Should a Woman Approach a Man First – A Guy’s Response

Should a Woman Approach a Man First

Are you looking to find the confidence to ask out that special someone?

It’s a new era of dating possibilities, and women are claiming their power and making the first move!

More than ever before, women are positioned to set themselves firmly in the driver’s seat and go after what they want.

Whether you’re at the club, the office, or the grocery store, don’t wait for that fine specimen who’s caught your eye to come to you.

Even in the online space, dating apps like Bumble are having ladies take the lead.

But what does it mean when a girl makes the first move?

Is he not man enough to approach you?

Is it not feminine to make the first move on a guy?

Gender roles in dating are just that: dated

Pining over someone and hoping they notice you is no different than liking all their Instagram pictures in hopes they slide into your DMs.

However, you can be the lucky few and get asked out often.

You may wonder, what if a guy asks you to lunch is it a date?

Do Guys Like Being Approached First?

You may be wondering: “what do guys think when a girl makes the first move?

I can tell you from experience that it is radiantly alluring.

My first experience with a girl approaching me first came about around my junior prom in high school.

I’d had a crush on this girl for years, but life got in our way, and we drifted apart.

Finally, we reconnected, but I was still too nervous to ask her out.

Now, she was a very strong-willed, independent-minded girl, and she wasn’t waiting around for me to ask her first.

She asked me to be her prom date, and we had an enchanting night together that I’ll never forget.

How did I feel when she asked me out?

In a word: elated.

 Approaching a man first shows confidence, charisma, and drive. 

Do You Want to Become a More Confident, Charismatic Woman?

Charisma isn’t something everyone is born with, but it can be learned.

My best friend has been married to her husband for over three years now.

She and I found him sitting in a book store, blowing on his coffee and perusing the shelves, and I encouraged her to go up to him.

Watching her make her move was pure magic.

How did she do it?

One specific skill was all it took for her to win over the love of her life.

Don’t sit and languish, wondering, “Should I approach him?

In order to put your inner queen fully on display, your strength has to be in the messages you send when your lips aren’t moving.

When a girl approaches a guy, effective body language is the golden rule.

With these tips, you too can win over the man of your dreams before he even knows what’s happening.

Be Open
Approachability isn’t all about who’s coming up to who.

When she came up to him, she walked with purpose, as if she belonged precisely there and nowhere else.

Her arms weren’t folded up about her chest, her head didn’t hang towards the floor, and she kept a soft smile on her face the entire time.

In short, she looked relaxed and comfortable.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, calm or nervous, “being comfortable” is a simple, compelling look to pull off.

What difference does appearing relaxed make?

Imagine you’re the one there in that book store when suddenly you see him, and now the whole store feels like the romance section.

Your eyes get wider, your heart flutters, and you know that you couldn’t forgive yourself for letting him pass by.

Do you approach him and stand there like a telephone pole?

Do you present yourself like you’re handing out flyers for your lost dog?

Of course not!

Whether you find it best to stand, lean, or sit, don’t overthink it and present yourself naturally and honestly.

Closing yourself off with your body language will make both of you uncomfortable and makes getting that phone number or setting that date all the more difficult.

So, your favorite fingernails to pick and that spot on your arm you like to scratch?




Eye Contact
Approaching a man first sets a power balance that you want to maintain.

When she came up to him, she had his full attention from the moment she said, “Hi,” to the moment she walked away.

Watching the two of them interact, I could have sworn the rest of the world fell away.

She let him know with her eyes that her focus was set on him alone.

How can you harness that control over an interaction?

Her mouth may have done the talking, but her eyes did the walking!

When you’re nervous, it’s only natural to break eye contact.

 By maintaining your gaze, you show both your confidence and interest. 

Do you want to be a smooth operator with your eye contact?

Looking at someone from their eyes to their lips is a subtle way to show romantic interest.

Above all else, use your attention to make them feel special!

The longer they stood there talking, the closer she moved towards him.

Now, she didn’t burst into his personal space right away.

As the conversation progressed, as he loosened up, and as they smiled and laughed together, she gradually closed the distance between them.

Becoming physically closer to your prospective romantic partner is a great way to keep things moving in the right direction.

How forward is too forward?

When you get closer to a guy, you’ll want to read his body language as well to make sure you aren’t moving faster than he’s ready for.

Coming on stronger than he’s comfortable with is a sure-fire way to turn a budding romance into a cold, lifeless tundra.

What does it mean if you take a step towards him, and he takes a step back?

It doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t interested, but it definitely means he isn’t ready to reciprocate.

There’s no need to rush things.

Give him and yourself time to get to know each other better before trying again.

So, you’ve gotten closer to him, now what?

You’re ready for the fourth and final step to effective, magnetic body language.

I’m not talking about skipping to second base here, but physical contact is a superpower when it comes to winning over a guy.

You’ve seen it in the movies: your hands meet when grabbing for some popcorn, and sparks fly.

I saw it firsthand in that book store.

What did it take for her to win him over for good?

With one simple stroke of his arm, his cheeks went red, and he smiled so wide you’d have thought he’d won the lottery.

Of course, in many ways, he had!

The rest, as they say, is history.

If she hadn’t made her move that day, they would likely have never gotten to know one another.

Both of them would have missed an extraordinary connection in their lives.

 Being a woman doesn’t mean you can’t make the first move on a guy. 

In fact, men may appreciate or even prefer a girl to approach them first.

Meeting new people, especially romantic partners, can be nerve-wracking.

By taking the initiative to approach him first, you unload the pressure off of him while empowering yourself at the same time.

Don’t let the thinking of past generations make you miss out on what could be the experience of a lifetime!

Show him your interest with more than just words.

Follow these tips to realize your strong, sexy, charismatic self!

Now, you may be lucky enough that you face this situation: he asked me out for drinks is it a date.

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