Why Would Someone Made a Fake Dating Profile of Me

What To Do If Someone Is Using Your Pictures On Tinder

You’re minding your own business while mindlessly scrolling through Tinder on a Friday night with your glass of wine in hand, and you come upon a profile of someone who looks eerily similar.

You click on it to investigate further  – and the person is someone you know.

It’s you, and those are all of your pictures, but that definitely isn’t your profile. 

Someone impersonating me on Tinder!

So, what gives?

You aren’t crazy. 

This issue alone can be one reason why online dating doesn’t work.

If someone is using your pictures and posing as you to make fake dating profiles on Tinder, you have a right to be worried, but don’t freak out just yet.

There are things you can do to mediate and tackle the situation.

The person who decided to steal your pictures to make fake dating profiles is called a catfish, and no, we’re not talking about the actual fish some people like to eat. 

What Is a Catfish on Tinder? 

Unfortunately, someone managing to steal and use your pictures is a very common practice nowadays as the internet has become easily accessible, and stealing someone’s online identity has become a trend called catfishing. 

Why does he keep looking at my online dating profile?

Whoever is using your pictures is considered a catfish, meaning they are posing as someone they are not. Catfishes are able to steal your pictures and then use your name often because of:

  • Boredom
  • Low self esteem
  • Revenge (the most common reason of all)

People normally find out about their catfishes from other people, or on their own accord.

Finding out someone has stolen your pictures on Tinder can be jarring and confusing. 

As disgruntled as you may be about this disturbing discovery, it’s important to stay calm and keep your head straight.

The first step you want to take is going to be sending a message to Tinder’s support team. 

Who Do I Contact About the Fake Profiles?

The best thing you can do is contact Tinder’s support team directly on their website.

It’s super easy to get in contact with them, and won’t require much hassle on your part.

We suggest taking any screenshots of the fake Tinder profile to sending to Tinder 

  • Locate the help section on Tinder’s website.
  • Follow the steps to submit a support request.
  • Give them any and all details about the profile of the impersonator.
  • Take screenshots of the catfish’s Tinder account, they will be extremely valuable in Tinder’s investigation.
  • Once you submit all the information you have, sit tight and wait for a response back from their team. They may want to verify your identity before they begin.
  • They will begin an investigation into the account in question, which will more than likely end up in it being removed.

You could also attempt to make a fake profile and match with them on Tinder, although that would take more effort than sending Tinder a message.

There’s also a chance they will ignore or block you. 

Who Is Creating These Fake Dating Profiles of Me?

When you have a catfish on your hands, the biggest question on your mind is: who is doing this?

You either are going to immediately have a gut feeling about who it is, or you won’t have any idea of who it could be.

The catfish who is stealing your pictures and using your personal information as their own is most likely:

  • Someone you know. A friend, a former friend, an ex-partner, a family member, or anyone you might not have burned bridges with. 
  • Someone you don’t know. A stranger might have come across your photos, and thought they were attractive enough to use as their own.

If it’s an angry, revengeful ex-partner or friend – you don’t want to make the situation any worse by provoking them, even though you may feel angry because of them making fake Tinder dating profiles. 

If you know who it is, or have an inkling about who it could be, we highly recommend that you don’t attempt to reach out to them.

 They want revenge, and you’ll be giving it to them if you show them that it’s affecting you.  

If you have no idea who it could be, it’s more than likely the catfish is a stranger using your pictures on Tinder because they enjoy the attention they get using your pictures. 

They probably have the critical low self-esteem as aforementioned, and the attention they are getting from your pictures is like a drug to them.

No matter who it is making these fake Tinder accounts, their intent is malicious and you should approach this situation with the utmost caution. 

What if They Keep Making More Fake Profiles? 

Tracking down who is making fake profiles of you on Tinder is frustrating, to say the least.

Knowing where to start, how to protect yourself, and how to make it stop isn’t something you can do by yourself. 

When it keeps happening repeatedly, you may feel like you’re stuck on repeat, and that there’s no way out of the situation. 

If they repeatedly keep making these fake Tinder dating profiles, and you know who they are, you should seriously consider taking legal action against them.

If you know who the culprit is, you could definitely send them a cease and desist letter. 

Whoever is impersonating you on Tinder won’t last for long.

If there’s one thing catfishes hate, it’s being caught.

They’ll do anything to avoid being caught, so a cease and desist letter is your best bet to scare them off. 

To send a cease and desist letter, it’s best to hire a lawyer to help you.

Dealing with a catfish is a tricky business and adding in legalities will make it even trickier, more specifically for them. 

A legal, official letter will make the person making the fake dating profiles be aware that you mean business, and that they need to stop immediately or there will be serious consequences and you’ll have to take further action if they don’t stop.

You have to put your foot down when it comes to your ex or a stranger using your pictures on Tinder.

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