Why Is My Boyfriend Losing Interest in Me Sexually Is Killing You

Is My Boyfriend Losing Interest in Me Sexually

Is My Boyfriend Losing Interest in Me Sexually?

It hits you hard but you can sense it. The thought of my boyfriend doesn’t seem interested in me sexually anymore, or the fact that he is bored of you isn’t vibing with you. You either have trouble asserting yourself due to your shyness in the bedroom or he doesn’t initiate anymore.

Your relationship has started off hot and uninhibited with the constant flow of intercourse. He would always say, “I’m too tired”, or “I don’t feel well”.

Is there something you are not doing right? What’s missing in your relationship? Men and women approach sex differently.

 As the saying goes, “men give love for sex, and women give sex for love”. 

As the relationship progresses, the rush of sex then settles a while and sex will become a small fraction of the overall relationship. The passionate sex that you once experience would dissipate over an extended period of time but this in turn give ways in other parts of the relationship to flourish.

Quite simply, if your man does not show sexual feelings towards you, it is easy for you to lose confidence, and have doubts about yourself as a girlfriend. Eventually, the lack of communication will drift the relationship apart.

I know you want to find solutions to this sexual frustration, but first, let’s discover the reasons why your boyfriend may not show sexual desires to you.

8 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Sleep With You

  • Health Issues

Health problems can be affecting your man to erect. If he is obese, that can be a problem.

Furthermore, diseases such as high blood pressure, or even high cholesterol in the body may affect and lower the libido level.

Another issue your man might be suffering from has sexual dysfunction. When your man gets into such a mess, he

might lose the drive to have intercourse.

Again, your man’s age may affect his sexual urge with a reduced testosterone pulse.

  • My Boyfriend Only Cares About Himself in Bed

Too much self-pleasure. Masturbating is common among partners, but it might affect the sex desire if it is done r

regularly. If your man is masturbating a lot, he might lose sexual interests to you or unable to sustain his desire to you.

  • He Is Not Ready For Sex

This is more common when he never has sex, and sometimes, it becomes hard to engage in sex talk due to fear.

He can be a virgin and wants to wait for intercourse until after marriage.

Another reason is that he is restricted by his religion or culture toward sexual activities.

  • My Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Turned on by Me

He gets sex from someone else. This can be a big threat to your sex relationship.

His cheating with another woman might cause him to get tired by the time you reach out to him for sex.

The sex with the side chick is sufficient for his needs. He may have a high sex urge that he has to have multiple one

night stands and having with sex with you is not enough. Is he using social media a lot, or spends a lot of time using the phone?

If your relationship is still in the early stage, have you made the relationship official with the boyfriend? Have you set dating boundaries with him?

  • My boyfriend doesn’t touch me sexually anymore

Your man is not attracted to you anymore, and this may lower sexual desires. When your man is having such an issue,

you will know as he might not interact with you as usual. Not only the lack of sex is evident, he will obviously show a

lack of interest in other parts of the relationship. He may not compliment you anymore.

Do you have a body odor or breathe that turns him off?

Can he be bisexual and have a natural sexual tendency toward men instead?

  • Relationship Problems

Constant arguments can trigger and lower healthy sex, and in most cases, he is not feeling any desire for you.

A sexless relationship after an extended period of time can make it difficult for him to reignite the sex

What’s worse is that he will not stop caring about you altogether.

  • Mental Disorder

He’s moody. He’s not in the sex mood. He is depressed and it may have been triggered by outside events – job stress

or family issue. He is not the right mental capacity to want to have sex. Literally, you think therefore you are and he’s

not prepared to imagine you to see you naked. If your man is depressed, there is a high likelihood that his libido is

close to zero. That means, no sex with you.

How to Make Him Want Only You in Bed

The above reasons may be one thing, but your future with him is another.

  • Are you now not happy with your sex life?
  • Are you concerned that he is having sex with another woman?
  • Are you constantly worrying that there is a health problem with him?
  • Are you losing the appeal and are fearful that he doesn’t get turned on by you?
  • Or how about he is thinking that you are less interested in him?

Here’s a quick way to figure out the issue.

Just speak to him. Ask him how you feel.

This is no time to beat around the bush trying to be tactful. Now is the time for talking.

 Tell him straight up that you want more sex.  Sort this issue out.

If you and your partner can’t agree on a level of sex that you can both live in the long run, you may find that the best choice is to break up and find someone more comfortable.

You don’t want to miss the 15 tips on How to Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Try the other following ideas to improve your his sex desire toward you.

Tip 1: Figure out the root cause of the problem

He might be suffering from depression or physical fatigue due to work It is important if you find what has caused the libido of your man to go down.

See if you can get him to relax if he’s tired. Massage him and get him in the mood. Have you considered whether your relationship with him has been monotonous, doing routine things? How about you get him to go somewhere fresh and unexpected. Have sex in a hotel room, particularly if it’s an overnighter (but beware of thin walls).

Tip 2: Make your man happy

If he’s “bored of you,” the same approach applies: a little extra spontaneity in some form will pique his interest again.

Try to create love moments, motivating your man through flirting gestures and making him feel confident with you all the time.

Physical touch to your man is appropriate; your touch towards the man’s body creates love tension and can turn his mind into romance.

Tip 3: Make the move on him

Telling your man you are interested in having sex with him. If sex has become routine, try spicing things up. Take the lead.

Seek a sex therapist as a last resort. It is not considered a failure to see one, especially if communicating well together isn’t your forte.

In the end, if your boyfriend refuses to have sex, it says very little about yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

It boils down to two things:

  • He doesn’t want to have sex.
  • He’s not communicating his needs, and he’s not telling you why

That’s it.

You might put in the effort and time to change yourself and work it out. But, do you really believe you should or must?

You know your boyfriend better than anyone else. It is impossible to examine your relationship issue here, as everyone is different.

If there’s one thing I’d advise you to do, it is to ask him.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your man's lack of sexual desire or arousedness may be due to a number of biological factors.

The majority of men have normal testosterone levels, but it can be reduced as a result of age or serious health issues.

There are a variety of reasons why someone would refuse to have sex or lose interest in sex, including a sex drive with a low sex level.

They have had sexual trauma in the past. Other aspects of their lives are causing them stress.

Yes, in order to survive, relationships require intimacy.

Physical intimacy can improve a marriage, but it isn't sufficient for everyone or every couple. Without this

emotional intimacy, most relationships cannot work properly.

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