This Is How to Pull Away to Make Him Want You

How to Pull Away to Make Him Want You

How to Pull Away to Make Him Want You

I am sure we have all had that one special guy who has ignored us.

You were ignored without knowing exactly why.

You asked yourself multiple times, “why is he ignoring me?” You have text him, and called him even.

The longer he ignores you, the more you wonder if he has become interested in someone else.

You begin to ask yourself a million questions. You even ask yourself, what can I do to keep his attention or gain his attention back before he loses me altogether?

What’s worse is when this happens: why is my boyfriend losing interest in me sexually? This can be a death sentence to any relationship.

Is your mind racing at a thousand miles per hour!?! Yeah, I thought it was.

Calm down, girl. Don’t drop your standards for that sexy guy of yours.

Let’s go over some tips of what you can do to let him know you are the one and you are not to be played with!

How to Make Him Regret Ignoring You

  • When he finally responds, ignore him back. Do not be so quick to give in. After all, he ignores you first and he needs to know he can not continue to do this to you.
  • Wait a couple of days, maybe even three, before you respond. Walk away and make him miss you! While he is missing you, he will begin to open his eyes and wonder if he went too far by ignoring you. He will also start to ask himself the same questions that you asked yourself: Is she with someone else?
  • When you finally respond to his overbearing messages, respond with one-worded answers. This is going to crush him! Are you listening to what I am telling you?! One word to every message he sends.
  • When he tries to take you out for an apology date because he will take you on one to try and make up for what he did, look at your phone multiple times throughout the date. Girl! He owes you a verbal apology, not just an apology date where he assumes you forgave him without talking about it.
  • Act like you are on the phone with another guy. He may just start to panic a little. Do you see the sweat beads dripping down his forehead! Haha, I love it!
  • Don’t give him too much of your attention. Get up and go to the restroom. Spend a good amount of time in there. He will soon start to wonder where you are and what is taking you so long.
  • When the dinner date is over and he goes in for that delicious kiss, pull away from him to get his attention even more! He will look surprised for sure! Trust me. It may even turn him on a bit if you know what I mean.

These are just a few examples of what you could do to make him regret ignoring it.

Keep in mind that anything you do out of spite, such as my boyfriend has dirty pictures of his ex and I want to end it now, can backfire on you.

Don’t push him too far.

Why Ignoring Him Works

Ignoring him works for many reasons, and here they are

  1. He has time to himself but it’s not time that will allow him to be free. It is really just spare time to let his mind wander off and think about YOU!
  2. He will start to realize there is no other person, in the world, who knows him or treats him better than you do.
  3. He will start to feel lonely when out with friends, especially if he is with a good buddy who has his own mate.  Nobody likes to be the third wheel! 
  4. If you two have been intimate then he is starting to realize he is missing your touch. He is becoming frustrated.
  5. He starts to think about you even when he isn’t trying to because everything about his day reminds him of you. From listening to music to watching television, to the scent left behind in his car.
  6. He will begin to have days where he is sitting at his kitchen table with his microwavable dinner trade with his stomach turning because he realizes how great your homemade meals were. Every guy loves a good home-cooked meal!
  7. He will begin to realize, the last time he tried to kiss you, you pulled away from him but you didn’t just pull away, you walked away. Seems to me that the more you ignore him, the more he begins to miss you and thinks about what he can change within himself to make things better. Ignore a guy and he’ll come running back.

Trust me he has too much free time and you are the one on his mind!

He may even be sulking on the couch, under his blanket, watching The Notebook wishing you were next to him because he is being reminded of your great relationship.

Buckle up girl because he is going to come running back so fast, you won’t even know what hit you!

How to Pull Away to Make Him Want You

Why Walking Away From Him Works

Walking away may make him feel like he is losing you, which he doesn’t want to lose the most gorgeous woman in the world. You are the most gorgeousin his eyes.

He may also like the fact you walked away because now he sees a feisty side to you. It may be a big turn-on for him.

Walking away from him may just make him want to run after you, grab you with those nice toned muscles, and embrace you.

If you walk away, just take note, it also makes him think of other men who may want their chance with you. He can not and will not let that happen because he knows what a lucky woman he has come across.

You are beautiful, smart, and driven. You don’t live in a dream world, instead, you turn your dreams into a vision and then into a reality. He has never had a woman with your type of outgoing personality.

He has never had a woman who is able to think outside of the box when it comes to different endeavors.

If you walk away, it will push him into an insecure side he didn’t know he had. The thought of losing you scares him.

It helps him to realize how much he cares for you and what he will miss out on if you ever walked away for good.

He knows how much he would miss you and now he knows he has to fight to keep you.

He may even call his guy friend because, at this point, he needs a little advice on how to fix what he did wrong.

Don’t be surprised if he calls his mom because what he really needs is a woman’s perspective on things.

What Do I Do if He Doesn’t Mature

If he doesn’t mature the way you want or needs him to, let him go and he will come back to you.

It is that simple!

What did I say at the beginning of my advice to you? You don’t remember? Well, let me remind you.

 Do not drop your standards for that hot guy of yours.  

Besides, a guy can be hot with the worst mentality.

If you let him go and he comes back to you then great, congratulations. Just know that if he doesn’t come back then he may not have been the one for you.

There are too many hot guys in this world to choose from. Don’t drop your standards for anyone. You are a queen and you deserve the best.

You at least deserve someone who will treat you how you deserve to be treated. Always remember that.

If you do believe he could be the one for you and you are just trying to teach him a lesson, as I stated earlier, don’t push him too far.

Pushing him to the limit while ignoring him.
  • He may be testing you just as you are testing him.
  • If he is testing you, he may start to believe you are too immature to continue with a relationship. He may end things for good.
  • He may start to believe you really have found someone new and some men aren’t willing to compete if they feel like if a woman is truly into them then they will keep the attention on them and only them. This can lead him to find another love interest.
  • He may start to think you are no longer interested in what he has to say to you. He may feel like he is a bother to you. Nobody likes to feel like they are annoying to another.
  • He may believe he didn’t do anything wrong to make you ignore him, so why should he waste time chasing after you!

There is always a risk factor behind every decision we make in life.

Every decision made has its own repercussion.

If you want your guy to change just a little, make the decision wisely when ignoring him or walking away.

 Set some standards for yourself. 

Know when to stop ignoring him. A couple of days, at max, is good enough!

Give him the time you believe he needs to think about everything but do not give him too much time.

You do not want him to feel like you are all about playing mind games and in turn, he is wasting his time trying to pursue a great relationship with you.

Teach him his lesson but then take the time to be able to sit down – face to face – to talk everything out.

If you take the time to talk it out then he will soon realize how amazing you are and how amazing he always knew you were. He will realize he found a gem and not a lump of coal.

Be kind to your relationship and be kind to yourself.  Never settle and never set your standards too low! 

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