What to Say When a Guy Asks How Wet You Are: 11 Dirty Tactics

What to Say When a Guy Asks How Wet You Are

Navigating the dating and courting world can be challenging, especially if you are a busy working woman.

It can be more difficult if you are an introvert; being an introvert makes it hard to communicate how you feel.

Getting the right man can be a blessing but what will keep the relationship working is better communication.

Communication makes it easier to express what you want and how you feel, but achieving open communication might be hard, especially if you are a busy person.

Sexting and getting romantically involved with your man can ignite the fire.

You should master words and actions that keep your sex life interesting. Moreover, you should listen to your man and learn communication cues that make you know what to say when a guy asks how wet you are.

Here are tips for open communication with your partner and how to keep your sex life healthy.

Tell Him You Miss Him

Even if you live with your partner, you can get cheeky by texting him frequently, and you can tell him how you miss him.

Send him sexy texts and photos that are provocative and if he is away from you, tell him you wish he were with you.

You can tell him you just got out of the shower and sitting in your bed thinking about him and don’t feel like dressing yet.

You will send a sexy photo, and if you are okay with sending a nude picture, then it is a perfect opportunity to send a nude.

However, if sending nudes does not entice you, you can wear a provocative, sexy outfit that will turn him on.

A sexy photo will make him know you want him, and you should hint directly that you need him by mentioning you need a massage and his soft touch.

You can even tell him you are not wearing any panty; this will turn on him sexually, and it will look like it was his idea.

If he asks how wet you are, tell him you have a spot on your dress.

Go on with detailed information on what you could do if you were with him; vivid fantasies about your man can make him think about you the whole day.

You can remind him about the last kiss you had and how it still gives you butterflies when you think about it, give him more compliments about how soft his lips feel against yours.

You can add more dirty compliments like how his eyes look sexy when he is on top of you and how this image is turning you on and making you wet every time you think about it.

If you are on a call, tell him that hearing his voice turns you in.

Create a Scenario

Moreover, you can create a scenario about what you could do if you were with him, explain how you could is him on the neck, let your hands wander on his face, down the chest, and into his pants.

Tell him how you could push him against the wall or into your bed and make the scenario very sexual by explaining how you could want him to handle you.

How you could love his hand caressing you, squeezing your ass, pinning your wrists, and curling your neck. Tease him more on how you could lift your dress, how you could grind against his cock without unpinning his pants.

How you could go down on your knees, staring at his face, and kiss his thighs. At this point, he will beg you for your body, and it is the perfect time to cut the scene.

Use These Dirty Tactics
  • Tell him you want him inside you, this makes the man know how wet you are, and he will want you to be thinking about their penis.
  • Tell him you miss his taste, and your man will be amused by being your tasty treat.
  • Tell him you are not wearing any panty; this makes them know that you are ready for them any time, and they will rush home straight from work. He will know you are yearning for him and that you are sexually attracted to him. The ability to make you wet is an attribute your man wants to achieve, and they would be delighted to know that they spark the fire in your soul.
  • Use a foreign language, especially one that he understands; anything said in a foreign language can make your man ready for you. Foreign accents can make everyday words sound sexy, and you should aim at creating a sexy mood whenever possible.
  • We are animals, and telling your man you miss his smell on you will ignite his instincts, making him think about you. When a man knows that his smell turns you on, it makes him know that you love him wholeheartedly and your heart belongs to him.
  • Stroke his ego by telling him you want him to fill you; this will make him as hard as they think about how they will sexually satisfy you. They could also pick cues on how to treat you by being a present partner at all times.
  • Tell him every time you see him, you drip with wetness, as he could love to be a sex god; when you make him know how excited you are about being with him, he would feel special. Your man would love to know that he turns you on and that his presence feels a void in you.
  • Tell him he has been a bad boy, telling him he has been a bad boy can uplift his sexual spirit, as men want to know that they are still ahead of their game and being a bad boy ensures that they are in the right place sexually.
  • Tell him you cannot stop thinking about him, ensure that he knows that he is an important part of your life and his thoughts linger in your mind when you are going on with everyday activities.
  • Thinking about your man makes him realize he is special to you. He should feel he is special, and you can make it clear that the thought of him makes you wet. If he is away, you can tell him you carve his touch and presence. If he is at work, he will ensure that he comes home straight as he feels needed.
  • Tell him you had the dirtiest dream about him and go on about the dream details; when a man knows that you think about him even in your dreams, they can feel they are important to you.
If You Are With Him, Keep Things Moving

If a man asks you if you are wet, it can be a hint that they want you right away, and you can tell him you are already turned on.

You can whisper in his ear how much you want him and how you missed him when he was away.

You should not make him feel like you have mixed feelings about how you feel. A man would feel good knowing that you want him, and the knowledge can turn him sexually.

He will take a hint which much can make him swing into full action.

Sometimes actions are better than words, and you can guide his hand down there, and when he feels the wetness, it will turn him on.


Let your man know you think about him even when he is far away from you by creating a sexual scenario that will be hard for him to resist joining the fantasy.

You will not have any problem on how to keep your man happy in bed.

If he asks if you are wet, you can tell him you already yearn for him to fill you.

Moreover, if he is with you, you can keep things moving by ensuring that he gets all the sexual hints and let him take the lead

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