This Is What To Wear to His Place for Dinner – 5 Outfits

What To Wear to His Place for Dinner

I know how indecisive us girls can be when trying to pick the right outfit for that perfect dinner date at his house.

You finally got this date with this handsome guy, and he has invited you to his place.

Maybe he didn’t invite you over but you want to figure out how to invite yourself over to his house.

Either way, if this is your first time at his place, you want to what to wear to make a lasting impression.

I totally understand.

I love giving my girlfriends’ style advice and I practice what I preach as well.

I have tips (and outfits) for every occasion. I have been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember.

Sometimes it is good to glam up, and other times it is better to tone the outfit down a little bit.

Here is a full-proof guide on how you can be sexy, classy, and comfortable, no matter what you are wearing for dinner at his place.

I have created five different outfits based on common aesthetics – but trust me, I know there are a lot more.

Even if you might not feel like you are going for one of these vibes, still read about them because each category explanation contains helpful tips!

Here are the five outfits:

  • Bohemian Betty
  • Edgy Ella
  • Casual Chloe
  • Elegant Ellie
  • Artsy Anna

There are three rules I live by when picking outfits for going out to dinner:  always leave room for imagination, be yourself, and don’t overdo it

We want to feel comfortable on our first date, but we also want him to feel the same way.

First impressions mean everything for the future of your relationship.

What you wear, plays a significant part in that.

Odds are, you will be dining with someone who shares your same interests.

With that being said, dress the way you normally do but don’t forget these helpful tips and tricks either!

So, lets break down these outfits, and then you can pick which one is right for YOU!

Bohemian Betty
  • Are you down to earth?
  • Do you like the outdoors?
  • Are you always picking wildflowers and putting them in your hair?

Then you are probably a Bohemian Betty.

The perfect outfit for you is something that is colorful, bright, and enthusiastic.

Your clothes should reflect your vibrant personality.

A high-low, flowy, and colorful dress with a pair of casual flip flop sandals are perfect for your first date.

I know you want to rock the patterns, but for this occasion stick to bright solid colors.

A high-low wrap dress with a V-neck would leave room for the imagination. It is also a classy and bohemian style simultaneously.

I suggest orange, pink, or yellow because those colors are considered uplifting and attractive.

Edgy Ella
  • Are you into punk rock?
  • Do you like horror movies and thriller T.V shows?
  • Is your favorite color black?

Then I think you would like the Edgy Ella outfit for your first date.

The colors that you want to wear are black, bright reds, and/or purples.


You should wear a mini skirt (or shorts) with a form-fitting tee, or a fit-and-flare punk-rock dress.

Whichever one you choose; it should be short and be tight around the waist.

The tee should be black as well, but with some pizzaz to it, like bright red bold wording or a bright red logo.

If you have multiple piercings, rock those with this outfit! Don’t be afraid to wear some punk rock boots or black wedges!

Casual Chloe
  • Do you enjoy sipping tea and reading a book in the morning?
  • Does the next Harry Potter movie occupy your mind more than what outfit you are going to wear next?

Then I think you are a Casual Chloe.

We all have friends like this!

And they have great personalities, but sometimes their outfits don’t reflect that awesome side of them.

If you are a Casual Chloe, here are some tips on how to stay comfy, but look good at the same time.

You can stick with a comfy tee, but maybe wear a size smaller than you normally do, to where it is form-fitting.

Also, instead of knee-length shorts, opt-in for some high-waisted bow-tied shorts.

They are still comfy, but they also accentuate the waist. (If you are going for an hourglass figure, this will do the trick.)

Go for some pastel colors, like pale pinks and purples.

Don’t wear pale pink and pale blue together! (That looks like you are going to a baby shower.)

Spice up that outfit with a pair of hoop earrings and a simple necklace! (Necklaces that are too chunky draw his attention away from you. Large earrings will accentuate your jawline and make him look at your face more often.)

Don’t forget to think about what to bring to a dinner date at his house either!

This may be a good time to ask do guys like receiving flowers?

Always carry the essentials in a crossbody purse: lipstick, concealer, comb, (sanitary items if needed), etc. Flowers, too?

Elegant Ellie
  • Are you all about fine dining and arts?

  • Do you enjoy watching operas instead of the new reality T.V. series on Netflix?

Well, I totally relate.

I, too, am an Elegant Ellie.

I know a lot of times when we go on our first dates, we want to wear something like a long gown with a high neck, or a jumpsuit.

But not today ladies!

For our first date, we don’t want to appear business casual nor snob.

We want to be elegant, but not petty.


The outfit I recommend for a dinner date at his place is a fit-and-flare mid-length button-up dress that has a V-neck or a body-con dress with a slit on one side.

Again, let’s stick to simple plain colors like red, black, or a maroon color.

Colors like these are attractive and elegant. (NEVER EVER wear white on a first date. This isn’t your wedding, and you don’t want to insinuate that either).

For shoes, choose pumps.

Pair this outfit with a pair of stilettos (that you can walk in with confidence) that match the dress!

As far as jewelry goes, stick with the casual necklace that features a simple faux diamond and a pair of matching earrings.

Wear a bracelet that is simple (like a faux diamond bangle) on the hand that you don’t use most often.

We don’t want to wear our bracelets on our main wrist because it oftentimes will get in the way if we are nervous (and he will notice that more than likely).

Rings can be worn on either side, unless they are bulky, in which case wear it the same way you would the bracelet.

Artsy Anna

Now it is time for our last, but not least fashion icon.

  • Do you enjoy painting and drawing?
  • Does wearing the “craziest” things make you feel confident and nuance?

Then you are an Artsy Anna.

I used to be an Artsy Anna not too long ago, so I completely understand the hustle.

Abstract outfits and vintage accessories are unique for sure.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way.

mini dress

I had a date once, where he invited me to his house for dinner as well.

I decided to wear my vintage peacoat with Mary-Jane heels…it wasn’t the best choice.

I have learned that dressing artsy is good for a specific place and time, and your first dinner date isn’t one of those times.

So, let’s save the faux fur mink coat from the 80s for another time, and let’s try a different path.

For your first dinner date, you can still dress unique and be yourself of course.

But tone it down a little. I suggest a dress.

Not just any dress, let’s go for a unique style still: an A-line dress, with only one shoulder strap.

The shoulder being exposed will leave room for the imagination while being unique as well.

Also, a fit-and-flare dress is vintage and contemporary at the same time (this style never gets old).

 You will feel YOU and look sexy too. 

The fit and flare dress are perfect for all body types.

No matter how little or how much you work out, this dress gives that hourglass figure that most of us strive for.

Wear your personality, and do not be nervous.

Stay safe, and don’t forget your nice matching lingerie.

To some of you, it probably matters more what’s underneath the clothes…if you catch my meaning.

Last tip – If it doesn’t work out, he didn’t deserve you anyway!

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