What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts You Late at Night

What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts You Late at Night

The so-called “talking stage” gets a pretty bad rep these days, but there is nothing sweeter than the start of a relationship when you stay up texting someone late at night about anything and everything.

It’s especially nice if they’re responsive and genuinely seem like they want to get to know you.

Once you’re in a relationship and know each other well, those late-night conversations are replaced with other experiences together and sometimes you even miss that honeymoon stage late night texting that has you reaching for an extra Starbucks or two in the morning.

But that morning slosh is worth it for the happy butterfly feeling you get when your phone buzzes and it’s a text from him!

Those early days can be so stressful, what even is the etiquette for texting late at night?

You’re probably sending your girlfriends a million and one screenshots and asking for advice on crafting the perfect response.

Wondering what all the late-night texts mean, and what the hell you even text a guy at night without going too far into the naughty territory.

Not that there is anything wrong with naughty texts, but sexts are their own category.

I mean, we gave them their own name and everything for a reason!

That’s where I come in, having had my share of late-night text sessions and ghost-written enough of my friends’ responses I’m pretty much an expert in the matter.

It’s tricky territory and can be confusing.

What does it mean if a guy texts you after 10pm or after 11pm?

How about after midnight?????

Late-night texts don’t always mean late-night conversations, there’s a huge difference between dropping someone a quick line and actively engaging in a conversation with them.

First of all, let’s tackle what it means.

If a guy is texting you that late at night and using full sentences (aka not a drunken “u up? cme thru” text) then it probably means he’s at least a little bit interested in you.

Or his XBOX is on the fritz. Who knows?

Men are an enigma.

But it probably means he’s interested in you, especially if he’s not a big texter otherwise.

I mean you wouldn’t take the time out of your day, and your night, to text someone you don’t care about getting to know.

Would you?

If you are, you probably shouldn’t. 

Texting Late at Night Etiquette

Late-night texting is an art, a delicate dance.

The best responses are of course crafted with two or three of your girlfriends, a bottle of wine and his Instagram page pulled up on someone’s phone.

It’s not like daytime texting, where you’re both probably at work and checking in throughout the day.

During the day you’re living your mundane life and nothing is very interesting. 

But at night everything is interesting and risque.

Maybe you’re texting him while sprawled out on a chaise lounge with a feathery fan in your hand and a lace garter around your thighs.

He doesn’t need to know you’re curled up on your couch in your old Victoria’s Secret Pink pajama pants, or his imagination can run wild.

But not too wild, you don’t want to veer too far into sexting (or maybe you do! But that is a whole ‘nother ball game.)

 Texting late at night is pretty much like every other flirtatious interaction with a man, you want to give just enough to pique his interest but not enough to distract him from any useful thought in his head.  

When you’re putting together your response to a question that he probably didn’t even give a second thought to, be a little cheeky.

It’s always fun to play up the flirt and see how a new man will respond.

Will he respond back?

Will it fly over his head?

It’s like Russian Roulette but with the lowest stakes ever.

What have you got to lose?

Send him a goodnight text that will make him smile, that’s always a good move.

Send him off to bed with an “I’ll think of you tonight” or hit him with a “I hope you dream of me.”

Cute and a little corny, but those early days are always a little corny.

Try a few of these best emoji to send to crush.

My best late night texting conversations have been about a topic I’m super interested in, like politics or Victorian Era cultural practices.

A guy at the start of a relationship will listen to you talk for hours on end about Morpheus’ latest collaboration if he has to.

I’m convinced the honeymoon phase turns all of our brains into soup.

One of my most successful late-night texting marathons ended up with me and my beau-to-be thinking up a whole hypothetical business plan.

I put together a deck while he designed a logo.

We spent three days arguing over the font and color of that logo. I don’t know where he is now but I hope that our business is doing well!

What I’m saying is that this is the time to be your true, authentic self.

Show him your personality, tell him about your passions and be genuine.

Nobody will want to continue a conversation with someone if they’ve had it a million times in the past year.

Bust out all your fun facts and anecdotes.

You might find them slightly embarrassing, but your quirks are what make you interesting. 

Of course, the flip side of that is listening to his unique passions and slightly weird obsessions.

And keep an open mind!

Maybe you just never got into football because the right guy never came along to take you to a game and show you how a real fan pre-games.

  Do you want to spend your time with a man who runs out of things to say after an hour?  

Or do you want to spend your time with a man who can talk for hours about the same thing and still make it interesting?

I know who I would pick. 

Obviously, it’s just the start, so don’t bust out all your personality quirks.

We’re not trying to scare anyone away here.

Definitely don’t be like me and tell your tinder date of the week all about your Kardashian conspiracy theories after a few bottles of Pinot.

Yea, I still cringe about that one.

Three paragraphs of unanswered texts about why Kylie and Jordan planned their falling out.

And I just. kept. going. Yikes!

Oh well, you live and you learn. 

What Do Late Night Texts Mean

Anyway, if he’s texting you late at night and being responsive it’s definitely a good sign.

It can mean that he has feelings for you, or he can see himself developing them.

If you feel the same way it’s always nice to have that confirmation.

Especially in the early days where the wind blowing a certain way can shake your confidence. 

Engage in conversation, and match his energy.

If he’s sending you cues that he’s interested and wants to know more then elaborate.

If he seems like he’s just passing the time between video games loading or whatever it is that men do, don’t waste your time.

Listen to him speak and send cues that you’re interested, and if he reciprocates then it can be the start of something great!

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