When a Guy Cries at the Thought of Losing You – [Do This!]

When a Guy Cries at the Thought of Losing You

Let’s set the scene: you are sitting across from him and laying out your reasons for wanting to move on.

He’s been crossing boundaries, not respecting or listening to your needs, and you are over it. 

“We’re done,” you say. 

And he starts to sob. 

 OMG! I made my boyfriend cry! Why is he crying in front of me? What should I do?! 

Well, girl, I’m here to tell you all about what to do when a guy cries about losing you, why he cried in front of you, and what it all could mean. 

This article will cover the basics of how to handle a man who begins to cry when you break up or have hard conversations. 

Read on to better understand your man and the tearshe shed. 

Reasons He Might Be Crying In Front Of You

When A Man Cries Because He Loves You

Your man crying in front of you could be a great sign.

We all love a guy unthreatened by toxic masculinity.

Crying at your prom entrance or at the sight of his bride walking down the aisle, these are signs of love, strength, empathy, compassion, and other attributes you want to look for in a man.

Sometimes, tears are a good thing! 

You’ll be able to recognize when a man cries because he loves you, because the tears will also come with respect.

Even during a tough conversation or break up, he will listen to your needs and respect your decision, though it may crank up his emotional fire and start the waterworks. 

When A Man Cries To Manipulate You

Sometimes a man is not crying because he loves you, but because he hopes to manipulate you.

Yes, men can cry after a breakup.

In fact, I hope they do, we all need to express our emotions outwardly.

If he cried in front of you when you broke up, that’s expected. 

However, crying can be used as a form of emotional manipulation, especially when the non-crying partner is empathetic and the comforter of the relationship.

When a man cries in front of you and uses those tearsto change your mind, your requests like my boyfriend won’t cut ties with his ex or my boyfriend has dirty pictures of his ex and you want him to stop it, or to persuade you to stay with him, that is when we have a problem. 

What Does It Mean When A Man Cries In Front of  A Woman

When I was a younger woman, I had a boyfriend break down crying in front of me – this happened more than once.

In fact, this happened every time I brought up a hard conversation or something I was uncomfortable with.

He didn’t just cry in front of me when we broke up.

For example, at one point I asked him to stop comparing me to other female “friends” he hung out with.

He’d constantly say their outfits were cuter than mine or make comments about all the men who hit on them.

I asked him to stop as it made me uncomfortable and feel insecure to be directly compared to women I didn’t even know.

When I asked him this, he began to cry in front of me. 

“Do you really think so little of me,” he asked, “Do you really not trust me?”

The answer was no, and I shouldn’t have. 

It turned out this man was a master manipulator. Later when I asked myself, “why did he cry in front of me?”

I realized that he had cried in front of me every time he wanted to change my mind.

Crying was his tool and he used it to garner my sympathy and get me to apologize for having needs and boundaries. 

He told me he cried because he loved me, but these were not the tears of a man in love.

They were the tears of a man who knew how to weaponize his “pain” to get what he wanted: a relationship where he was in control.

Sometimes when a man cries in front of a woman, it really does exhibit his sensitive love for the woman.

However, other times the tears are merely a way to control the relationship.

What To Do When A Guy Cries In Front Of You

You probably just dropped some big news on the man.

Most likely, this has not been a fun conversation and both of you are feeling a lot of big emotions and stress.

The tears have come after arguing and weeks of trying to get him to hear you.

Here are some things to remember when a guy cries in front of you: 

  1. Stay true to yourself. You just expressed a need, boundary, or decision that you made for the betterment of yourself. Do not let his tears take that from you. Remember why you are in this position in the first place, and why you needed to have the conversation that started the water works. 
  2. Remain empathetic. To understand why he is crying, you need to be empathetic and look at the conversation from his perspective. Consider his emotions and why he reacted in this way to your requests or boundaries. However, remember that you can be both empathetic and steadfast at the same time. Empathy doesn’t mean you need to revoke your needs. 
  3. Be willing to repeat yourself. Through his tears, your man may push back on some of the points you brought up. Hear him about, but also be willing to repeat yourself. If this relationship is important to him, he will want to hear you out. If it is not, the tearscould simply be a way to manipulate you into giving into his way. 

The most important thing is to make sure you do not cave.

Boundaries and needs are an important aspect of any relationship, especially a romantic one.

The right man will not only meet, but exceed your needs, and respect your boundaries.

Conversations like this won’t end in tears, but rather compromise and mutual understanding.

If he isn’t doing that, move on, queen. 

Why Did He Cry In Front Of Me?

This is the question you need to ask if you’ve made your boyfriend cry.

Why is he crying in front of me?

What are the reasons for the tears?

If the tearsare truly out of love and fear of losing a good woman, they will be paired with respect, compassion, and listening.

However, if they are paired with blaming, requests to take back your words, or attacks, those tears are a weapon. 

Not every crying man is trying to manipulate you, but the ones who are are the ones you need to be aware of.

Remember to respect yourself first.

 Your comfort is the key to your happiness and the right man will ensure that you are comfortable and happy within your relationship.  

Go out there and keep on dating, my friend! Your man is waiting! 

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