My Boss Stares At My Chest: 5 Ways To Stop This Nightmare

My Boss Stares At My Chest

Is it normal? Is it a form for sexual harassment?

 He could be a “breast man” and probably doesn’t realize that anyone has noticed. 

Still, it doesn’t excuse his unwanted behavior.

Any form of harassment is wrong. However, while you want to maintain your dignity, you do not want to accuse him falsely.

When your male colleague or even your boss stares at your chest, is that too much?

Men’s eyes wander, and some of them wander even more.

Shockingly, many European men don’t think that looking at women’s breasts is a form of sexual harassment.

What Does it Mean When My Boss Stares At My Chest?

Here are some reasons why your boss might be staring at your body:

  • A harmless gesture.

At that time, I felt offended but managed to keep my cool. As time went by, I realized that my boss stares at everyone’s chest.

It wasn’t an isolated case after all! Was it just a harmless gesture? I felt weird for thinking how I did the first time I saw him stare at my chest.

Why do guys make it obvious when they check you out? But it is not just guys who sneak glances, girls too!

In terms of frequency, we can’t argue that guys spend longer time checking out different women. Guys are visual creatures.

Some men just stare at women’s chests for no specific reason. No ill intentions, no nothing.

If this whole ogling doesn’t violate your soul, just laugh and shrug it off but that because you are well-endowed and are used to the stares.

  • Red flag.

I have interacted with so many other women who confessed that when your boss stares at your lips, legs or body, it is 100% a red flag.

In their arguments, the women wanted to know why it is very difficult for someone to stare at anything else other than a woman’s chest.

  • The boss wants you.

The women were convinced that the only reason their bosses stare at their chests is because they are perverts.

Come on, let’s face it, bosses are human too! They have feelings that may lead them to you.

If your boss is unmarried, he might be staring at you thinking about how he can ask you out for coffee. Can you date your boss legally? The short answer is a yes.

He doesn’t want to be inappropriate, even though he does by staring at you. Sooner or later, expect a confession from him.

My boss stares at me from afar

Is he thinking and looking in your direction? It can be quite disturbing and flattering at the same time.

Does your boss stands too close to you and brazenly stare at your rack?

This is an obvious sign that he is interested in you sexually. Your best strategy is to pretend that nothing is odd.

He is waiting for signs from you because he can’t just approach you. He is your boss, and one of you or both can be both married.

When he sees that he doesn’t get a green light from you, he will back off. But it is very likely that if you flirt back, he would eventually make a move, and you will either have two choices: reject him (and hurt his ego) or sleep with him.

My boss asked me to sleep with him

Now if you are married, this is bad.

If you decide to sleep with your boss, you’re putting your marriage at risk.

Fine, you are going to listen to your raging hormones.

You just want to have hot sex with the attractive boss, regardless.

In my opinion, neither one of you sounds like a good person that both of you would cheat on your spouses.

Get a divorce then and get REAL!

Cheaters are disgusting.

You want to fool around, but don’t hurt the ones who care about you.

If you want to get into his pants you need to be single.

I also don’t recommend sleeping with the man who writes your paycheck. Blunt, enough?

What to Do When Your Boss Stares at You?

You have a boss whom you must answer to and communicate with regularly.

What do you do? Talk to him while standing behind him?

Seriously though, here are some tips to consider when you feel that your boss – totally, not your type – is staring at your chest and you are uncomfortable:

  • The devil might be in the details

Before blaming anybody else, first take a look in the mirror. Are you dressing professionally? Do you cover the body parts that must be covered?

Yes, I understand that you have to look cute without having to wear low cut shirts that show any cleavage. However, it is important to note that actions have consequences.

If you dress inappropriately, people can’t help but stare. Don’t view this as victim-blaming, but as a way to protect yourself.

  • Reduce interactions

Your boss is not going to stare at your body if you are not near him or in the same room with him. In that case, you can minimize your interactions.

While it is impossible not to meet with your boss completely, you can make see to it that you only meet when you have to. Zoom meeting, anybody?

No late night working together or visiting his office for things that do not necessarily require his input.

  • Speak out

Depending on the nature of your relationship with your superior, you can tell him politely that when he stares at your legs or body, you feel uncomfortable.

If he does it on purposes and he is a gentleman enough, he will stop the behavior.

If you have the guts to confront him, just clear your throat and say “I’m up here”, gesturing to your face.

The final scenario would play out as such: he would blush with embarrassment, and let’s just hope that he remembers to treat you as a human being in the future.

You might be surprised to know that your boss had no idea that he usually stares at you. He might be deep in his thoughts while you are busy thinking that he has your body in mind. Egg on your face!

  • Call his bluff

Can it be possible that your boss stares at your chest just to see how you react? Tell him they are fake (joking here!).

In fact, how you react will determine whether the habit continues or stops.

Better yet, take a folder or something to cover yourself up when you talk to your boss.

Look down your top. This can make them stop.

If your male coworker makes you uncomfortable, lift his chin, smile and say, “my eyes are up here.”

What about this? Type an anonymous note and leave it on his desk. Make it short and to the point.

Write along the line: your staring in this office is making us uncomfortable, and several of us are considering a formal complaint.

This is your chance to stop him before it reaches that point.

  • File a Complaint

Ok, none of the above works. You don’t find your boss sexually attractive and it is creeping you out. Report to the HR.

You can document every time that you catch your boss staring at you. However, choose your battles carefully.

Depending on the work culture, you can be fired for not being a team player, being abrasive to the workplace, or talking back to your superior.

While you are at it, start looking for a new job. Be on your guard.

Working in an environment where you are not comfortable is very hard. It is even harder if the person making you uncomfortable is your boss.

 My advice: try to be friendly (not shy) around him, but pretend that you totally don’t see him as a sex object, only as a boss. 

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