Starting a Long Distance Relationship With Someone You Just Met – 10 Tips

Starting a Long Distance Relationship With Someone You Just Met

It can be totally exciting. You think they’re special, and you hope they think so too. It’s normal to wonder if this relationship will work out and how long it will last.

“Long distance relationships never work”, said everyone that was in a close-by relationship.

Do you know how many times somebody has told me that?

Years ago, I was once in a relationship with someone I had met online, and it was amazing. We talked on the phone every day, we face-timed each other, and it was very exciting.

However, I was dealing with a lot at the time and so was he, and we kind of drifted apart, but guess what? The same thing happens with friends that live right next to each other.

A few years later, I met someone online, and we became best friends. And to this day, we still talk to each other and we’re still super close friends. We’re closer than any of my friends who live near me!

And you know why? Because we try to stay friends. And it’s the same with having an intimate relationship with someone that’s far away.

If you want awesome tips and advice on long-distance relationships, including those in the military and navy, then keep reading!

Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Worth It

You’re probably wondering, “How can long-distance relationships be beneficial? I need someone to cuddle with every single day!”

Well, you probably won’t be saying that after you’ve spent all day working, rushing home to cook for the kids, and cleaning up whatever mess your partner has left around the house.

Many people don’t like long-distance relationships because they want to be with that person every day but being in this type of relationship can be beneficial!

If you are newly dating long distance or just starting a long distance relationship online, you will nodding your head with the following 5 benefits.

Benefit #1: You Get to Be Independent

Answer me this: If you’re in a marriage or you’ve been in a marriage, how many times have you thought “Ugh, I need some space and time for myself”.

Often? Well, that’s one thing that’s amazing about having an online relationship.

You get to keep your freedom! And it’s always healthy to keep some distance in any relationship, whether it’s intimate or not.

For instance, my aunt and my grandma live one floor away from each other.

They have this unhealthy relationship of always seeing each other and barging into each other’s home. I’m not saying you can’t see someone every day, but space between two people is always best.

My aunt and grandma see each other every day, yet they’re constantly yelling and bickering about everything. And It’s the same with an intimate relationship.

Years ago, I was dating someone, and he would come over to my place every single day. This started to affect my work and I kept getting distracted.

And because I didn’t have much time to do what I wanted, I started to lose a sense of self. And this isn’t going after any specific person, this is with any relationship.

Everyone needs to be their own person and being in a long-distance relationship gives you that benefit.

Benefit #2: You Keep the Romance Fresh

I’ve heard a lot of girls/women telling me that they’ve broken up with someone because it “wasn’t excited anymore”.

And that’s totally fine!

Everyone wants a relationship for a different reason, but if that’s what you’re looking for in an intimate relationship, try online dating!

The great thing is that because you don’t see each other every day (probably a few times a year), you get excited about seeing them!

And whenever you meet, it’s even more exciting and fun! And it’s a great way of keeping your relationship fun and fresh if that’s what you’re looking for.

Benefit #3: You Have Your Own Living Space

I can’t be the only one who likes my living space a certain way…I’m not?…Exactly.

Everyone needs their own living space, but if two people respect each other enough, then there’s no problem.

However, there’s always something that will come up. And the great thing about long-distance is that you have your own place and they have theirs!

Then there are no arguments about why keeping things out of the way and having to clean up after the other person! It’s a win-win!

Everybody has their way of living.

Some people don’t really care about keeping things neat and others like to live in a clean and tidy space.

If two people don’t respect each other, this can cause some arguments and frustration.

So, what better way to handle this than to just have your own place! And now, you can have the dining room set that you want without having to ask someone else if they like it!

Benefit #4: You Get to See New Places

This is a fun one.

If you have a relationship with someone that’s from a different country or state, now you have a reason to go there!

You’ll have a chance to explore something new and even get out of your comfort zone. And it gives you a chance to take some time for yourself and relax.

Starting a Long Distance Relationship With Someone You Just Met
Benefit #5: You Enjoy Your Time More

I feel like nowadays, everyone is on their phone even when they’re out with people.

I remember sitting at a restaurant one time and across from me, there was this couple sitting at a booth.

They weren’t talking and laughing. They were both scrolling through their phones and typing away. And that was upsetting.

However, if you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone, you take in every moment you have with each other. You won’t want to waste any of it by texting someone else (unless they’re your kids, of course).

But you’ll appreciate your time with that person even more now. And everything you two do together seems even more exciting. Going to the grocery store together or just taking a walk at the park.

So these are some of the benefits that come with having a long-distance relationship whether it’s romantic or just a friendship.

How Do You Keep a Long Distance Relationship From Getting Boring

Now, the next question you’re probably wondering is “How do I even make a long-distance relationship work?”.

The most important thing you must realize is that in any relationship you have to work hard at keeping it.

Whether you love across the country or right across the street. It requires both people to try.

Otherwise, it’ll never work.

Tip #1 Update Them on What’s Going on In Your Life

I’ve always loved meeting people online and personally, I enjoyed online relations a lot.

