Easy Guide to What Do Guys Think About Dating a Single Mom at Any Age

What Do Guys Think About Dating A Single Mom?

Most successful, mature and smart guys think a lot of positive things about single moms. They see them as responsible, caring and loving parents.

Even better, these men think single moms are successful in their lives so they are desirable, attractive and dateable.

To most people, single moms have the following qualities.

  • They have their act together.
  • They know true love and have already experienced a true emotional connection that women without children haven’t experienced yet. A single mom is always open-minded and patient. Also, she values trustworthiness and loyalty.
  • A single mom is always looking to improve her life and that of everyone around her.
  • She knows that the best relationships require mutual respect and compromise.
  • She has found purpose and meaning in her life.

Well, these are all the best qualities that every man is looking for in a woman. Emotionally healthy and completely mature men aren’t looking for women who party too much or stay out late every night.

They are not looking for people who don’t have any self-discipline and often bring out a lot of drama.

They are always looking for strong and stable women.

After  doing an undercover interview with a lot of guys , college guys and young male professionals, here are some of the top responses.

  • Jonah, a 37-year-old male, mentioned that his mom was a single parent for most of his childhood so he has a lot of respect for single mothers. He also said that he would definitely go on a date with a single mother and see where it ends up. He said he doesn’t have kids but definitely wants them so if he found a woman with one or two kids, it would be a huge bonus. He also mentioned that he would be cautious getting close to the child just in case the relationship didn’t work out and the child became attached.
  • Lou, a 28-year-old male, mentioned that he doesn’t date a single mom by the fact that she’s a mom. Rather, if he’s attracted to her and they have a lot in common, he would definitely date her.
  • Kevin, a 41-year-old male mentioned that all his friends are divorced. Actually, one of his friends has a kid after having a one-night stand. Therefore, he wouldn’t judge a woman simply because she has kids. It’s hard to know what life will throw at anyone. It could be she’s a single parent because her husband died or she had a baby right after dating someone. He mentioned that he loved the fact that the friend actually took care of his son so his opinion of a woman doing the same thing wouldn’t change. It’s actually an awesome thing.
  • Dave, a 35-year-old man, had a different thing to say. He said he wasn’t sure if he would date a single mom because he previously dated one who had a lot of issues with her ex. He was also sucked into a lot of drama especially because the ex had a lot of issues with him being around the child. He was always threatened by the mom and her new lover so he would always get in the way of their relationship.
  • Joey, a 28-year-old graduate student, said that single moms have become a norm. He wouldn’t see any difference between a single mom and any other woman and he would date her without hesitation.

Only Losers Date Single Mothers

If you are a single parent and you meet the wrong man, he might say the wrong things, especially what he has heard out there about single moms. These include the following.

Bad Idea: Your body is undesirable and unsexy because you are a mother.

Bad Idea: You have a lot of drama from the father of your child and you are constantly dealing with it.

Bad Idea: Having a child or children is a huge hassle.

Bad Idea: You are broke.

Bad Idea: You are needy and desperately looking for a man for sex.

Bad Idea: You are needy and looking desperately for a man to be the father of your child or children.

Dating single mothers is a waste of time.

Any guy who believes these stereotypical statements are not the right type of man for a single mother.

There are a few single moms who also buy into these stereotypes and are often reluctant to meet and date men who are their equals intellectuals, educationally and socially because of the following reasons.

Waste of time: They believe that these men will always be threatened by their success.

Waste of time: A younger man is often immature and doesn’t have an idea of how to have his own family. He might also not be ready to settle down.

Waste of time: The guy is in a different stage in his life than you are and might not be open to experiencing or understanding your situation.

Why Would A Guy Date A Single Mother?

The right type of man knows and understands that s single mom is just a regular woman and a whole person.

She is not just a mom. He should not assume that she has a lot of free time or that her whole existence is about her child. The right guy will ask for a date in advance and within the right time.

If he asks her out at the last minute, she might have a hard time looking for a babysitter and it’s not a good thing.

Also, he should know that if he is the right man, asking about her kids will not be weird or creepy. He is simply showing you that he is interested in you as a whole person, including being a mother.

However, it all works in the timing. If he tells you things like these too soon, you might feel like he’s a creep and rushing into things. Nevertheless, showing some appropriate interest as he gets to know you better is a positive and natural development.

The right man will not assume that a single mother is broke, seeking a new father for her children or desperate for sex. He knows that he’s not being interviewed as a potential parent.

He is being interviewed for his potential as a romantic partner. When the relationship evolves, being part of the family and the children will become a huge factor. On the contrary, it’s not something to consider on the first few dates.

Keep in mind that the right guy will not be afraid to admit that he hasn’t dated a single mom before if he hasn’t. If he has an open heart and mind, he is willing to learn.

Also, if you are a single mom just back into the dating scene and have an open mind and heart, you should also be willing to learn.

No matter how bad you might feel about yourself as a single parent, a lot of people are applauding you and there are men out there who see so much potential in you.

You shouldn’t think that being a parent is a bad thing when it comes to dating.

Actually, you will gain a lot of character and personality from it. You will stand out from other women.

It shows how loyal you are. It’s hard being a single parent and only the best ones can manage it.

 If you work hard at parenting, you will also work hard in your dating life.   Men will not ignore this and will always look forward to having someone who can treat them as they show them their love.[

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mostly it’s because single moms have their lives together.

They also know how to care and nurture for people in their lives. They are strong, dependable and independent. They know what they want.

They also know how to give and receive love without fail.

Coffee shop.

Most single moms don’t have enough time to sit around or go to happy hour after work. They might be in a rush to go and pick their children.

If you are always going to pick up coffee in the morning, you might be lucky enough to meet someone there.

Most men believe that single moms don’t have the time to date.

Also, most of them are not looking to raise another man’s child. Some are afraid of becoming attached to a child who isn’t theirs.

Lastly, they might not be looking for a serious relationship.

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