Is It Weird to Wear Something Your Ex Gave You

Is It Weird to Wear Something Your Ex Gave You

No, it isn’t weird to wear items from an ex.

I have a collection of items myself from my previous boyfriends which include a gray beanie, a worn t-shirt, and most recently a flannel.

I am wearing this flannel as we speak.

Imagine you could wear your ex’s gifts and clothing without feeling guilty.

Sounds easy?

It’s harder than we ever want to admit.

It is possible though and who doesn’t want to be a badass bitch?

You could pull out all your old favorites which include your ex’s jewelry, your ex-boyfriends’ clothes, gifts your ex gave you, and that favorite outfit with too many recent memories attached to it.

For me, it’s the flannel that I stole on our first date.

I wore it home and said it was officially mine.

I wear it proudly and I don’t feel guilty about it.

BUT- I’m going to be honest with you.

 It took me a while to start wearing it again.

4 months to be EXACT.

Those are 4 months that I continued to see my ex.

I know, I’m so SMART.

I’m not; but here are some tips that I wish I had been told.

Well, most of us don’t feel OKAY way after a break-up.

Do we?

No, we feel:

  • Sad?
  • Nostalgic?
  • Angry?
  • Vengeful?
  • OR maybe… happy?

What does everyone do after a breakup?

We think about selling all the gifts from our ex, meeting up with him or worse throwing all those items in the TRASH.

Well, you are stronger than I AM.

You are braver than I WAS.

You can take back what makes you happy, as I struggled with that one.

Don’t fall into the typical dating trap of having to get rid of items that are important to you.  

You can wear your ex’s jewelry, wear his clothes, use all the gifts he gave you and wear your favorite outfit.

Later in this article, you will find out how I was able to wear my ex’s flannel with pride.

Wearing that flannel makes me remember our amazing first date.

These feelings are MINE and not his to have control over.

Learn how you can make the things that were “his” become “yours”.

You are one badass bitch, right?

Can I wear the jewelry my ex gave me?

Well, it’s yours.

Wear that jewelry confidently.

Is it okay to wear jewelry your ex gave you?

Again, who is giving you this permission?

It isn’t your friend, it isn’t your mom, it isn’t your boss; It’s YOU.


What should I do with the jewelry from my ex?

It’s YOUR jewelry to wear however YOU want.

You own it.

How do you feel when you put the jewelry on?

  • Amazing?
  • Wonderful?
  • Beautiful?
  • Or SAD?

Do you remember all the memories from when you were together?

It is OK to wear the jewelry your ex gave you!

Now if you are reading this and you still feel SAD and NOT WONDERFUL may I suggest a period of waiting before you wear said jewelry item?

I had to wait a while before I was able to wear the flannel from my ex.

At first, it reminded me too much of our relationship and I was not ready to think about those memories daily.

Check out these 8 signs you’re manifesting your ex back.

Give yourself a while to grieve your relationship and then start wearing that jewelry.

What to do with jewelry from an ex?

  • Wear it?
  • Save it?
  • Hide it?
  • Give it away?
 Wear it when you are ready and if it makes you feel good.  

Save it if you aren’t ready.

Hide it until you can put it on and feel good about it.

Give it away?

Jewelry can be expensive, sentimental, beautiful, or ugly.

If you like it for any reason, just keep it.

Would you regret giving it away later?

Revisit it later and see how you feel.

Next, how do you feel about wearing gifts from an ex?

If you like it, you should wear it.


If you hated it and only wore it to make him happy then…. toss it or sonate it.

This is all about getting yourself back.

Now, this next one…

Should you wear your ex boyfriend’s jewelry?

Should you ever do anything you don’t’ want to do?

Of course NOT.

But, let’s think about the WHY.

We tend to make some big assumptions when someone is wearing their ex’s jewelry.

Everyone has their own WHY.

Maybe that piece of jewelry makes you think about his horribly tragic accident.

To this day, although you aren’t together it makes you happy, he is alive.

