What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer (6 Outfits To Try)

What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer

The first day I went on a coffee date with my crush, who is now my fiance, I was confused about what to wear.

I wanted to look my best to my potential boyfriend.

We met on Facebook, and we decided to meet for the first time during my summer vacation.

It’s a day I will always live to remember because of how confident and beautiful I looked in my casual jeans, white crop top, and white sneakers.

Are you like me who was confused about what to wear on my first coffee date?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I want to help you look ravishing in whatever outfit you choose to wear on your coffee date.

But before I do that, I will like to tell you about three essential things you should always go on a coffee date with.

Wear your smile and confidence

There is no outfit I would recommend to you that won’t go well with your beautiful smile and confidence.

  • Your smile will help you look confident and make your coffee date feel comfortable around you.

It worked for me, and I am very sure it will work for you too.

Now that you know this gets ready to wear that beautiful smile of yours and confidence on your first or next coffee date.

Wear what you are comfortable in

Don’t go for just any outfit a friend suggests you wear. Wear what you are comfortable in.

If you wear a comfortable outfit, it will boost your confidence. If you are not comfortable in whatever you choose to wear, your date and other people will notice it.

Trust me; you don’t want that to happen to you.

You will end up ruining your coffee date.

So, whichever outfit you want to wear, always keep comfort in mind. It will help you make the right choice.

You can choose to go for anything that is casual and also makes you look stylish.

For instance, you can wear casual jeans, a pair of sneakers, and a beautiful top.

It is an excellent outfit idea for a coffee date in summer that you should try out.

Get your outfit ready a day before

Your date is someone you have been dying to meet with and talk to; it is a day that is worth preparing for.

So, I would advise you to choose your outfits on the day before your coffee date, so you won’t be confused over what to wear.

You can try as many outfits as you can a day before, but you may not have all the time in the world to do that on that particular day.

Check out our list of   summer coffee date outfit ideas  you should try out.

I’m sure you will love them.

I especially love the playsuit outfit.

Read on to learn why.

A crop top and denim short
What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer

This is a perfect denim short outfit you can wear to a coffee date in summer.

Since it’s too hot out there, wearing this will help you feel so good about yourself.

You can decide to leave your hair open and then wear a wristwatch if you want to, but it’s not necessary.

If you don’t like crop tops, you can choose to wear any white or light-colored off-shoulder top with your denim shorts underneath them.

If wearing denim shorts won’t make you feel comfortable, you can rock your top with a mini skirt.

If you ever get invited to his place, and you want to know what to wear to his place for dinner, I recommend this denim short outfit for the intimate occasion.

Summer jumpsuits and pencil heel
What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer

Are you wondering what to wear on a morning coffee date?

Summer jumpsuits are a great choice when you pair them with pencil heels.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you will be confident in what you are wearing.

If a pencil heel would make you feel less comfortable, you can pair your summer jumpsuits with white sneakers.

You can also wear classy silhouettes; it will go well with a lightweight jacket to give you that sexy look to impress your coffee date.

Always go for the right footwear that you can comfortably walk in because if you don’t wear one, it will affect the whole of your outfit.

Go all denim

If you are a plus-size female, and you don’t know what to wear on a coffee date, we’ve got you covered too.

You can choose to go all denim.

Denim is a fantastic outfit you can wear for a casual first date in summer as a female.

With denim, you don’t have to bother yourself about your size. It fits plus size or petite females.

So, what type of denim can you wear for that casual first date?

You can either wear a denim-overall (dungaree) with any color of top beneath, or you can simply wear any shade of top with a denim jacket over it and jeans beneath it.

A pair of white sneakers suit both of the outfit ideas perfectly.

But if sneakers are not your thing and you love high heels, please feel free to express yourself wearing them.

Also, if it is too hot in summer, wearing a denim jacket might make you sweat easily, so you can get a denim top half-sleeve to complement your dungaree look.

Or you can simply go without your denim jacket.

You don’t need a piece of jewelry, but if you feel you should, keep it as simple as you can. I’m not too big on jewelry; the least I wear most times is my wristwatch.

You can wear a single pendant with a simple chain; it will go well with your overall dress.

You can also add a sling bag and a Rolex watch to make yourself look simple but classy.

To make you look more ravishing, you can either choose to wear light makeup or go make-up free as I would suggest.

But it won’t be wrong if you can wear a bit of red lipstick and eyeliner.

A white or black playsuit with strappy sandals
What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer

This is a casual coffee date outfit you can wear in summer.

If you love wearing sandals, you should try wearing this on your first date with your potential boyfriend.

Do you know one beautiful thing I love about wearing playsuits?

I feel so comfortable in them. And I love wearing high heels with them.

Who says you can’t pair your playsuit with your pencil heels? You can.

As long as you can comfortably walk in them, feel free to wear them.

I would advise you to leave your hair flying, wear light make-up, and a piece of jewelry on your hand.

When your potential lover sees you in this outfit, he will drop dead.

A short floral dress

Floral dresses are usually cute, and wearing one for your coffee date is not a bad idea.

Since it’s summer and the place might be hot , you should wear a short sleeveless floral dress that you can easily breathe in.

If you want to look classy, try pairing your floral dress with a pair of heels for your coffee date.

To improve your look, you can add some jewelry to it. You can also wear a beautiful wristwatch with your floral dress if you have one.

 Make sure the color of your floral dress matches your skin tone.  

Specific colors fit any skin tone– royal blue, black, and white are part of them.

You can go for a half-sleeve floral dress if you don’t have a sleeveless one in your wardrobe. It’s your choice to make.

Make sure the color of your jewelry or sling bag, or pair of heels goes well with the colors of your floral dress.

A t-shirt and a short beneath it and a blazer over it
What to Wear on a Coffee Date in Summer

If you have a beautiful blazer in your wardrobe, you could wear it with black shorts and a white t-shirt as a coffee date outfit.

If you don’t want to wear a t-shirt with your sort, you could wear a crop top and throw your blazers on it–a chequered blazer would be a perfect choice for your denim shorts and a white tee.

A high-knee boot would match this outfit very well.

You could also go in a small black purse.

You don’t need to rock this classy coffee outfit idea with a piece of jewelry, but wearing a wristwatch and a brooch would look so cool on you.

You can pin your brooch on any part of your outfit; it could be on your hat, side pocket of the blazer you are wearing, or even your shorts’ pocket.

Feel Good About Yourself

There are many things you can wear on a coffee date but choose an outfit that fits your body type.

Don’t just go for an outfit that is trending. I wouldn’t say I like wearing trendy outfits.

You should try rocking any of these outfits for your coffee date if you want to blow the mind of your potential boyfriend.

 Remember, whatever you wear on your coffee date can either get him to keep thinking about you or stop thinking about you. 

On the actual coffee date, get ready on how to answer what are you looking for in a relationship. He could be asking this question!

Girl, blow the mind of that potential boyfriend of yours with your outfit. Make it happen and say goodbye to being single.

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