. When you chase anything, it’s going to run away.  

Chasing and obsessing come from a place of fear. 

You will attract more fear this way. 

To get your ex to want you back badly, you must attract him to you by trusting he will come back. 

The less we give them attention, the more our exes:

  • Wonder what we’re doing
  • Worry we might be seeing someone new
  • Start to think we can do better than them 
  • Forget the bad and remember why they miss us 

My last ex called me after a month of silence on a restricted number. He started crying when I picked up because of how much he missed me. 

I struggled a lot during that month. I desperately wanted to reach out. 

However, I knew I had to let him come to me. 

You won’t get anyone back by begging them to be with you. This sends out the energy that you think you aren’t good enough to be desired.  

You have to give them the chance to want you by showing you can be happy without them. 

 One of my favorite affirmations to repeat is: I only want someone who wants me. 

So… you’ve followed all the steps: 

How do you know you’re successfully manifesting your ex back? 

There are certain signs from the universe that make it clear you’re attracting your ex back. 

I’ve seen these in my own life and I’m going to share them with you right now. 

3 Signs You’re Manifesting Your Ex Back

  1. You manifest your ex while you sleep  

If you start having positive dreams about your ex, congratulations! 

This is a sign that your visualizations have made their way into your subconscious mind. 

It means your visions are becoming ingrained beliefs. 

The day before one of my ex flings reached out to me, I had a dream about him. 

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, I had been reflecting on our positive memories together and accidentally attracted him back to me. 

  1. You unexpectedly run into him 

Why do I keep seeing my ex everywhere? This one is pretty crazy to experience. I’ve run into exes in places I never would’ve expected.

It feels like magic. 

I never run into my friends or high school classmates anywhere. But, I ran into one guy I’d been thinking about constantly at a random grocery store. 

It was especially weird because:

  • The grocery store was forty minutes from my house
  • I had no idea where he lived
  • It was noon on a Wednesday
  • I walked in at the same moment as he was leaving

Simply put: the law of attraction works!  

  1. You see signs that remind you of him 

Some signs may include:

  • Hearing the song you two shared
  • Finding a photo or item that reminds you of him
  • You hear or see his name 
  • His friends reach out to you
  • Anything that strongly feels like a sign to you

Why do i keep seeing things that remind me of my ex? Before one of my exes manifested, I heard our song playing in a department store. 

Three days before another ex manifested, I got an Instagram message request from someone with his same first name. 

If you don’t see any of these outward signs, it doesn’t mean you’re not manifesting your ex back. 

There are less obvious indications you’re manifesting your ex back.  

You’ll know you’re manifesting your ex back if:  

  • You feel more confident in yourself
  • Your vibration is higher (you’re happier and more relaxed) 
  • Your thoughts about your ex are naturally positive
  • You don’t feel the need to control the situation

These are all great indications that you are shifting into the right place to attract your ex back into your life. 

Be patient, breathe and let go.

You can have anything you want in life with the law of attraction. 

You simply have to follow the steps and let what you want come to you. 

You might even decide you don’t want your ex back… 

You want to manifest someone even better.