Definite Guide To Why Do Guys Like to Be Inside a Girl

Why Do Guys Like to Be Inside a Girl

I always know when my boyfriend love to be inside me and it can be in different ways:

  1. I can feel his dick throbbing and twitching inside me each time a spurt of semen leaves his dick.
  2. He tells me so like ‘babe, I’m cummmmming’
  3. He asks, ‘where do you want it?’
  4. His breathing gets heavier and he pants louder than any other time during our lovemaking.
  5. He fucks me harder and faster like a stallion.
  6. He bends down to kiss me and I am thinking to myself, ‘hey man, you’re biting my lips off!’
  7. Or he bends down to try to suck on my tits.
  8. He suddenly stops and collapses on me and just lay on top of me saying, ‘you’re the best’.

With most partners that I’ve had cum inside me I could feel when it was happening.

First, I can usually tell that they’re getting close.

Their breathing becomes more rapid, their body seems to tense up, their thrusting becomes more driven, and I can usually feel their cock getting even harder and seemingly a little larger.

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When they can’t hold back any longer most will sink their full-length balls deep into me and stay, their pubic bone pressing firmly against mine.

Does It Feel Good When You Grind on a Guy?

Then I feel their cock come alive, pulsing and throbbing, and I know then that pumping his seed into me.

Often times after that second or third pulse I may be able to feel the warmth of his creamy treasure as he continues until he’s finished.

Afterward, I can definitely feel the additional wetness and slipperiness inside me, assuring me I have just been filled with sperm.

Also, I can often feel it trickling out of me to puddle in my wet spot soon after his cock slips out of me.

You will feel their penis getting harder, their thrusting getting quicker and deeper, their face will have a deep concentration on it and their eyes tend to go out of focus.

Many men will tell me they are coming but if they don’t most will grunt or moan at the moment of ejaculation and that’s when I know for sure when I feel their semen pulsating into my body and warmth begins spreading deep within me.

When A Man Wants to Be Inside You

Firstly, I believe they’ve been wired by nature to want to cum in us.

After all, it is required for getting us pregnant.

Secondly, it’s quite obvious that it feels really good for them.

I can say that every guy who wants to be inside me seemed to utterly enjoy pumping his load deep inside me.

I’m pretty confident it has something to do with the feel of my pussy sheathing and gripping the full length of his cock as he’s cumming.

Also, I think it gives them some sense of ownership.

By pumping us full their seed, they’re marking us as their pussy.

 It IS the pinnacle of pleasure, but there is a deeper primal urge to it that drives and satisfies the emotion.  

It is to ensure that as much ejaculate as possible is placed as near to the entrance of the female womb as possible and the still erect penis that is filling the vagina helps to keep any from sliding out.

This is a basic instinct.

Nature, helping to ensure the continuation of the next generation and at the moments of ejaculation, (an exquisite pain, which feels like hot porridge being pumped through the abruptly more rigid penis, preceded by a bolt of energy, from the soles of the feet to the top of the scalp that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles to spasm and contract rapidly) there is a primal, subconscious compulsion to push and push as far into the vagina as possible, probably to help these tiny tadpoles swim the least distance.

This powerful instinct is not a choice, but a primeval urge, obeyed by most males.

It takes a strong conscious effort to pull out.

Clinical research carried out found that ejaculation releases a chemical in a portion of the brain that gives feelings of warm comfort and deep satisfaction, similar to a “hit” of heroin or cocaine, making it equally addictive.

In my experience, it also evokes a very satisfying feeling to the female, from the intensity of this `Finale`!

Yes, guys do it for pleasure, but nature has made it a fabulously pleasurable reward, luring them to do it again and again.

There’s PLEASURE as well as there’s DEEPER CONNECTION too.

First of all, why would not the guy finish inside you?

Why would you stop him before ejaculation?

You have already given him full access inside you, he’s jerking in your ass.

There’s already his pre-cum and your secretions too (he’s not wearing a condom).

So if it’s for pregnancy or STD – no, you’ve already come across those barriers.

It’s nearly the same potential whether it’s precum or the final cum.

Believe me.

Where Do Guys Like to Finish

So you (the girl) are having two options –

  • You let him finish inside of you. You feel your vagina getting filled with your loved one’s cum. He will enjoy this a lot.
  • You stop him from ejaculating inside you. Neither you nor him will finish it with the same excitation it started with. Both of you will feel dry even after so much of it.

You should give him the fulfillment, let him finish in the way he wants.

You may have to bear a little hard at the end, few slaps on your butt.

Maybe he’ll pull your hair tight, grab your ass, or caress your boobs (to pass on the extreme level of pleasure).

But believe me, both of you will be very satisfied after all of this.

Imagine what you feel inside your mouth is happening inside your body.

He tries to get a few inches deeper, and you feel him hot inside you.

He starts cumming.

You feel it makes you wet.

You feel it’s going up and fills you from inside.

He continues jerking and it makes the whole of you wet, the walls of your vagina.

Literally, it feels much more than what you can imagine.

And for the guy, it’s heaven.

You can also ask him not to do it inside if you don’t like it (but who doesn’t), because it’s all your consent and mutual interaction between him and you.

Now comes why he wants to finish inside you:

It’s been 60% of optimum pleasure, 30% of emotion that he is cumming inside his loved one’s ass and the rest 10% is a connection between you and him that will get stronger each time.

Remember, at first you probably didn’t like to have it inside ur mouth.

Later on, you started liking it.

The same way you’ll start loving it.

So, if he wants to feel you, let him do it, of course, if you really want.

 Ejaculating inside a pussy is the best feeling he can ever have.  

The orgasm is really intense and comes in the best part of sex, you feel in heaven.

When he comes outside it is like jerking off, you cut the moment.

But in sex, he is moving his cock so fast that you feel like an explosion, ejaculating while pulling up and down and hugging you so hard.

Anytime my boyfriend cums inside me.

We both have an orgasm at the same time, and it’s awesome.

What if my boyfriend wants me to get tested before having sex with me?

Read on and find out…

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