Why Do I Want A Boyfriend All Of A Sudden: The Ugly Truth

Why Do I Want A Boyfriend All Of A Sudden

I secured my dream job. I’m able to afford to live by myself. As a career-oriented woman, I have worked so hard to get to where I am now. I achieved a temporary state of bliss.

Though I am yet to get to where I desire to be. Something – or someone – is missing in my life. So, I should be happy, and proud of myself, right? Well, I am. But, that wasn’t the case a few months ago.

Unfortunately, on most nights I felt so lonely. I would come back to my house from work on a Friday night with a full free weekend ahead. It felt so quiet, which was nice sometimes. But other times, that silence was too loud.

I often wished that I would find someone I loved or who loved me waiting for me, or eager to talk to me on phone. Someone I would get to share my day with – both the wins and fails. Also, someone that I would have an emotional connection.

See, my best friend is recently married. So on most nights, she would be busy tending to her young family. Not only her but my other friends have gradually phased out ladies’ night out. Most are either in a serious relationship or newly married, so, they can’t spare as much time for me as they did before.

The late-night of binge-watching Netflix shows for a quirky romance makes me question my need for a sensual yet committed relationship.

The question I always yearn a satisfying answer for is how to attract a high quality man?

I Need a BoyFriend

That’s right. With a boyfriend by my side, I would be less lonely. Isn’t that right? I pass the stage of going through meaningless relationships – why do I attract guys who would want to sleep with me. I know there’s more for me than that.

Besides, I have always desired to have my own family in the future. Someone whom I can grow old with, and be my soul mate would be fabulous.

But, where and how would I find such a guy? I had been hit on many times, yes, but the guys I have met aren’t what I am attracted to.

Not to mention, I have a job that eats into my social life. I am either working long hours or when not working I just loved chilling at my place.

Also, I don’t go out as much as I did back in my college days. I would find myself zoning out at the bars.

As if my social life isn’t complicated enough, the lockdown has happened. So, going out to events becomes even harder with social restrictions. And with those masks on your face 24/7, who would get to notice you and hit on you? Frustrating, right?

This drives me to find a boyfriend online. I join a few singles group on Facebook. I want to find out if I am the only one sailing on this boat in the community. To my surprise, many are in my shoes.

Most of us are doing well for ourselves, but deep down we all feel that a sensual partner is the missing puzzle in our lives.

Is It Normal to Want a Boyfriend?

 Yes, it is! 

Though you may be career-oriented, enjoy your time alone, and love the autonomy. At some point, you will hate being single. It is okay to want someone special to share your life with.

Here are some of the reasons that may lead you to want a boyfriend.

 You desire to fall in love   – Romance and relationship is a desirable dream for most people. Human beings, in general, are wired to be loved, respected, and cherished.

 Need A New Best Friend  – In my case, most of my girlfriends are committed to their better halves and unable to spend much time with me as I would have loved it. Finding a boyfriend would be the perfect solution to that. My reasoning? When my girlfriends would be busy with their boyfriends I wouldn’t be left alone. I would also have someone special to spend time with. Now, this makes me wonder, do guys like picnics?

 Need to Settle Down  – If you picture a life with kids and a husband, a boyfriend is the first step to attaining that. Is your biological clock ticking?

 You are Seeking Commitment  – A boyfriend who will possibly graduate to being a life partner is among the most beautiful commitments today. It is comforting knowing that someone you love will be there for you through thick and thin. It makes the journey of life easier.

 You Meet Someone Special  – It is natural for you to want to spend more time with a good-hearted guy. He may draw you in and you find yourself incorporating him, more and more, into your life until you cannot picture a life without him. It then makes sense to desire to have him as your boyfriend and hopefully, your life partner.

 You Are Looking For Something Steady  – You may have tried going out with different people. Casual dating can be exhausting. Also, it may not give as much fulfillment as a relationship with understanding and emotions.

Why Do I Feel Like I Need A Boyfriend To Be Happy

You may have always desired a boyfriend, but the need seems to have spiked all of a sudden. Well, there are several reasons as to why. Just to mention a few; maybe you are feeling lonely and desire that someone special who would share the life with you.

You may also have come across amazing couples and desired the same for yourself.

Age is another factor that puts pressure on some women. Thus, you may have realized that time is flying by, and consequently your biological clock is ticking.

What is the Purpose of Having a Boyfriend?

Together with a boyfriend, you and he would reach the enlightenment of joy and love. Once you find one who complements you, these needs are fulfilled and you end up feeling more content and at peace with yourself.

Who said that a woman can’t have it all?

Furthermore, compared to being single, two people working together and in agreement are better at tackling life’s challenges, creating beautiful moments, and making each other better.

What is it Like to Have a Boyfriend?

Fast forward to this day, I meet someone special and he has simply spiced up my life! I will share with you later on how I got to meet him. For now, let me explains on how it feels like being with a boyfriend

A New Best Friend

I no longer feel as lonely as I did before. I now have someone I can confide with, and also share my happiest moments with. Talking to him always leaves me feeling so much better. Plus he accepts me for who I am and loves me despite getting to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about me. It is so refreshing to find someone who knows all about you and still loves you.

A Snuggle Boyfriend

We don’t have to talk. Just him holding me and spending some time with me is enough to kick out the loneliness and allows me to feel more secure and appreciated.

A Helper

I now have someone reliable to depend on whenever I am stuck or have too much on my plate. He is always more than willing to help. I sometimes think he feels useful when I am the ‘damsel in distress’ as he gets to be my ‘prince charming.

Adventures With Your Boyfriend

Though we share some common interests and likes, he has come in with his own unique set of passions and hobbies. I have a lot so many new things, thanks to him. Also, I get to look at the world from a different perspective.

The same applies to him and it makes our lives so much adventurous and fun.

An Admirer

So far, he has been my number one cheerleader. He is always encouraging me to be stronger and better, whether financially or professionally.

Where to Find a Boyfriend

I met him via a dating site called eharmony.com. Before that, I didn’t think good eligible men were present on dating sites due to some negative review stories I had heard. But being forced to stay at home due to the lockdown pushed me to explore them.

I am grateful that I did as I hit the jackpot after only a month of exploring. It’s been 6 months of pure greatness.

You could also explore volunteering opportunities, let your friend and family know you are searching for someone, go to a meetup or take a cooking class just to mention a few. Video dating can be the new norm.

The bottom line is, put yourself out there as much as you can and you never know where you will meet that special someone. Stay safe, though. A boyfriend may be just what you need to add more color to your life!

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