This Is How To Invite Yourself Over To His House

How To Invite Yourself Over To His House

You’ve probably been dating him for a couple of weeks and now feel the need to take things to the next level and are wondering whether it is prudent to invite yourself over to his house.

Do you need to get past the 3rd date first? If not, the guide on how to ask a guy out on a third date would be a perfect read.

Based on his demeanor he is ready too but is probably too shy to ask you over.

Growing up society has taught you that most men prefer to be initiative takers and it gets scary when a woman takes the lead.

However, in today’s society, things have shifted and women are taking initiative too.

Yes, there is the fear of your request being turned down but think of it this way, what do you stand to lose if you tried.

If you are sure about him then just go ahead and ask him and the truth is he probably won’t say no if he desires the same thing as you.

You, therefore, don’t have to feel embarrassed about taking the bold step as it is perfectly fine.

Figure out do guys like being called cute. A little flirting goes a long way.

Fortunately, we find ourselves in a world where women are empowered and encouraged to go for what they desire rather than just sit around and wait for things to happen.

Here are a few pointers you can incorporate in your quest.

  • Create A Situation

How about you suggest the idea to him in a way that will make it impossible for him to say no.

Come up with an excuse in mind on why you would like to hang out at his place.

Like you could ask “how about a homemade meal and the latest movie at your place on Saturday night?”

It takes guts to ask that question and be sure to know what to wear to his place for dinner.

While at it, be sure to give him prior notice before the proposed hangout date or time, as if you ambush him he may cancel on you due to prior plans or even simply because his apartment is messy.

Remember to be also clear about when you intend to arrive and take your leave so that he does not feel bombarded.

You could mention that you have a commitment after and will need to leave his place by a given time. You can also drop a simple text letting him know you are looking forward to seeing him, to casually confirm the date ahead of time to ensure the plans are still on.

  • Offer To Fix Him A Meal

Girl, if cooking is one of your love languages then there is no better way to show him you care by making a delicious home-cooked meal. You can go on and offer to fix him one of your favorite most loved recipes for dinner sometime that you are sure he will love.

As- old-fashioned as this may seem, homemade meals can be hearty, tasty, comforting and easy to prepare. You can go on and be as creative as possible and If you are good at your cooking game they will definitely be impressed if they say yes to your invitation.

  • Find His Favorite Movie or Game

You could as well find out what his favorite movie is and go on to rent or buy it and ask if you guys can watch it at his place. If again he is a gamer, you could suggest you want to have a game night at his house. You could get his favorite game and ask to play at his house.

  • Just Ask

You have probably found yourself in this situation a couple of times. You go on a date and really enjoy it, you guys hang out, drink and have a good time.

You are getting the chills and feel like you want to go home with him. Your apartment is definitely not an option coz let’s assume you have a roommate who probably doesn’t feel great about it. What do you do? I’d say, just go ahead and ask.

You could for instance say, “I would like to invite you over to my place but my roommate is not so cool with that “. He will get the point.

  • Be Playful About It

You could also go to a bar closer to his house and act a little tipsy and call him up saying you are a bit tipsy and don’t feel too comfortable driving home in this situation and you can sober up at his house for a little while then go home later.

If he is into you he will definitely show up as he will want to protect you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It indicates that he wishes to engage in sexual activity.

I'm not sure about your apartment or home, or whether you and the guy are both single, but when a guy invites you over to his place, the most obvious explanation is that he's planned sex for the evening.

It is not impolite to invite yourself to someone's home, depending on who you are inviting and why you are doing so. You must carefully gauge this and time the request with deft diplomacy.

Before you ask, think about your personal or business privacy concerns.

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