Why Do I Keep Seeing My Ex Everywhere

Why Do I Keep Seeing My Ex Everywhere

Why Do I Keep Seeing My Ex Everywhere

Breakups are horrible and never come at a convenient time.

From asking why do I keep seeing things that remind me of my ex to why do I keep seeing my ex everywhere, the answer lies in your own mind and thinking.

Why Am I Thinking About My Ex All of a Sudden

The universe works in mysterious ways, sometimes cruel.

I used to see my exes face in places I frequented and I could feel him even in my room.

I couldn’t escape the haunting idea of running into him in public. How to deal with your ex moving on with someone else?

In late September, my friends insisted that we grab a pizza, but I burst into tears. This was the exact same spot my ex-boyfriend had taken me on our first date mere months ago.

I simply could not force myself into the same building where I could still feel his energy lingering.

Looking back at this stressful event I realized something: despite living less than 3 miles from each other, I had never seen him again since our breakup.

Crazy, right?

How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend Who Dumped You

We caught up a few months ago.

What surprised me was that he admitted to seeing me  ALL THE TIME  after we broke up.

He saw me eating noodles with my family, grabbing boba tea with my new boyfriend, and hanging out with my friends at the movie theaters where we had gone on so many dates before.

All these run-ins occurred for him, but this whole time he was not on my radar.

This was so interesting to me and I wondered what I did that made it so I didn’t see him a single time, even if we were dining feet apart.

Was I just lucky? Maybe, but that seems far too unlikely given the circumstances.

I had manifested this distance.

This guy had shattered my heart into a billion itty bitty pieces and I did NOT want to see him.

Even the thought of him would make me burst into tears.

And so, for a few months following the breakup, I had wished with all my might that I would not run into him… and it worked!

 Sometimes the universe listens to what you need and reciprocates exactly that, but you have to make your intentions clear. 

Cutting your ex off completely?

It’s very possible.

Utilize the law of attraction, aka the idea that positive or negative thinking directly brings positive or negative experiences into your life.

Manifesting Away a Man.

Manifestation is a tricky thing since it works differently for everyone.

Usually, one thing leads to another in a chain of events kind of way, as it did for me.

I begged the universe to avoid showing me my ex and through a lot of tears, that’s exactly what happened.

Manifestation is all about believing and trusting yourself and repetition is a crucial part that makes it happen.

I cried about my ex all the time and as exhausting as it was the repetition helped me to avoid his negative energy in my life.

Willpower is another critical step to avoiding your ex.

For a while, I avoided places where we had once been together, such as the instance of the pizzeria.

My friends would be annoyed because I couldn’t hang out with them as much.

For my own peace of mind I refused to go anywhere I felt like he would be and this kept me relatively sane.

I would chant to myself before leaving my house “I will not see him. I will not see him. He will not be there. I will not see him.”

These thoughts essentially made me blind to him and blocked out his presence when he was near me.

Can I Get Over My Ex By Myself?

The law of attraction states that we can bring into our lives whatever we put our minds to.

If you are doubtful of this, don’t worry, I used to be doubtful that I would ever get over my ex!

I spent countless nights crying over this guy and I was so fed up with myself.

I started to distract myself however I can, such as by hanging out with my friends. I started to volunteer more and repainted my room which symbolized change and maturation for my life.

All breakups are difficult and they vary in levels of pain but it is true that time mends all.

You can speed up the process by developing coping mechanisms and forcing your mind to reject thoughts of him.

Am I Spiritually Connected To My Ex?

Probably not.

You could be maintaining the connection you have with him with your thinking.

You can also set yourself back with the law of attraction which could be a bitter pill to swallow.

Negative attracts negative after all.

We all just want to move on with our lives and forget the past ever happened sometimes.

If you are thinking thoughts like “well he might text me again so I shouldn’t delete his number” or “I hope we get back together sooner than later,” he is going to linger in your life!

We don’t want that!

If you catch yourself thinking these empty wishes, that could be a major contributing factor to why you still see him all the time.

Your mind is putting him front and center when you should be pushing him to the back.

If you’re holding onto something of his, like a hoodie or some dead flowers he got you, let it go.

Seriously, it helps A LOT.

Keeping mementos means keeping him around and we don’t claim that deadbeat energy.

I know it’s hard to let go, so this step is made easier if you have a strong support system standing alongside you.

It could be family, friends, or even your therapist that helps you sever ties with your ex-man by encouraging you to toss his belongings and reclaiming your own power.

Is It Guaranteed That My Ex Is Gone for Good

The mind is a powerful thing and there is still much to learn about the law of attraction and how it works, but millions of people utilize it on a daily basis, sometimes without even knowing.

You have to keep in mind that if you are in a situation you don't like, you have the power to change it.

You have to believe that you can.

Believe that your ex is a piece of shit that doesn’t deserve your time of day.

After all, it is true!

To this day, I haven’t seen my ex at all.

Although bittersweet, I don’t have anything he gave me and I only look back occasionally at the fun times and blissful memories we shared.

I manifested wealth, education, and a better relationship and all this was possible because we broke up.

I turned a negative and traumatizing event into something positive by changing my mindset and learning how to attract positivity into my life.

Although pessimistic thoughts still often run through my mind, I can shake them off by remembering the importance of positive thinking.

 Positive thinking isn’t a 100% guarantee. 

You very likely won’t find the keys to a brand new Porche on your bedside table tomorrow morning but if you put in the effort and manifest your own success, you might very well drive one someday and flex on your ex!

Sometimes dreams do come true, all of your own volition.

Frequently Asked Questions

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An ex in a dream may be a representation of a part of you.

Perhaps you gave up so much of yourself and what you love in a previous relationship, and now it's time to reclaim it.

Alternatively, it could indicate that you are neglecting yourself in some way.

If your ex has been deliberately trying to keep their love life hidden from you, it may be an indication that they want to reconcile.

When your ex starts talking about how much fun you had together, it may be a hint that they want to get back together.

Because of residual insecurities or associations that they're making — sometimes subconsciously — people often think about their Ex for months or even years after the relationship has ended.

When your ex has moved on before you, this is always the case.