Why Do I Want to Sleep With Him So Badly: 12 Hot Tips

Why Do I Want to Sleep With Him So Badly

Do you want to sleep with that specific guy?

Is it ok to tell a guy you want to sleep with him?

Are you among those who drool when they meet a man?

Making a guy like you or even sleep with you could be hard.

Some people end up lying to the guy to sleep with them. But how do you get a guy to sleep with you?

One needs the confidence to succeed in this.

Do not waste your time; instead, follow these essential tips on how to ask a guy to sleep with you.

  • Be Flirty

It would be best to make the guy know that he is not the hottest guy in the room.

Teasing the guy will make him feel it. You can try getting someone else.

When a lady makes a guy feel as if he has her in the pocket, it makes him sleep with you, but he will treat you as an option.

  • Make Him Compete For You

It would be best to show him that other guys are interested in you—men like where there is competition.

Therefore make him feel that he is chasing you.

That way, you will have answered your big question on how to get a guy to sleep with you.

Once the guy approaches you, you must smile and talk to him friendly, although you also have to wake him up by showing him how other men are interested in you.

  • Do Not Give Up

Once you are interested in something, you should not give up.

You have to work hard towards winning the guy.

You will face challenges, but it should not be why you give up on the guy.

You may feel like jumping on him and reap off the clothes but don’t.

  • Do Not Start Texting Him Immediately After Meeting

After exchanging the numbers, make sure you will not be the one to start the conversation.

It would help if you waited for him to text first.

You might have to wait for a long period, but it pays.

Texting first will make the guy feel like you want him more; always avoid it. If he wants you, he will text you.

It is about making the guy chase you.

  • Make Eye Contact

How do you get a guy to sleep with you? You have him the whole night.

However, you do not have to make eye contact throughout the night. It should be a couple of times.

When a man wants to look at you, they first set their eyes on your face since it reveals your identity.

Once the eyes meet, it gives him an idea of you being into him. That way, you will have made the guy sleep with you.

  • Avoid Hanging Around

If you meet the guy in a bar, you will be thinking about how to get a guy to sleep with you.

Therefore you must start the conversation.

You do not have to hang around him the whole night since it will not make him sleep with you.

Indeed, you do not want another lady to snatch the guy from you, but hanging around him the whole night will make him feel he is so important to you, and you do not have another guy.

To avoid hanging around him, you may go to the bathroom. Dance with your friends.

Thus it will make him feel you do not want him, and he will start chasing you.

  • Build Tension

Flirting and body language will help you in this.

Are you looking forward to getting a guy sleep with you?

It is very easy, but you need to create tension to have him.

Among the actions that lead to creating tension is brushing your hair to show one side of your neck. You may also stand closer to him and touch his arm as you laugh.

Body communication may reveal everything about you. Therefore use your body to make him sleep with you.

  • Don’t Be Too Eager

Are you asking yourself the big question on how to get a guy to sleep with you?

There is that specific time to utilize to make him sleep with you. It should not be any time you get to meet the guy.

There is a time and place to look for him and ensure that you get him to sleep with you.

You should note that the guy will choose to be with a lady who is too much into him. In the beginning, many guys would go for the lady that they are given a chance to chase. It would help if you tried playing hard to get.

The guy does not want those ladies who like drooling after them.

Suppose the man has a chance to chase you to make him feel like a man and boost around. It would help if you ignored him a couple of times.

  • Create an Ample Chance For Him To Chase You

There are some environments that the guy may fear following you to.

If you are always with your friends, it makes it hard for him to approach you. He may feel intimidated walking with a group of women. You may go to the bar and that way you will be away from your friends.

Dancing will attract him, and it will be easy to get a guy to sleep with you.

You should give him a space to talk to you.

  • Avoid Over-texting

You are looking for a way to get a guy to sleep with you. Then do it perfectly.

You should ensure that you do not end up texting him first. He should be the one to make the first move. You are willing to sleep with him, but it is important for you also to make sure that he needs to sleep with you.

If the guy is in friend zone, you make sure that the texts will be friendly and play cool.

Do not rush things by over texting the guy; he will not sleep with you.

Your effort will go wasted since he will feel like you want him more, and you want to force him to sleep with you.

  • Use Texting To Your Advantage

Mostly the guys ask for your number. It would help if you made the content more laughter.

If you want to know how to get a guy to sleep with, you tell him what you could be wearing or what you wish you were doing. The conversation may lead to him talking about sex.

Therefore you will be assured of the guy sleeping with you.

It is also necessary to make the conversation interesting for the guy to visualize how he can do to you sexually.

The fact that he is not next to you makes him think about you sexually and increases sexual tension.

  • Feel Sexy

Feeling sexydoes not require you to put effort into what you are doing.

It would help if you texted nice things about yourself as you feel it the right time to reduce your tummy.

You may also talk about the way you love your hair. Even if you are far away from the guy, you will create an image of you in his mind, and he will start thinking about you sexually.

Therefore he will start chasing you to sleep with you.

With these 12 tips, you have learned how to keep your man happy in bed.

Being sexydoes not require you to look like the famous people you know since it can be felt miles away.

The next time you spot a guy that you want to sleep with, put these things in mind and watch how he will crawl to you for your attention and romance.

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