When a Guy Double Texts You (This Is What Means)

When a Guy Double Texts You

He may double text because he is truly interested in you just as much as you are in him.

Or maybe he is double texting due to being some clingy possessive type of guy. But how do you know if he is or not.

How do you know if he is doing it because he is interested versus doing it because he has other motives.

Is it ok to double text? Is it the new norm? What are some positives versus negatives of double texting? And do you double text?

You may think that it is something you don’t do but I can reassure you that you do.

Have you ever joined a dating app, such as Tinder, and met a hot guy you are truly interested in?

The conversation is amazing but you have moments when your conversation starts to slow down.

You even have moments when you become busy at work, or maybe with some friends, and haven’t noticed the multiple messages sent to you from your new interest.

You start to freak out a little wondering why there are so many messages from this one hot guy.

You even tell yourself, “please don’t let this become another clingy yet possessive person. Ugh, what is he doing? Why did he text me multiple times before I have had a chance to respond?”

What your new hot guy has done is sent you a double text.

Double texting is a modern dating etiquette. Or is it not?

What Is Double Texting?

Double texting is when a guy sends you or you send him multiple text messages without giving one another the opportunity to reply within a specific time frame.

 When a guy double texts you don’t let your mind automatically assume the worse .

There are actually some positive points to double texting, believe it or not!

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Positives of double texting
  • Your new hot guy is really interested in you. He believes you are the most beautiful woman in the world. He is really into your personality because you are different from most. He sees you for your worth and wants to keep your attention because you have his to the utmost fullest.
  • He enjoyed the way you were able to keep up with your conversation. After all, no one wants a dull conversationalist. He doesn’t someone who is boring and you have shown him you are far from being a boring individual. So, he sends you multiple messages because he likes the flow of your conversation.
  • He is interested in knowing more about you. It’s been a long time since he engaged in a conversation with someone he was interested in. This time he may believe he has found the one but he needs and wants to know more. Maybe he feels it is too good to be true.
  • He wants to take you on another date soon but he wants to test the waters because he wants to make sure you don’t have such a busy lifestyle. Are you able to maintain enough time for him or is your life so busy that once you place a title to your relationship he will still feel single anyways
Negatives of double texting
  • Double texting can become overwhelming. He may easily push you away by texting too much. He starts to seem a little too clingy. You feel like you can’t breathe. Nobody wants a clingy individual. But you could also tell him that but do it in the right way.
  • He starts to show a possessive side. Anger issues through words. He doesn’t know when to stop. He is sending messages such as “where are you?” “are you still at work?” “hello” “hey.” “why are you not responding to me?” This is a red flag. A red flag for you to open your eyes and know when to let him go.
  • It seems like he is trying to control the way your conversation flows. He doesn’t give you time to respond. It seems like he doesn’t want to hear about your day or something funny you may have seen throughout your day. You can still through your own thoughts in there. You could either include it into your response to his question or statement. Or send your thoughts and then respond to the message he already sent you. It is almost like having two conversations going on but just with one person.
  • When he double texts you and you have yet to respond, he may feel like you are blowing him off. This can cause him to become uninterested in furthering any form of relationship with you.

It may be a little easier to understand double texting, if you have done it yourself. I am sure you have.

Don’t lie girl, you know you have done it a time or two. You probably do it with your ex!

But should you double text your ex?! Hmm, this is an interesting question, is it not!

Should I Double Text My Ex?

Honestly, it depends.

You could double text if you still care and you just want to know how they are doing.

But do you really want to double text an ex. Double texting an ex can go wrong in so many ways.

 Double texting an ex can lead to your ex believing you may want them back.  You are giving too much of yourself to them at one time.

Do not do that! Girl he is an ex for a reason. Okay!

Do not give him too much of a conversation! Double texting may show him he is truly on your mind girl.

Do you really want that or do you want him back?!

If so, you should really weigh out your options.

You should also compare the pros and cons on why your relationship ended with him in the first place.

Weighing out your options sounds better to me. You can double text on tinder instead of double texting that ex of yours.

Should you double text if left on read?

You have to learn these rules to double texting!

When a Guy Double Texts You

Double Texting Rules

Rule #1

  • Give him enough time to respond. Wait at least 4-5 hours. That way, if he is at work, he has enough time to go on break, check his phone, and send you the response you were looking for.

Rule #2

  • Stop giving off a clingy type of vibe. Girl, if he is interested in you, you will not lose his attention. If anything you are going to push him over the edge with all of those words coming his way. If you don’t like him double texting, I can almost guarantee he doesn’t like it either. Stop smothering him.

Rule #3

  • Stop overwhelming him. If he sends you a message stating he has had a long day and he just wants to relax. Let him. Don’t overwhelm him with multiple messages. He will talk to you when he is ready to. You may want to know what happened or what is going on with him but give him some time to clear his thoughts.

Rule #4

  • Stop showing so many of your insecurities upfront. Double texting can sometimes give off the wrong vibe. It can show you have trust issues. He doesn’t want to see you have trust issues when he is still trying to get to know you.
  • Example: “hey, how are you?” “are you out with some friends?” “hey, haven’t heard from you?” “you must have had a pretty busy day?” “what are you doing?” Sending these messages back to back and in that order, doesn’t look too good on your part.

When it comes to the rules of double texting, you have to know what to say and not to say.

When he double texts you, you have to know how to decipher the difference between someone who truly cares versus someone who may be clingy or obsessive and possessive.

How to Double Text on Tinder

Go about double texting smoothly.

Start off with introducing yourself and go from there.

“Hey, my name is __. I see we are a match.”

“I read your bio and really believe we have some things in common.”

Don’t go overboard when it comes to double texting on tinder.

If you start off with hey or hello with your first text and then send another text with a question or statement then you may not sound like such a pushover.

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You may not seem clingy or desperate.

A lot of individuals believe double texting is wrong.

As if it is something you should absolutely not do. But that is not always necessarily the case.

If you are one who does not like when a guy double texts you then let him know. You don’t have to be rude about it.

Don’t say “hey, could you stop double texting me already!”

Instead say “hey, I’m a little busy right now but as soon as I get the chance I will respond to you. I hope you are having a great day. I will talk to you later.”

This may stop him from sending multiple messages while waiting on your response.

It doesn’t take much to respond.

Even when you are busy.

It takes less than a minute to respond and let a guy know that you are in fact busy. Just do it the right way.

Don’t let him feel as if you are blowing him off.

If you are unable to decipher the difference between whether a double text is ok or not, do not hesitate to ask for an opinion.

Providing a screenshot of the conversation, when asking for an opinion, would be better.

It gives more of a feel when reading through the conversation and helps others to figure out if the guy is in fact clingy, obsessive, possessive or genuinely caring.

 Have fun with tinder and know that sometimes it is ok to double text and sometimes it is not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is, after all, double messaging, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Double texting doesn't always have to imply that you're clingy and desperate to your date.

You should convey your interest in them in a subtle yet powerful manner.

If a guy is truly interested in you, he may not even wait for you to send him a text.

To be honest, you shouldn't always expect a guy to initiate a text conversation with you, but if he does, it's a good sign that he likes you.

He can also submit several messages that go unanswered.

Sending six text messages in a row is perceived as "clingy" or "needy" on average.

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