What Does It Mean When a Guy Touches Your Private Area

What Does it Mean When a Guy Touches Your Private Area

Have you ever been in the situation where on a car ride home or out at a restaurant and you find that your date’s hand has inched up your leg to touch your lady parts?

This can be pretty awkward for shy girls and the relatively uninitiated.

So, what does it mean when a guy grabs your crotch?  This means that the guy is feeling frisky, and confident enough to let you know physically that he is interested if you are feeling the same way. 

Do you know what to say when a guy asks how wet you are, after him being all touchy feely?

I’ll just get into a few different situations as to what this can mean for you, as a single woman, and what you can do about it.

Should I let my Boyfriend Touch my Private Parts

Let’s say you are a single gal who has been in the dating scene for a bit and is out on a date with one of the guys or even with a guy friend that you have been spending a lot of time with, and his hand magically finds it way to your personal area.

I’ve been in this situation before a few times, especially when I was younger. It’s not exactly the easiest figuring out how into you a girl is, but date 3 and after is a pretty sure sign she is into what you have going on, and might be interested in more.

So there may be hand holding, kissing, and just general physical contact like touching shoulders in the line for a ticket, or a knee touching yours under the table, but no discernable sexual advance.

Some girls I noticed are less assertive in their approach and prefer to let the guy take the lead when it comes to initiating sexual advances.

Maybe you are timid and don’t feel too confident in this aspect of yourself, maybe that is why you are reading this article. Which is perfectly fine, you as a girl or woman may just need to grow into this part of yourself.

So I’ll just go ahead and clue you in.

He wants you.

This can be a make it or break it point for some guys and girls. If you are on the fence about him and aren’t interested in taking it further this might be a good time to snap it off.

But, you have all the control.

And it’s a good time to test his control.

Female Power

Okay, so what I mean when I say that you as a single girl have all the control and are now in the position to test this, is that by touching your “down there” he is putting the ball in your court.

In this way he is asking what you think about taking it further and trying to hedge his bets when it comes to getting lucky.

It’s almost innate knowledge that these parts of the body, both male and female, cause arousement and attraction, so by touching a person there you signify that you want to be touched in the same way.

Ultimately, in touching your private area he is hoping to uncover some latent sexual attraction that could be hidden.

He’s wanting to take it further but he wants to know how you feel about taking it to the next step.

See, this is a great way to test this boy’s commitment, is he in this for the sex, or in it for you?

Unless you are just wanting to ride this guy like a wild bronco, this is a good time to let him know, verbally, that you are willing and wanting to get between the sheets, but maybe not today.

Pump the brakes a little bit and test his reaction to see where his intentions are. I know many guys that will snap off a relationship or just get downright mean or act like a little boy if their sexual advances get spurned.

It doesn’t matter if this guy is a doctor, or wealthy, or how handsome he is. This is a telltale of how he will treat you later down the road.

You certainly don’t want to get locked into a relationship with a person who doesn’t treat you with the respect you deserve.

However, some men, like the company I prefer to keep, will be total gentlemen about it.

Now that they know where they stand and feel 100% secure about your intentions, they will continue to invest into the relationship regardless of sex or not.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at Your Private Area

Now, have you ever been out in public and noticed that a guy is checking you out hardcore, and that his eyes are lingering on your private areas.

 He is undressing you with his eyes. 

This is a key sign that he is attracted to you and he is trying to see how he feels. So if you noticed this, and find him attractive, this is a good time to exchange numbers.

Here in the South, men are expected to make all advances, so if a girl came up to me after I checked her out and gave me her number.

It’d be harder not to take the hook line and sinker.

Assertive women are highly attractive.

Stranger Danger

Let’s cover the not so sexy part of this topic.

If a stranger grabs your crotch it means one thing, that guy finds you sexually attractive and wants to get after that and clearly has no respect for you as a person.

I personally can’t find any tactic more offensive, or display a complete or brazen lack of tact, or empathy

I’m a man, and a bit of a whore at that. That still does not excuse the act, it’s rather reprehensible. It shows lack of intelligence, control, and social awareness.

Nothing can really say more about the depth of that person’s moral fiber.

I have never seen this work out well for the offender and it is purely sexual assault.

Either you are dealing with a total overcompensating dickwad, who deserves to have a legal action taken against them, though they likely won’t learn. Or you are dealing with someone who is inebriated past common sense. 

If you are a server or at a bar out for a drink and some putrescent useless bag of meat pulls this stunt on you, call the police and pursue that guy through the legal system. 

If you are in a position where defending yourself as a woman legally or publicly puts the fear of you losing your job, then you need to find another job. Which I have also seen from servers who have been the object of aggressive sexual attention at work.

So distance yourself, find support, and file a report

Someone who is that brazen is liable to react aggressively or violently. Don’t take risks. 

Also find your fist loaders.

That big ole boy who is a sweetheart washing dishes in the back might just have a hard-on for being a white knight. 

Remember this is sexual assault, and men who act that way need to be treated like dogs who never learned to not jump on strangers.

I used to work as a chef before I became a writer. Currently, cheffin’ is a largely male dominated and highly charged atmosphere. So either it be in the kitchen or out on the floor, this is a disappointingly common occurrence.

For instance I have seen and heard of male and female coworkers both being the offender and being offended when it comes to crotch grabbing. 

Don’t let yourself become a victim.

Flower Power!


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