Why Do Guys Ask How Far You’ve Gone? Uncovered

Why do guys ask how far you’ve gone?

You are dating a new guy. After several dates, you will likely hear him ask, “How Far Have You Gone?”

Your concern when dating is, why do i attract guys who would want to sleep with me?

Now you are wondering, do guys care about your body count?

Although this may make you feel uncomfortable, it is something guys do. Most guys ask how far have you gone to know how far they can get with you. Period.

However, this is not always the case. He could be a creepy guy who walks around looking at “fine” ass, so all he wants is the conversation to move onto sex because this is all he wants.

If the guy you are dating asks you anything intimate about your past relationships, you should be very cautious about answering. After all, you don’t need to tell any guy too personal stuff until you are at least in a relationship with him.

In this article, you learn how to handle this question that guys tend to ask more often than not.

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Do Guys Care How Many Guys You’ve Slept With

Females excel at being two-faced, so it is no surprise that most questions from guys get flak before they are a positive compliment.

If the guy you’re dating asks anything intimate related to your previous relationship, there is always a reason for asking.

Potential reasons why do guys ask how many guys you’ve slept with include;

Reason 1 He just wants to know how far you have been and where he can potentially get with you. If the guy really likes you, the truth is that he doesn’t go out with you based on how far you did with other guys.

Reason 2 He may be sexually obsessed, and all he wants is to make the conversation sexy. Getting this question from a guy you have been with for a significantly short period sends a big red flag. You better not answer, especially if you are not comfortable talking about it.

Reason 3 The guy has run out of questions, and because he couldn’t find anything to say, he ends up asking something stupid.

First off, in an ideal world, your platonic relationship matters as much as romantic or sexual relationships do.

You should also understand the things that occur in a guy’s mind, especially if you start new to each other and the dating world.

Men barely complicate things, meaning they ask questions for the purpose of knowing the answer, not a means of telling you anything.

Humans are naturally curious, with some males being hyper-concerned about their health. STD check, anyone?

Besides, we are living in a society where there is enormous pressure to be a female’s “first,” which is a large part of males’ insecurity.

Let’s be honest: societal pressure spares no one, and every honest man will be upfront to enquire about anything that may compromise your relationship.

After all, how can a guy find out about your history without asking? To hire help? Or sneak behind your back?

What should you do if a guy asks how far you have gone?

He asks, “how far have you gone with a guy?” This is a question, and, as always, it has an answer.

Considering that this is a question you expect or, if I were to say it more casually, a guy thing, it is good to know what to do whenever you receive it. In either case, you have the option to answer or not.

 Depending on how comfortable you are discussing personal stuff, you can just answer the question or let the guy know how you feel about it.  If you tell him you’re not comfortable and he stops, he is probably a good guy.

Different women act differently when asked for personal stuff, depending on how they trust the guy asking.

If you like the guy, be truthful when answering, unless you are shooting back with something sarcastic. What is worse is lying to him for something he will certainly find out later. Don’t be like this: I lied about how many guys I’ve been with.

Although a guy who likes you shouldn’t care about how far you have gone with other guys, any man might get turned off and fail to pursue the relationship should you answer be a number with double digits.

Sorry, but a scary answer like I’ve slept with 1000 guys may send a good guy away.

A man who cares and respects you (your body) might not want to be with you if he realizes you’ve done a lot with guys – no good guy wants to date a sperm dumpster.

If it is a whole sexual obsession, the guy might stick around the topic longer than necessary.

Long story short: be careful with your answer and who you are telling the answer to. It might hurt forever sharing your personal information with a guy who will start blabbing the info around.

Will he think of you differently when you tell him how far you have gone?

You can’t build a relationship on a bunch of lies. So, don’t lie to him, especially if you feel both of you like each other. Because you cannot change your past, there is no need to hide it from a person you want to build a relationship with.

Note: If you must tell a guy anything about your past relationships, make sure your response protects you.

If you are comfortable with the guy and answer the question, the likelihood of him changing his thoughts about you immensely depends on what you tell him. Your honesty should not worry you, provided the question was not a test to bed you.

Some guys will not even bother, but most guys want to have a virgin or a girl who has not been around very much. Above all, it is your life, meaning you control how you live it.

If you have been dating for quite a while and your guy has been pretty patient and honest, he is probably a good guy. Although it can be disturbing to hear him ask some questions regarding your past relationships, if any, it is something that males usually do.

A guy who likes you and with whom you have been dating for quite a while might be worth your answer, provided you’re comfortable talking about it.

 Always be cautious not to share personal stuff with people who don’t like you or who may go talking mindlessly. 

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