Why Do I Keep Seeing Things That Remind Me of My Ex

Why Do I Keep Seeing Things That Remind Me of My Ex

Why Do I Keep Seeing Things That Remind Me of My Ex

There is onequestion you have asked yourself along with others.

I know I have asked myself the same question numerous times and that is, why does everything remind me of my ex or “Why do I keep seeing my exes car?”

You may even start to make the statement “My ex has moved on but I haven’t.”

This can be even stranger if this happens: why am I seeing him everywhere?

 You feel vulnerable.  

Don’t worry, I am here to help!

I will tell you why everything reminds you of your ex.

I will also include why you keep seeing your exes car along with why you haven’t moved on.

But, first, let me say you will get past the days of questioning yourself about your ex. You will also be able to go further in life by the time you finish reading this article with a few simple steps.

You will learn how to stop thinking about your ex sleeping with someone else!

  So, why does everything remind me of my ex? 

Have you ever thought everything reminds you of your ex because you are looking for your ex.

Is the break up still fresh and you are too use to your ex being there when you wake up?

Maybe it’s your favorite flowers your ex bought you that are still sitting in that gorgeous vase on your kitchen table.

Did you spend a lot of time going to the movies or cuddling on the couch while watching your favorite Netflix film?

Hmm, maybe that is the issue because now when you see a preview of a new flick you think to yourself “we could have watched this together.”

Or maybe it is the car you are now driving. Was it your exes favorite make and model?

Did you spend a lot of quality time within that car? I know I did with my ex.

I personally bought his favorite car for him, only to keep it after we broke up.

Oh, the misery.

So why does everything remind you of your ex?

Could it be the length of time you both spent together?

You may know your ex like the back of your hand.

You know his favoritefoods, his favoritesong, his favoritepair of shoes, and his favoriteplace to shop.

If you were in a long-term relationship, it can make it harder. It feels like you can’t get over your ex after 5 years.

It’s hard.

You feel alone. You don’t know which way to turn.

Nobody knows the true answer as to why everything reminds you of your ex. You had a good time with your ex before he became “THE EX!”

You cuddled in your bed, on a rainy day. You laughed together when there was a joke to be told. You watched the sunset together as it painted the clouds.

You danced with one another as if there was no one else looking. You even ate at your favoriterestaurant together, while having an amazing conversation.

You did all of these great things together; however, you also argued.

Maybe you two argued one time too many. Then again, it may not have been the arguments themselves.

You could have outgrown one another but outgrowing one another does not change the things that remind you of your ex.

Why does everything remind you of your ex?

Everything reminds you of your ex because everything you touched, your ex touched. That shirt your ex left behind smells like your ex.

Can it be one of the 8 signs you’re manifesting your ex back?

That coffee cup in your cabinet was your exes favorite cup to drink out of. The music you hear playing on the radio was your exes favorite song.

And that movie you are about to watch was your exes favorite movie since childhood.

We tend to see a lot of similar things once we have been around an individual for so long. It is just like buying a new car.
You see the car you want and as you sit there and contemplate on buying it, you see it everywhere else you go from there.

Now is the time you ask yourself a different question.

How to Stop Thinking About Your Ex With Someone Else

The answer is simple.

You wouldn’t even believe how simple it is.

It is so simple that you can start now with a few steps.

Get rid of that shirt your ex left behind. Why are you holding on to your exes shirt. You are holding it in such a tight grip.

Let it go.

Stop smelling it.

Throw it away!

Yes, I said it, throw it away.

There is nothing worse than holding on to something that belonged to your ex. Stop torching yourself! That shirt is not going to make your ex reappear.

I, eventually, got rid of my ex’s car. In turn, I got something newer and better that fits me and my personality.

Throw the shirt away and do not look back. You could also sell it or give it to a mutual friend who can give it back to your ex.

To each its own.

Find something new to watch but start by watching something new with your best friend, if they have the time.

Preferably, a comedy.

Do not dare watch a chick flick.

You and I both know you will be in tears by the end of a romance movie.

You will probably talk during the whole romance movie.

“Oh that is so sweet.” “I love everything about their connection.” “My ex and I had a special connection.” “Maybe I should just call and check on my ex. Make sure they are ok.”

Don’t do it!

Go into your kitchen and experiment with different food groups.

Make something homemade. Make something you never made before.

That homemade pasta recipe you wanted to try.

Make it.

That homemade pizza recipe you wanted to try with the homemade sauce.

Make it.

Throw on your favorite party song and have yourself a dance party.

Don’t forget your favorite pair of comfortable pajamas.

If you like wine, then pour yourself a glass girl! If you like beer, pop you one open.

You deserve it, after all.

While you are at it, get rid of your exes favorite coffee cup.

You can always replace it and throw away those flowers. The flowers will eventually die anyway.

Sell the items you owned together.

Take them to Goodwill.

If you can not afford to drop them off at Goodwill or just give them away, sell them.

Little by little start selling the items you owned together.

That mattress you laid on together, sell it and turn around and buy a new mattress.

That couch you walk past every day. Sell it and buy a new one with the money you earned from selling the old one.

Last but not least, take a vacation.

If you are able to, go take a vacation.

Get away from reality for a little while.

Free your mind space.

Do things you know your ex would not have done.

Do things you have always dreamed of.

Live your life!

Once you begin to live your life for you, a new and better person, for you, will come.

Have fun with life.

Learn who you are as an individual.

You have to get to know yourself before being with anyone.

When you know yourself then you will know what type of individual you want to be with.

Become content with being single but not so content you don’t want to give anyone else a chance in the future.

Do not feel as if you have to be with someone. Know, when and if you are alone, you will be ok.

Stop asking yourself why does everything reminds me of my ex and start asking yourself “What reminds me of ME? Who was I before my ex? What is it that I love to do?”

Start making things about yourself.

Take care of your mental space. Take care of yourself physically.

Smile at yourself in the mirror each day. Say something positive to yourself each day.

For example, you could say, “I got this. I am confident. I love me.”

  • Love yourself.
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Begin to love yourself and who you are.

Amazing things will begin to happen. You just have to believe it and believe in yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When you see or hear someone's name many times, it means that a sign (message) is being delivered about that person.

So keep an eye out for their name if you see or hear it.

Simply toss all out.

You should do whatever you can to avoid thinking about them. So the best option is to simply throw anything.

When it comes to dealing with photos of you and your ex, the ball is entirely in your hands.

However, if keeping them around will interfere with your recovery or offend a current partner, it's best to put the past behind you for the time being.