Ultimate Guide to Meeting Someone for the First Time Long Distance

Meeting Someone for the First Time Long Distance

It’s common in today’s age of dating. You are swiping through Tinder or Hinge and you see him, the man of your dreams.

He’s dashingly handsome, has a great smile, sparkling eyes, and a bio that speaks to your passions. 

 He’s also 600 miles away.  

You swipe right anyway, matching instantly, and begin to talk.

The chemistry you saw from just his pictures, is mirrored in your texts.

Daily texts turn into hourly texts which turn into FaceTime calls and falling asleep on the phone.

Soon, you are smiling every time you pick up the phone and wondering: how can I convince him to do long distance?

What will it be like meeting him for the first time after texting? If we meet, what will I wear?

How will we start a long-distance relationship just after we met? 

Don’t worry, long distance isn’t the monster it seems.

Read on to learn all the tips and tricks for beginning a long-distance relationship and meeting your boyfriend after months of talking online! 

Meeting Someone You Met Online Long Distance

The day has finally come, you are meeting the man you’ve been texting for the very first time.

You’ve been talking over a long distance for ages and you finally get to see him face to face.

Whether you are meeting your long-distance boyfriend for the first time at the airport or at a cafe, it is an exciting moment! 

What Do You Do?

The two of you are finally together! You’ve been thinking about this moment for months, so what do you do?

How do you stave off any awkward moments and connect as you have been over the phone?

  1. Don’t rush into physical intimacy. If you’ve been texting and calling, you may want to rush to the bedroom and make sure you can also connect physically. Don’t do this. Take some time to connect “irl”.  Let the passion and sexual tension grow as you show your partner your home and city. 
  2. Plan a fun surprise. Dopamine and adrenaline are bonding hormones. Surprises activate both of these and create a fun bonding experience for you and your beau. Do Guys Like Picnics? Tell him you have a surprise planned and let the anticipation grow – just don’t spill the beans! When I met my boyfriend in person for the first time, I planned a night out at a themed hotel for his last night in town. It wasn’t anything fancy, in fact, the hotel was downright tacky, but the anticipation and growing excitement made it fun for both of us!
  3. Consider his interests. Having your new love in your hometown is exciting! You’ll want to show him all of your favorite things… but, make sure you also consider what he wants to do. Is sushi his favorite food? Find out the best place to go for a California roll. Does he want to visit the tourist trap you’ve seen a thousand times. Indulge him and go again. Remember, yes he’s here to see you, but this is a test of your compatibility. You are meeting someone for the first time after months of talking, make it about him. 

What Do You Wear?

If you are flying to meet someone for the first time, you’ll want to make sure your outfit is on-point as he walks out.

Yes, you have already connected emotionally, but looking and feeling good will boost your confidence and help fend off your pre-meeting jitters. 

For me, the basics are better. I like to show my style through bright accessories or fun shoes.

However, my outfit staples tend to be neutral. I feel most confident when I’m comfortable. 

When meeting my boyfriend for the first time, I wore a simple white tee, my favorite pair of jeans, a bright patterned sweater, and a pair of sandals. 

We all have our own favorite colors, so pick the ones that complement you!

You don’t need to go over the top if that’s not your style. If you love to dress glamorously, glam it up! 

Remember, it does not matter what clothes you wear because a true soulmate never judges you solely on if your outfit is cheugy or cute.

Plus, you hopefully won’t be in it too much longer 😉 . 

Check out StyleWe for some inspiration pieces and I personally think are good for casual wear:

Starting Long Distance

So your visit went great (of course!) and now you and your beau want to make it official.

How do you start a long-distance relationship with someone you just met? 

What to say to a distant boyfriend?

We all know communication is key, but how do you ensure the best communication practices if the majority of your time together is spent online?

  • Establish expectations and boundaries. Just like an in-person relationship, an online and long distance relationship requires a set of rules and expectations. Do you go to bed at 9:00pm? Talk to your partner about this and make sure they don’t call to chat at an inconvenient time. Does your partner want to talk at least once a day? Make sure you know what type of contact he expects and do it. Even if states apart, it’s important to establish that your love not only has your back but also respects your needs.
  • Try out snail mail. Nothing spikes our mood like a letter, postcard, or package. Surprise your man with some good old fashioned snail mail! 
  • Venmo Gifts. Get creative with how you show love by venmoing your man money for coffee in the morning or a beer in the evening. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but a small monetary gift is the epitome of “it’s the thought that counts.”. He may not need or use the cash, but he’ll get a warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you thought of him. 
  • Travel to each other. One of the most important parts of long distance is the time you actually spend together. When you take trips to see your man, focus on him. Leave behind any petty work, friend, and family drama. This is your time to see your beau — take advantage of it!
  • Look up from your phone. I know this is hard, but this tip is important both when you are with your man and during your time apart. When you are with him, you want to give him your undivided attention – this time is precious! However, looking up from your phone when you are apart allows you to continue to cultivate your interests and relationships in your hometown. Being your own independent person is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy long distance relationship. Sitting at home and waiting for his next text is just not healthy! So put the phone down and live, even when you can’t be with your love. 

I’d like to clarify that these tips are not foolproof ways to ensure your long-distance relationship will last.

Learn more about the 10 tips to starting a long distance relationship with someone you just met.

One of the main things you want to ask when beginning and continuing to date long-distance is this: does he make you happier?

And do you make him happier?

If the answer is yes, you’ve probably got a great connection that extends far beyond the phone.

If the answer is no, maybe this relationship isn’t for you. 

Remember, people change and goals evolve.

What may have started as the perfect relationship may eventually change to something else.

 Trust yourself and your instincts — the relationship you have with yourself is more important than any man.  

As Always, Trust Yourself

Ultimately your love story is your decision.

Choose the path that brings you the most joy and choose a man who recognizes your worth.

Your happiness is of utmost importance and a partner should only add to that happiness. 

Obviously, a long-distance relationship will have its own rollercoaster of emotions, but at the end of the day if you feel your life is enriched by this man, he is a keeper. 

If you feel like this is a love story that needs to end, trust that you will be able to pick yourself up and move on.

Who knows, the love of your life could always be just a swipe away. 

And if this is the man you end up marrying, I hope this article contributed to your years of happiness! 

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