Why Do Guys Make It Obvious When They Check You Out: All the Info You’ll Ever Need to Know

Why Do Guys Make It Obvious When They Check You Out

All girls deserve to find a perfect match for their dreams, and for some, he might be closer than you thought.

Guys are always around, meaning you can pick one from the bunch, provided they are single.

Let’s get it straight; most men love checking girls out.

Beyond the social circles and college, places that guys want to meet and check out women are the bars, museums, and coffee shops. In fact, the most obvious place is the gym, and you really want to know the 5 tips on How Do You Know If A Guy Is Checking You Out At The Gym.

More so, if a guy is checking you out, there is a high chance you will notice. The problem is that some girls are a little naïve and often miss these clues.

However, it does not always mean he is checking you out when he looks at you.

This article goes through everything you need to know about guys checking a girl out.

5 Signs Someone Is Checking You Out

When a hot guy checks you out, there is a chance he is checking you out, but this is not always the case.

For certainty, there are signs that will certainly prove the guy is checking you out. Some of the signs to watch for including

  • He stares at you

If a guy is actually checking you out, he could as well stare at you. Guys can stare at you to make it obvious they are interested in you and because they want you to notice.

  • He is looking at your body up and down

This is a sure sign that he is checking your curves and goods. This guy obviously checks you out. Let’s hope it is not creepy!

  • He looks and smiles at you

If a guy looks at you in the eyes and smiles at you, he is obviously checking you out and does not feel afraid to do so. They are checking you out confidently. Also, how he smiles at you will show his personality.

  • He looks away quickly when you look towards him

If he hurriedly looks away when you look towards him, it means he was looking at you and did not want you to see. In other words, he was checking you out.

  • He nudges his friend

When a guy chats with his friend and then looks at you, he checks you out and wants his friends to see how hot you are. Most men cannot seem to see a beautiful girl they like without letting their buddies know.

How Can You Tell If A Guy Is Checking You Out

Naturally, guys are the chasers that should approach the opposite sex and hence will often make it obvious when checking you out.

There is hence nothing wrong with the guy making it obvious they are checking you out.

When a guy checks you out, whether obviously or discreet, it means they find you attractive.

If I am interested in a girl, I will often smile or smirk to show them I am interested.

When I don’t have interest, I will look in another direction so that my face will not be towards the girl.

When a guy doesn’t hide it when they check you out, this showcases how confident he is to woo you. The guy has no insecurities and shows himself out to you, which might mean he has nothing to lose, and he is optimistic he will get you.

Overall, it means that you have attracted him and got him excited. Girls love being chased; hence, they will often do other things that signal to the guys they want to approach them.

Do Guys Actually Believe You Don’t Notice They’re Looking at You

Totally yes! Most guys think they are clever and that a girl has no idea they are glaring at them.

We are not sure of the exact number or percentage, but because we have also been caught many times and we know guys who do it too, it is obvious there are lots of guys out there.

However, something you are probably not aware of this staring and looking; most guys want to get caught.

 When a guy sneaks glances at you , he wants you to notice he is attracted to you, and giving a sneaky look is his way of saying.

When He Looks At You When You’re Not Looking

The ‘catch me please’ look is a guy’s way of avoiding the actual approach to a girl and trying to tell them to approach them first.

These guys lock eyes with the girl and look at them as they pass by, and when nothing occurs, they get disappointed, pissed off or a little upset because the chance to get the girl did not fall into plan.

However, let’s not forget about those guys that are already taken and are just checking you out.

Some guys have the fear that only gets worse. They will get the urge to catch a girl’s attention and think this time will be different, but when the time comes, they do nothing, making it even harder next time.

Imagine a guy doing this for years with all the failed approaches; you will understand why it gets more challenging each time it does not happen.

Believe it or not, some guys don’t actually know they are looking at you.

They get into their imaginary world by concentrating too much on you that they snap out of it.

We hope all these tips will help you get the man that makes you sigh.

 When a guy blatantly checks you out  like in the case my boss stares at my chest, but you are not interested, ignoring him completely is the best thing for you.

However, if you also like the guy, ignoring him will give him the wrong signal that you are not interested, and the guy will move onto another girl.

If you keep ignoring guys, you will not blame anybody if you can’t get a boyfriend. It is hence up to you if you want to change and become a little warmer to guys.

Get over the fear, follow these tips, and you can surely do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Guys usually look at you to check out your body, your curves, your legs, your eyes, and your hair. However, most guys also look at your energy and enthusiasm.

You are always showing you energy, and it gives signals that you might not even be conscious of.

These signals may attract May or may not attract men.

Yes! Some guys examine most of the women they get into contact with.

No, not all women, mostly the really attractive ones.

This also applies to some women. Some women check out most guys and boys they link up with.


Normally, guys only stare at girls they feel strongly attracted to.

Guys will rarely stare at a girl for other reasons rather than an uncontrollable physical attraction.

Sight acts as the first trigger for a man’s attraction.

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