8 Signs You’re Manifesting Your Ex Back

Signs You're Manifesting Your Ex Back

Signs You’re Manifesting Your Ex Back

Are you looking for signs that you’re manifesting your ex back?

Imagine being so skilled at the Law of Attraction that you start manifesting your ex back in 24 hours.

What if you could manifest your ex back while you sleep? Your ex would return to your life so quickly!

How amazing would that be?

But that’s so far from your reality right now…

  • Your ex hasn’t contacted you in months
  • You’re feeling really sad about being separated from them
  • You want them back but you feel totally powerless to make it happen
  • You’re seeing no signs that they are manifesting back into your life

I get it, I’ve been there. You’re almost ready to give up.

But there is another way…

What if I told you there were 8 secret signs that prove you’re manifesting your ex back…

How to get your ex boyfriend back spiritually?

 In this article, I am going to share with you these 8 secret signs so you can start successfully manifesting your ex back today. 

Sign #1 – You love yourself and are living your dream life.

Want to know how to start manifesting your ex back into you life in 24 hours?

Start loving yourself!

There is nothing more attractive to your ex than you slaying at life.

How can you love yourself? (click to reveal)
• Live your dreams
• Wear outfits that make you feel fabulous
• Have fun!
• Take care of yourself
• Eat well
• Move your body in ways that inspire you
• Practice self-care.

I give you full permission to pamper yourself! You deserve it.

When you’re loving yourself you’ll be too busy enjoying your own life to be wondering if you’re manifesting your ex back…and that will be the exact moment they will contact you!

It’s funny how the universe works, right?

That’s exactly what happened to me. For months I was crying over my ex, wishing that he
would come back.

One day I got fed up with feeling sad. I started living for me!

I started my business, I traveled to amazing places, and I started having so much fun! I was so

Can you guess what started happening?

 My ex started calling me all the time.  

Loving yourself and thriving in your life is one of the clearest signs that you are manifesting your ex back!

Sign #2 – You start dreaming about your ex.

You’re probably wondering: how can I manifest my ex back?

I have lots of tips and tricks for you…

Did you know you can manifest your ex back while you sleep?

It’s so easy…

There are two ways to do it:

  1. Before you go to sleep write a list of all things you love about your ex. At the end of the list write a paragraph or two about your dream life with your ex as if it is already happening.
  2. Put an audiobook of a love story on while you sleep. This helps you manifest your own love story!

Both of these techniques will influence your dreams.

If you start dreaming about reuniting with an ex it’s a major sign that you are manifesting them back into your life.

I recently had a dream where I met up with my ex for sushi. After sushi, we went on a long walk and laughed for hours!

One month later and that exact scenario happened in my waking life…

It was insane! Amazing how manifesting works, right?

If you have trouble remembering your dreams, I recommend keeping a dream journal. Over time you will remember more of your dreams.

Sign #3 – You have a feeling that they are manifesting back into your life.

Ever had a feeling that something was about to happen?

And then it actually did happen…

For some it’s a gut feeling, for others it’s a more subtle, intuitive knowing. Some might simply call it a ‘hunch’.

These types of feelings are a sign that the law of attraction working in your life.

If you’re having a gut feeling that you’re about to see your ex again…

That’s your internal guidance system alerting you that your ex is about to manifest in your life!

Lo and behold, you would be asking, why do I keep seeing things that remind me of my ex?

Sign #4 – Music is sending you secret messages.

The universe loves to communicate with us via music.

Have you ever been out and heard a song that exactly matches how you’re feeling? That’s the
Law of Attraction in effect!

So how can music be a sign you’re manifesting your ex back?

 Listen out for songs that were special to you and your ex.  These songs can start playing anytime, anyplace, and anywhere.

I was recently in a taxi when I heard mine and my ex’s favorite song come on the radio!

The next day he contacted me…

I manifested my ex back in 24 hours!

Want to know how I did it?

When I heard his favorite song I felt excited and joyful. It was as if my ex was already with me!

This is the key to manifestation; feeling as if you already have what you want.

