This Is How to Tell if a Guy Came Recently

How to Tell if a Guy Came Recently

  • Are you worried about your spouse?
  • Are you wondering how to know if a guy sleeps around?
  • Are you wondering if he came recently?

I always keep my eye out to see when the person I love sleeps with someone else.

There are so many signs to know if your husband/boyfriend has come recently.

My favorite way to test out if he has is to try to seduce him. Men are almost always in the mood.

If you are trying to spice it up and bring him to the bedroom, and he is not interested, he might have come recently.

Another way you can tell if a guy came recently is if he just has that glow.

You know the rosy cheeks, the better than average mood.

He recently had intercourse, and now he has the sex glow.

Keep an eye out for other signs because he may have had sex and came recently.

In college, my boyfriend used to “go to the gym” in the afternoons.

When he came back from the “gym” he always appeared to be in a great mood.

One day, I started noticing, he was not as sweaty as one would be after a hard workout.

I would ask him what he did at the gym, and he claimed to have run on the treadmill.

It didn’t add up.

I started investigating and checked his gym bag.

I found his “extra shirt” for sweat in his gym bag, and that’s when I knew.

He was not wiping sweat off of his forehead at the gym. It was his cum rag.

I threw it in his face and left.

He confessed to not going to the gym and cheating on me almost daily.

After college, as a young adult, I dated a man who worked long hours at his job.

I wouldn’t see him until late evening every night.

One night, we were on the couch watching a movie, and I could smell a woman’s perfume.

I thought I was going crazy because the scent was not one I recognized.

I leaned in close to cuddle with him, and the smell became even more noticeable.

It was on my boyfriend. I knew something was wrong.

All those late hours at the office, I started to wonder where he really was.

A week later, the same perfume smell was overwhelming.

I accused my boyfriend of cheating, and he completely denied it.

After the incident, he started showering as soon as he got home to decompress from the day.

It got to the point he would barely kiss me and run to the shower. I knew it was to get the scent off of him.

One day I told him how badly I wanted him in the kitchen.

He insisted on taking his quick shower, so I told him I couldn’t wait for him.

I needed him now.

That is when I did a quick smell/taste test.

That’s right, I got down in there during a blow job, and something just was off from his typical smells.

His neck smelled of perfume.

The final straw happened when he couldn’t get hard for me.

He had come right before he got home.

He was sleeping with another woman and pretending he had to work late.

One of the most interesting cheaters I have experienced was a man who claimed to be single and had multiple relationships occurring at once.

I thought I was his only girlfriend, but he had another girlfriend.

He lived in another state but would work in my state on the weekends.

Every Friday-Sunday was pure bliss.

We had the best time…only on the weekends.

Monday would roll around, and I noticed he never would Facetime me.

I didn’t understand if he texted and said he missed me so much, why wouldn’t he want to see me.

I tried to spice it up and told him I wanted to have Facetime sex, and I was denied.

At first, I thought he was shy.

Turns out, he had a Monday-Friday morning girlfriend.

She had no idea about my existence, and I had no idea about hers.

Once I found out about her, and she found out about me, we both realized we were played.

I should have known he was cheating, but it can be very easy to believe the lies men will tell you.

How to Detect A Cheater

He never seems to be “in the mood”
If you start to notice your boyfriend isn’t wanting sex anymore.

Why is my boyfriend losing interest in me sexually?

You worry he isn’t attracted to you anymore.

You worry about another woman. It might be one of the signs they slept together.

Try seducing your man more often, and see if he is consistently denying you.

If you usually have sex at night in the bedroom, see if you can spice it up, and in the afternoon come on to him.

If he is not excited and denies you, he could be cheating on you.

Talk about taking a getaway weekend somewhere romantic and see what his reaction is.

If he seemed bothered or can not find the time, it could be a sign.

He finds more time away from you
If your boyfriend suddenly wants to have extra gym sessions.

Your husband needs to work late hours, but it seems to be every night he has to work late.

If men want something, they usually find a way to make it happen.

He used to be home for dinner every night, and now he is always going to happy hour with friends after work.

It may be time to investigate if he is cheating on you.

The more he wants to spend time away from the house, it is a sign.

He has a new “friend”
Your boyfriend or husband starts talking about the new girl who just got hired at the firm or the new girl he met in class who helps with homework.

Be careful of girls he is constantly bringing up.

Men and women are capable of being friends, but rarely.

Usually, one is attracted to the other.

What might have started out as a friend could quickly take a turn into an affair?

Changes “Down There”
It may not be as obvious as the perfume on my ex’s neck, but during a blow job if you can sense something is just off.

He is taking much longer than usual to cum.

He smells different.

Your gut is usually correct if you can tell something is different or off, it probably is.

Another sign down there is if he typically doesn’t shave, and suddenly he is manscaping.

He claims he wants to change it up and clean it up down there. It could be to impress another woman.

He isn’t getting hard anymore
If you start to notice your husband isn’t getting hard for you like he used to.

Or it takes a lot longer/ more effort to get hard down there.

There could be someone else making it happen for him.

Notice if your man is needing longer and more foreplay.

You buy new lingerie, you feel like you are practically throwing yourself at him.

He claims it is normal and has no idea why he isn’t getting hard for you.

He claims he is so attracted to you and has absolutely no explanation why he isn’t getting hard in the bedroom.

He could be sleeping with someone else.

His phone
Your man always keeps his phone on “do not disturb.”

You see him get a text from a pizza store.

 He is VERY protective of his phone.  

He may be cheating on you.

The other end of that is when he won’t take your calls or Facetimes, he will only text you when he is away from you.

You start to notice he isn’t initiating conversation, it is mostly you trying to get a hold of him.

Phones can be very telling if a man is having an affair or talking to other women.

Check the laundry
As you are doing laundry, you start to notice clothes coming through the wash that you haven’t seen your husband wear.

He could be changing to go out on dates with another woman.

He could be claiming it is his “sweat” shirt from the gym, but you just found his cum rag.

If he starts buying new clothes, but you never seem to see him wearing any of the clothes.

Your husband could be wearing those clothes around another woman.

Sex Style has Changed
You and your boyfriend have sex regularly, and he starts to get predictable.

He likes to start in missionary, change up positions a few times, and end up in doggy.

Suddenly, he wants to do it in the shower.

He wants to throw you against a wall.

At first, you think it is great, fun and something different.

However, if you are worried about him cheating, he may be using the same moves he uses with her, and he is picturing her instead of you.

If this list confirms that he is cheating on you, I recommend you to explore how to get over your boyfriend sleeping with someone else.

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