My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex Behind My Back [What Now]

My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex Behind My Back

I just found out my best friend is dating my ex, and I still love him!

Here’s a red flag to check: how come my boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex?

Watch out for negative first reactions!

Don’t act on them, they will pass with time and a little self-control.

The first words that came to my mind about my best friend when I found out she was dating my EX who I still love.

  • Treason
  • Treachery
  • Back Stabber
  • Conniving Bitch!
  • Man Thief
  • Boy Robber
  • She’s better than me.
  • She’s prettier than me.
  • She’s better in bed
  • They are better off with each other.

What did I think about my EX?

  • Ungrateful bastard!
  • Infidel
  • Skirt chaser
  • Man slut
  • You’ve always been sniffing around other bushes.
  • You are like a child in the candy shop.
  • What about all our memories?
  • She doesn’t love you like I do.
  • She can never brush your hair like you used to love me to do.
  • Nobody can ever give you an orgasm like I did! Whipped cream, chopped nuts and a maraschino cherry?

Now take all of these emotions, and flush them from your system. Go on a walk and yell into the forest.

Scream into a pillow. Stab an old doll if you have to.

But whatever you do, don’t act out on these emotions.

You will regret acting out, as I regretted doing so when I found out that MY best friend was dating MY ex.

I reacted with such rage and hatred that I alienated both of them.

Now I have lost my boyfriend. And I have also lost my best friend!

How Do I Know for Sure That My Ex Is Dating My Best Friend?

Believe me, you will know. It is like walking into the bathroom after someone has taken a shower.

It is that obvious.

All of your mutual friends already know. They will still talk to you.

But have you noticed that nobody seems to mention the name of your best friend or your EX?

Your friends seem a little nervous when talking with you as if they were walking on eggshells.

When you see your best friend, does she avoid eye contact?

Does she seem a little distracted, as if she was thinking about someone else?

Has your EX been dressing sharper than you remember?

Does he seem less depressed than he was when you first broke up?

Does he walk with a spring in his step, as if he is getting LUCKY?

Does my boyfriend has dirty pictures of his ex?

If you have a dog, it will smell your EX on your best friend.

When she is around, your dog will act confused, and may whimper in the corner as if it has been punished.

You have probably noticed that your best friend and your EX are on social media sites at the same time.

They are chatting with each other, exchanging sweet nothings.

Look at the pictures they have been posting on social media.

You will notice your EX with familiar objects.

Isn’t that scarf he’s wearing in that picture the present you gave your best friend last Christmas?

Should I Really Be Mad That My Best Friend Is Dating My Ex?

Let’s be realistic.

How long has it been since you and your EX broke up?

If it has only been a week, then you know that your trampy best friend has stolen your boyfriend.

Did you notice sparks when they were together?

Did those hugs when they parted linger a little too long?

Did those innocent kisses on the cheek stray a little too close to the lips?

But if it has been longer, say a month or two, you should give your EX and your best friend a little break.

Your EX has been without your touch for all that time.

Surely he is getting lonely, and a little HORNY.

He will either get RELIEF from your best friend, or some other hussy that he has met at a bar.

Your best friend has a short attention span.

One month ago could seem like years to her.

She has been dating other guys and has probably lost count of who she has been with.

When your EX asked her out she didn’t even give it a second thought.

If it has been longer than three months, you need to do some soul searching.

Why are you still pining over your EX after so much time?

Was there something unhealthy about your relationship that makes it so difficult to get over?

Maybe you should consider talking to someone about your broken relationship.

It never hurts to talk to a counselor.

You might find out something about yourself that will make your next relationship more successful.

Should I Be Mad at My Best Friend for Dating My Ex?

Look back at conversations you might have had with your EX or your best friend.

Did you ever imply that your friend and your EX might have been a good couple?

Did you ever say to your friend when having a fight with your EX that she might be a better companion for him than you?

Did you ever say that they would be CUTE together?

You might remember saying something to your EX like “If we ever break up, I think that you would be good with (your best friend.)”

These little comments might have seemed innocent at the time, but they can plant the seed that could have led to the reality of your current situation.

If they took your advice, can you blame them?

On the other hand, you may not have said anything to encourage them to get together.

Examine whether your best friend was really a loyal friend.

Has she BACKSTABBED you before?

Has she BETRAYED other people that you know?

Was your EX really as good for you as you imagine?

Right now you are lonely and your feelings are hurt.

But if you look at the situation objectively, you might be in a BETTER situation now than you were before.

You are SINGLE now, and there are plenty of other HUNKS out there that are dying to date you!

What Can I Do Now That My Ex Is Dating My Best Friend?

You have two choices.

Fight to Get Your Boyfriend Back, but Risk Losing Two Relationships Forever.

Put on your sexiest dress and show up unannounced at your EX’s house. Make him choose who it’s going to be, and make him tell it to your face.

Send your EX a present or a picture that reminds him of a great memory you shared.

Let your EX’s friends know that you are still in love with him, you forgive him, and will take him back with open arms. His friends will surely pass on the message.

Confront your best friend and tell her to GET OUT OF THE WAY because you want your EX BACK!

Be direct, and tell her in no uncertain words that either she breaks up with him or your relationship with her is OVER!

Tell your other friends what a sleazy tramp your best friend is and that NOBODY should ever trust her.

Look at This Time as a Moment to Reflect on Decisions You Have Made in Your Life, the People That You Have Associated With, and Your Own Behavior.

Was your boyfriend really as wonderful as you remember?

What about all of the ways he used to make you angry? The way he criticized you. The way he used to undervalue your input and opinion. The time he denigrated you in front of your friends. Remember why it was that you broke up in the first place.

How much of a positive influence has your best friend been in your life? Do you have other friends who are as supportive or even more supportive than she is?

Join a gym and start that workout program that you have been promising you would do.

Go shopping and get a new outfit.

Get a makeover.

Make yourself better than you have ever been, and you will see positive changes in your life. Who knows when the next MR. RIGHT will sweep you off your feet!

Realize that changes are not always negative. They can make you grow in new and unexpected ways.

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