The music you’re choosing to listen to can also be a powerful sign that you’re manifesting your ex back. You know when you’re obsessed with a song and you play it over and over?

That song is showing you what you’re manifesting!

If the song is about being back with an ex, it’s a sign you are manifesting your ex back into your life.

Sign #5 – You’re seeing soulmate numbers everywhere!

The universe communicates with us using numbers! Crazy right?

Soulmate numbers are 11, 22 and 88. Keep your eyes peeled for these numbers popping up in your life!

My favorite places to notice soulmate numbers are:

  • License plates
  • Receipts
  • Digital clocks

They can appear anywhere though, so make sure you’re tuned into these subtle messages.

If seeing signs in numbers deeply attracts you, I recommend getting a personalized numerology reading.

It’s a fun and interesting way to learn how certain numbers are personal to you, your manifestations, and your life journey.

Sign #6 – You feel truly grateful for your ex.

Feeling gratitude for an ex is a major sign you’re manifesting them back into your life.

Want to know why?

Your thoughts create your reality!

Thoughts that are loving and filled with gratitude manifest your best life. Thoughts that focus on not having what you want manifest an unhappy life.

 Did you know that gratitude is the #1 way to speed up a manifestation? 

I used to miss my ex so much. I would only think how about he wasn’t with me!

I went months without hearing from him and I felt so sad about it.

Then I learned the Law of Attraction and started to consciously choose good feeling thoughts.

I stopped thinking about how far away he was from me. Instead, I started thinking about all the things that made him an amazing person.

Shifting to a mindset of gratitude made me feel 1000 times better. And do you want to know what’s amazing?

Why am I seeing him everywhere?

My ex started manifesting in my life all the time! I saw him in my neighborhood, he would contact me every day, and he was so eager to hang out with me.

When we feel grateful we multiply the love in our lives.

Want to know 4 ways to start feeling grateful for your ex? (click to reveal)

• Think about all the things you love about your ex
• Appreciate the small things
• Remember all your happiest memories with them
• Forgive them

Gratitude feels incredible. I became so happy when I started practicing it!

I highly recommend it.

Sign #7 – Nature’s signs

Have you had any unusual encounters with animals lately?

When an animal crosses your path, it’s a powerful sign from the universe.

Every animal has a unique symbolic meaning…

Perhaps there’s an animal that was significant to you and your ex. Pay attention if that animal starts appearing to you…it’s a definite sign that your ex is manifesting back in your life.

Sign #8 – You ask for a sign and it shows up.

Sometimes we all need a little extra proof, right?

Asking the universe for a sign is one of my favorite ways to know if I’m successfully manifesting an ex back.

The universe wants to communicate with us. If we want a sign, we’ll receive one!

I recently wanted to know if my ex was manifesting me back into his life, so I asked the universe to show me a sign.

To my amazement within twenty minutes, I had received a text from one of his friends invited me to his birthday party!
Magical, right?

It was like a wink from the universe! It was incredible…

I was shocked.

The universe wants the best for us. There’s no harm in asking for a little help sometimes!

Here are some of the benefits of asking the universe for a sign

  • It shows you how powerful you are
  • You can see you manifestation skills working almost instantly!
  • You build a trusting relationship with the universe

The more you trust the universe, the quicker you’ll be able to manifest your ex back!

You have my permission to ask for as many signs as you desire. I believe in you!

I’m signing off now.

I hope you enjoyed learning my 8 secret signs! I wish you the best of luck manifesting your ex back into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you want to know if you can use the Law of Attraction to get your ex back?

The answer is a resounding YES.

You are continually manifesting your reality, even if you are not always conscious of it.

You can get your ex back if you read this full article and follow the steps. It's effective.

Many of you are curious as to whether this is indeed possible.

Yes, using the law of attraction to get an ex back is one of the most effective strategies you can use to get an ex back if you utilize it correctly and adhere to it.

The Law of Attraction for Love works by focusing on you to manifest a specific individual.

It has nothing to do with the other person.

This can be the most difficult component of the Law of Attraction to grasp because when we love or are attracted to someone, all we can think about is them.