However, one thing that turned me off was when the other person gave short responses. It’s happened where when we first met, we got along so great and connected very well.

But after a while, they stopped replying or gave one-word answers. And that’s not good in any type of relationship because it’s showing the other person that’s they don’t care and don’t want to be bothered.

And after a while, you start to feel like you’re bothering them just by reaching out and that’s all it takes to end a relationship.

It can sometimes feel intimidating when you’re the one that’s reaching out first, but just start by saying “Good morning!” or a “Hello”.

Send them fun pictures of places you go to or things you’re doing.

This makes the relationship stronger because you’re showing that you care about the other person.

Tip #2 Be Honest With Each Other

This is very important, especially long-distance couples.

One of the main reasons a lot of people don’t like this type of relationship is because of trust.

You don’t know what the other person is doing, so it makes it a little harder on the couple.

If you’re trying to make things work with your partner, let them know what you’re going to be doing. Just because they’re from a different state or country, doesn’t make it right to do things that would make that person upset.

The same rules apply as if you were living together. Unless you both establish that you’re in an open relationship, but you two must be clear on what you want.

Tip #3 Find Things to Do With Each Other

Since you and your partner are living separated from each other, find something that will unite you to each other.

Find things that you can do together.

Whether that’s choosing a book to read and then discussing it, picking a movie, and watching it together through face time, or even playing online games together!

Do Guys Like Receiving Flowers? Mail him some flowers. Spice things up.

Just like if you were having a date night. This makes things more fun than just texting each other or calling. If you’re going to have a distant relationship, you must find ways of being creative.

Tip #4 Set Rules and Be Clear

Things can get difficult if you and your partner don’t communicate with each other properly.

Before starting a relationship, be clear on what you two want. Do you want a more open- relationship or are you two exclusive?

It’s important to communicate with each so you both know what’s expected and so there’s no confusion or surprises.

Tip #5 Spice It Up with Some Texts

Another reason why people may not like online relationships is because of the lack of intimacy.

And sexual tension is both a biological and emotional need.

Get frisky by teasing them over text. Try sexting, or use one of the best emojis to send to crush to get the conversation going.

This keeps the relationship fun and exciting and leaving you two want each other even more.

Tip #6 Be Confident!

One thing that can turn someone off is when they think their partner doesn’t trust them.

And this is more likely to happen in a long distant relationship. If one person thinks they can’t trust their partner, this can lead to excessive texting and calling to make sure they’re not doing something “wrong”.

Your partner will eventually get tired of this insecurity and the fact that you don’t trust them.

So, remember, be confident!

Tip #7 Create a Schedule

Because you and your partner barely see each other, it’s important to know when you see each other.

Talk to one another and coordinate a few times of the year where you two can see each other. It’s important to set a schedule for this, so you’re both aware when it is that you will see each other.

If not, you’ll just be wondering when the next day will come when you see your partner.

So, figure out times that will work for both of you. Is that going to be during the summer, holidays, etc.

Tip #8 Enjoy Time Alone

The fact that you might want an online relationship is probably because you enjoy your independence.

And online relationships can sometimes make people feel alone because that person isn’t there, but that’s okay!

The time you don’t spend with your partner, is great for spending it by yourself or with your family.

Tip #9 Gift Each Other a Memory

Give each other an item that means something to each other.

Maybe you two went on a date night and you two found something together.

Gift each other an item that has a memory you both shared together. This gives you and your partner a piece of each other when you’re away from each other.

And when you have the item with you, you two will have something special to remember each other by.

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Tip #10 Think About the Future

Before getting into an online relationship, think about what it is that you want.

Do you want a relationship for some fun and nothing more? Or do you want to have something more with them down the line?

These are things to think about and to communicate about with your partner.

If you’ve come to realize that you truly love this person and want something more, talk about it with your partner.

Is an online relationship something you want for the rest of your life?

If you and your partner want to live together in the future, set an end date for your online relationship.

Maybe you want to give it 5 years and if you two still love each other, maybe you’ll try living with one another. It’s always nice to have that option.

And if you two do decide to move in with each other, make it clear that if it does not work out, that there won’t be any hard feelings. It’s important to end things on a good note.

 Having a distant relationship can seem intimidating, but the benefits are endless for someone who wants to have a partner, but still wants their independence.  

And having this type of relationship is the same as any other, but both partners must try their best at making it work.

This is why meeting someone for the first time long distance can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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First and foremost, rest assured that long-distance partnerships can and do succeed.

Most partners, at some stage during their dating or marriage partnership, find themselves geographically separated.

Many couples credit a period of long-distance communication as the foundation of a stronger partnership.

Don't have a conversation every day.

When you're in a long-distance relationship, you might believe that talking every day is a must.

The reality is that experts agree it isn't important and could even be detrimental to your relationship.

Some long-distance relationships fail due to a lack of planning for when the couple will be able to move in together.

Others struggle due to a lack of physical intimacy or inadequate communication.

You'll be able to solve issues and maintain an emotional bond if you communicate clearly and openly.

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