That is a great reason to wear your ex’s jewelry.

Also, sidenote you don’t have to have a deeply tragic story to make you feel okay about wearing his jewelry.

Is it weird to wear jewelry from your ex?

It is never weird to wear what you want.

You get to decide what it means and how you feel.

Do you feel weird when you wear it?

Or do you feel any other emotion:

  • Joyful?
  • Reflective?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Beautiful?
  • Confused? –

You get control over how you feel.

So, only you can and have the power to change the narrative.

If it feels weird, wait a bit.

How does it feel later?

Check back in with yourself.

Is It Bad Luck to Wear Jewelry From an Ex?

No, wearing jewelry isn’t bad luck.

It’s simply jewelry.

The meaning attached to it is decided by the person who has it on them.

When I wear my ex’s flannel, I don’t think it is bad luck.

I think it is flannel, it looks good on me, and I like the colors.

This is how I think of it every time I wear it.

Simply wearing an ex’s jewelry isn’t bad luck.

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Gifts?

If YOU notice your ex wearing your stuff – does it mean you miss him?


Read that again!

YOU have just tricked yourself into thinking he misses YOU because he is wearing a gift.

We are human beings and can make ourselves think anything.

I used to check out my ex’s Instagram after we broke up.

He always wore a flannel that I gave him.

Does this mean he misses me?

Not necessarily.

I don’t know the answer.

It means he likes the flannel and wears it.

I want it to mean that he misses me; we can convince ourselves of any answer we want.

Brains, they trick us sometimes.

It is normal to think of all the reasons he could be wearing it.

Maybe, he just likes it?

Or everything else was dirty?

Possibly you miss him, just like I missed my ex, and you want a sign that he feels the same way?

Is It Weird to Wear Clothes Your Ex Gave You?

It isn’t weird to wear clothes you OWN.

Clothing makes us feel powerful, in charge and gives us the ability to express our personalities.

If the clothes are something you would wear, then keep wearing them.

But, if it was something he liked more on YOU then reevaluate that.

Remember this is about YOU NOT HIM.

How do you feel when wearing your ex-boyfriend’s clothes?


His clothes reflected my personal style.

So, I can wear his clothing and feel like MYSELF.

Do you feel like yourself in HIS clothing or does it make you miss him?


The answer is more important than you think.

When wearing your ex boyfriend’s clothes if you feel like YOU then WEAR IT.

If you feel more like him, you are not getting your power back!

Should I return jewelry to ex boyfriend?

Your ex is an ex for a reason.



What is he going to do with your jewelry?


He isn’t going to give to another person.

It is just an excuse to try to see him.

You don’t’ need that.


So, if your ex’s stuff doesn’t make you feel HAPPY…. SELL IT!

Remember, you are a badass bitch.

This is all about you!

Use that money to get some new clothes.

NEVER EVER meet an ex to give unimportant stuff back if it is just an excuse to see the person.

Why do I keep seeing things that remind me of my ex?

Some things can easily be replaced.

Other things are valuable and the only decent human thing to do is to give them back.

After dating someone for a while you will know what is important to that person.

You don’t have to do it yourself.

Have a friend drop it off, leave it on his doorstep, or have a third party come along to supervise if needed.

Only YOU can decide if it is HEALTHY to drop off his things.

If it isn’t healthy, then figure out another option.

There are always OPTIONS.

I promise!

I didn’t listen to my own advice.

I met up with my ex.

He told me he wanted us to be FRIENDS.

AND THE KICKER, that I could switch out that trusty flannel whenever I wanted for a new one.


This was basically an excuse to continue to see me on HIS TERMS.

Now every time I wear that flannel, I remember that it finally had to end.

I needed to get my power back, I love flannels and I remember that I was a badass BITCH the day I met him.

I will continue to be one every day since.

So, listen to my advice as I didn’t take it myself.

All I got was a flannel, an extra-long grieving process, and great advice to give to other bad-ass BITCHES.

We need to take care of each OTHER.

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